The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 51

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[Jan. 5th, 2019]

Feng Wu was a lot more eye catching when compared to the three of them. The students in cla.s.s looked at her curiously wondering how long she’d be able to stare at the board. Twenty minutes later a male teacher in black carrying a sword walked in.

The instructor was no stranger. He was one of three who oversaw them in the virtual world; they just didn’t know his name. Everyone quieted down as soon as he walked in.

“Welcome to Xingguang Holy Academy. I am your teacher, James.”

James was not one to talk excessively. He began by appointing Pei to be the cla.s.s monitor and another girl to be the a.s.sistant cla.s.s monitor. Then he pa.s.sed out the textbook for cla.s.s.

“Remember to bring your textbook with you when you leave cla.s.s. Do not leave it behind.” James spoke in a solemnly clear and cold voice. Everyone listening felt a deep sense of respect for him and didn’t dare fool around in cla.s.s.

“What I have to say next is very important, so listen carefully as it is related to your future ability to take I believe many of you have already heard. It is compulsory for all first years to work in Central City. You must earn enough to cover your living expenses for a year. This was enacted to give students an opportunity to experience new things.

Fill out the form in front of your and hand it in to me. Write down how much you think you can earn; remember to keep your abilities in mind. What you write down will be a promise you must strive to keep. This is a money making a.s.signment. You must complete the task in order to graduate to the next grade level. Those who make the most money will also get a special prize.

Bear in mind, you are not allowed to carry any kind of s.p.a.ce equipment or crystal card on your person while working. Family and friends are also not allowed to help. Poor sportsmanship will not be allowed. If you’re caught cheating,” he paused and looked at the cla.s.s imperiously, “you will not be let off easily. The consequences will be severe, repeating a grade will be the least of it. So don’t even think about it.”

Cla.s.s load the first year is light, only two a day. You can use your free time to practice in the practice rooms or ask your teacher to explain things you don’t understand.

With your free time, I hope you will find a good job and earn enough for your living expenses. You should be able to do so easily.”

Earn a year’s worth of living expenses?! Some students hearing this were not prepared and became distressed at the prospect. They were very anxious.

Those children from common backgrounds weren’t as affected. They were accustomed to helping their families at home, so it was no big deal finding a job on the streets. Those children from n.o.bility didn’t have the same advantage. Everything around them had been handled by someone else, in this way they were able to focus solely on practicing their swordsmanship. It was a way of life since they were very young. Because of this, the prospect of earning their own money was a bit difficult to swallow.

The whole cla.s.s was in an uproar. Feng Wu blinked. Look for a job?

Everyone filed out after cla.s.s ended. They headed out, not to play, but to find work!

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“What should we do?”

They pa.s.sed an interesting drama being played out in front of a jewelry shop.

“Darling dear, this ring~” a s.e.xy blond snaked her hand out toward a ring as she turned her slender body towards a chubby man. He was obviously a rich sugar daddy. Beside them was another redhead with another older man.

The people this year seemed more mature and worldlier, desiring material things. It seemed the two ladies were acquaintances, both vying to outdo the other, jostling and brazenly grabbing at whatever items caught their eye. The din finally settled down as the group completed their purchase. They left leaving behind a very happy shop owner; he had made a great deal of profit!

Jier’s eyes had lit up as a brilliant idea popped to mind.

“Xiao Wu, be good and wait here. I just thought of a good way to make money.” Once he made sure Feng Wu wouldn’t wander off, he walked into the jewelry shop. He said something to the boss inside that made the other person smile. He came out and directly went to the clothing shop nearby, staying there only for short time before coming out again and patronizing a magic equipment shop.

When he was finally done, Jier ran back and took Feng Wu out to eat. Over the meal he told her about his plan. He never intended to go it alone, so he naturally brought Feng Wu into it.

Three bowls of noodles later Feng Wu nodded her head agreeing to partner with him. As long as it didn’t involve murder or arson, she had no problems. These were the two things Master prohibited.

They found a hotel to rest for the night after eating. Both had changed out of their school uniforms before leaving campus earlier as it would have been bad if their ident.i.ties as students were revealed.

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