The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 40

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[Oct. 29th, 2018]

The worms were a.s.sailed by the intense sunlight the moment they broke through the ground. Being nocturnal, this made them very uncomfortable and they wiggled and fidgeted about, their mood exceptionally bad.

They sprayed acid at Feng Wu the moment they sensed her in the area. She evaded and the acid hit the ground with a sizzling sound, eating away at the dirt and leaving a depression much like those that dotted the area. The depressions made it seem like she was on the moon or an asteroid.

The worms didn’t give up; they continued to bombard Feng Wu with a constant stream of acid. She nimbly evaded the sprays while launching her own counterattacks. Alighting on the wind she wove around the worms before striking with her sword. Sparks flew as her blade sc.r.a.ped against the sh.e.l.l. It failed to pierce through and slid harmlessly across their bodies everytime she tried. The sword just wasn’t strong enough, but it was easy to use and the only sword she had on hand, so she continued to try stab the worms with it.

Her brow wrinkled. Just as the thought of retreating entered her mind an immense pressure came from the sky. The pressure pressed down on the worms so fiercely it cracked their and ruptured their bodies. Accompanying the pressure was a silver sword. It radiated white light and gave off an ancient feeling. The sword was clearly extraordinary.

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up with excitement at the sight. “Xiao Chun!”

Upon hearing its name the ancient sword flew to Feng Wu only to abruptly stop in front of her as though confused. It “looked” at her not knowing what to make of the situation. This person had its master’s aura but why was the appearance not right? *sniff sniff* The sword knew this was definitely its master after sniffing some more. There was no one else with such a comfortable aura and unique scent. Certain now that the girl was its master the sword flew closer and rubbed her gently on the cheeks letting out a cheerful and happy sound.

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James, Lou Shali, and Jier Rogge looked at the blank mirror, that no longer showed the images of the students, in consternation. Although the President said the images in the viewing mirror would be restored, right now they still couldn’t see anything. Without a visual there was no way for them to score the children properly.

While she was studying it, magic energy filled the air and something streaked across the sky. Zi Cheng’s intuition was excellent and her intuition was telling her that whatever it was that pa.s.sed by was important. Although her cheat system couldn’t a.n.a.lyze it, it told her the object had the potential to be an artifact.

An artifact was an extraordinary find. In the end she couldn’t find it despite all her efforts. Though disappointed she didn’t dwell too much on it. Both her and Yifu found magical items so they were destined to get into Xingguang Holy Academy.

She was curious about the owner of the artifact but wasn’t as hung up on it as Ai Lin. There were so many people taking the a.s.sessments, finding out who found the artifact would be impossible unless the one who found it revealed themselves.

Ai Lin and Zi Cheng weren’t the only ones curious about artifact’s master. Others looking for it cursed over and over again their poor luck.

“Who actually ran faster than me?! I was at the foot of the mountain! I saw it fall and went over to look for it, but still couldn’t find it. Who was so lucky that they got there faster than me? Who is?! Who is it?! Stand and say. I promise not to kill you!” A person dressed as a swordmaster shouted loudly as he held his sword in the air.

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