The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 36

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In which Alan Duo and her group make plans.

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[Oct. 11th, 2018]

Ai Li wasn’t part of the aristocracy like Alan Duo, but her family’s wealth was on par with those from an aristocratic family. Alan Duo was friendly with Ai Li for one reason, and that was to benefit from Ai Li’s wealth. Her younger cousin was very generous with her money and often sent her presents, which she enjoyed. She recognized Ai Li’s usefulness so didn’t mind treating the other as though they were equals.

“Of course I know her. Remember when I told you about the girl that embarra.s.sed me in An Lou city? That’s her!” Hatred was evident in her eyes. Ai Li was pampered and coddled since she was a baby, so encountering someone who dared defeat and embarra.s.s her was unbearable, a feeling she had no experience in handling. Fortunately her bodyguards came shortly after and freed her before any of men on the streets took advantage of her. The thought of being touched by those pigs filled her heart with explosive anger. All those people… they had stood and laughed at her!

Alan Duo’s mood improved. It turned out they had the same enemy. She put a sound barrier up around them before speaking. “The one I told you that eavesdropped on us… it was her too. Not only that, but she injured all of us. She’s really vicious.”

To Ai Lin, Alan Duo was a sweet tempered and dear friend. It pained her to know that her friend was abused and injured. Both of them had suffered under the hands of the same person.

Alan Duo’s two admirers glared at Feng Wu with undisguised hatred. Both shared the same thoughts: Now that the fire guy isn’t here we’ll punish her for hurting Alan Duo!

“Alan Duo, this girl hurt you and your friends before. Why don’t we take this chance to teach her a lesson!” Their heart pounded with excitement, however it was quickly dashed by Alan Duo, who stopped them from attacking.

Seeing that they were reluctant to give up the opportunity she explained, “We’re in the middle of the a.s.sessments right now. We’ll be disqualified if it’s discovered we attacked another student candidate.” Alan Duo wasn’t an impulsive person and had already considered the repercussions. Although she was also reluctant to lose such a good opportunity, she wasn’t willing to jeopardize her a.s.sessment. The girl in front of her had made her eat such a big slice of humiliation, of course she wanted revenge! She had to think of a way to ruin the other party.

After the reminder the two boys came back to their senses. In the half month since their arrival they had only found a sword and two sword skills. That left four people unaccounted for. In fact they were heading towards the mountain in hopes of either finding magical items or more sword skills.

Instead of finding what they needed, they ran into Feng Wu. It made them so excited that they forgot their original goal. It was fortunate Alan Duo reminded them, else they would have killed her and been disqualified.

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They two boys looked at Alan Duo with grat.i.tude. She smiled shyly at them before dropping her eyes. You two are so stupid. Such a simple matter and you couldn’t even figure it out yourselves? If it weren’t for the two of you being useful to me I wouldn’t have bothered with the reminder.

“Yeah. Yeah. It has to be a treasure map. Why else would she come all the way out here?” One of the boys spoke as a fire burned in his heart at the thought of the treasure map.

Ai Li and the other three girls were also similarly excited. In total they needed four magical items. If they could steal one or two from Feng Wu… they would surely all pa.s.s.

The driver looked at the lot of them standing by the door. They looked like they wanted to get off, yet they weren’t moving. “You all, if you want to get off then get off. I have to keep moving.”

The appearance of the treasure map had made them forget where they were. With the driver’s reminder all seven rushed out of the car, moving in the same direction as Feng Wu.

“Hey! I said you all--” He didn’t think they would jump out and run away so fast. He didn’t get to finish his sentence. “Ah… I was going to warn them about the Ice Birds. Why’d they run out so fast?” The driver sighed before driving off. He would have reminded Feng Wu too but she was also too fast.

Alan Duo and her group chased after Feng Wu, intent on their goal, while the missed reminder destined them for tragedy.

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