The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 21

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The Other Female Host

And the rival hinted in the summary appears!

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Feng Wu waited for about two hours before her turn finally came up. While waiting she got the chance to see how the test was run. Although the swordsmen test was more straightforward it was unusual in that it increased in difficulty according to the age of the person taking the test. Partic.i.p.ants were not allowed to use their own swords because of the obvious discrepancies in quality between those with money and those without. Therefore everyone taking the test had to use a sword supplied by the school.

Of the five who took the test before her only one had pa.s.sed. The others who failed had to take the secondary test and pa.s.s both if they hoped to enroll in the school.

When her turn arrived Feng Wu stood in front of the stone and gathered her qi. Unlike others before her she didn’t use any special sword skills or techniques. She had already reached the seventh level of qi refinement, so she didn’t really need to do anything fancy. Also Master had told her to always be prepared and keep a few aces up her sleeve and hold her cards close to her chest. Keeping this in mind Feng Wu tempered her strength and only used a small portion to hit the stone.

Those behind her had strong opinions when they saw her movements.

What? No Techniques? There’s only one chance to take the test. Isn’t this girl too casual about this?

Is she crazy? Look at everyone else, who here isn’t using their strongest sword skills?

All were surprised when Feng Wu tapped the stone and a strong white light flared up. It wasn’t a bright glaring one that suggested killing intent nor was it a domineering one that exerted pressure and made others uncomfortable.

Without exception everyone who pa.s.sed the test before had either used killing intent or used a strong domineering will to force the stone to shine. Feng Wu was the only one to make it shine simply by touching it. No one else could have done the same. This was an indicator that she was much more qualified than those who came before.

The teachers observing nodded their heads in appreciation. For her to be so reserved and polite at such a young age and yet have such talent, she had to be a genius.

Those who pa.s.sed before could only be called regular geniuses when compared to Feng Wu. She was an unusual talent and the gap between them was obvious.

“Wow! That girl in front is amazing!”

“So low key yet so powerful. To be able to accomplish something like that she must be a genius!”

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“What a good little sister!”

Feng Wu touched her hand. Other than a bit of heat where the stamp was, it didn’t feel odd at all. In fact the stamp became invisible after a few minutes. Feng Wu thought that was really neat.

Jier went over to Feng Wu and led her over to Tian Yue and Tian Ke. He was not at all surprised that she pa.s.sed. Anyone he considered a friend would certainly be an amazing person and would easily pa.s.s the entrance a.s.sessments.

At the same time the teachers over at the magician testing area were also quite happy and incredibly excited. Standing in front of the testing crystal was a girl of about thirteen or fourteen with light purple hair. She looked very calm and appeared unphased by the audience’s reaction.

The teachers observing nodding their heads feeling that she would make an excellent student. Her heart was steady and she showed no signs of arrogance despite being such a talented individual. It made them look forward to guiding her in the future.

The girl’s name was Zi Cheng. She was conceived one night when her father bedded her mother while in a drunken stupor. Her mother was just a maid from a humble background so was not qualified to marry him. Shortly after giving birth to Zi Cheng she died leaving Zi Cheng to fend for herself in a house full of concubines and their respective children. Despite not having any status or position in the household she somehow managed to make it to her fourteenth birthday. In all this time no one had tested her to see if she had any talent or skills.

However that was as far as she got. She contracted a high fever and died leaving room for the current occupant, Lan Zicheng to enter her body. Lan Zicheng was in fact a soul from another world who had lived in the 21st century. She crossed over into the body of Zi Cheng when the other died from her fever. Because no one in the family noticed the death it was easy for the new Lan Zicheng to a.s.similate and integrate. In fact it was very convenient because the original Zi Cheng was not close to her family being someone with no status in the household. This meant no one was close enough to her to notice anything suspicious.

Lan Zi Cheng knew how amazing she was. Even in a host with such a disadvantageous background Lan Zicheng’s natural awesomeness couldn’t be hidden.** 

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