The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 15-16

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Chapter 15: Fight!

Alan Duo thought such a simple matter could be handled by the other girls. Who knew the other party was stronger than expected? Now she had to step in. “If you apologize to Ai Lu I’ll consider letting you live. Otherwise I’ll have to take the place of your teacher and teach you some proper manners!” Immediately after saying so she pulled out a red colored staff. The staff was clearly special with bird feathers at the top and an embedded core from a magical beast in the center. This particular staff had been given to her by her father. He had paid a high price for it because it had special characteristics like amplifying fire attacks.

Without giving her a chance to reply Alan Duo threw a fireball at Feng Wu. Even if the staff was special, it was only as strong as the wielder, and Alan Duo was only a second tier fire magician. Her offensive power wasn’t even as strong as Jier’s, so Feng Wu was able to destroy the fireball easily using her sword.

Alan Duo didn’t give up though. Since she couldn’t kill Feng Wu with one big ball of fire then she would try several smaller ones. She immediately switched tactics and cast Firebolt, a lower level fire spell, in quick succession. A humming vibration echoed in the air and five b.a.l.l.s of fire flew at Feng Wu.

As soon as they saw the fireb.a.l.l.s, Mi Li and Yali dragged Ai Lu out of the bathroom. They knew Alan Duo’s attacks wouldn’t discriminate between friends or foes. If they didn’t want to get hurt they needed to withdraw immediately. Alan Duo had shot the girls a warning look earlier so they knew it was coming. Glancing back and seeing the flames, the girls were very excited, believing in their hearts that the other party would die. Although the spell depleted much of Alan Duo’s energy, she was confident she would win the fight with it. No matter how good someone was with a sword, that person wouldn’t be able to dodge or destroy five flames at once.

Ah but they were destined to be disappointed though. Earlier Feng Wu had infused her sword with qi, so when the fireb.a.l.l.s came at her she was able to deflect each of them back at Alan Duo.

Alan Duo instinctively cast a shield spell. It was a basic defensive spell; as long as the caster had any energy left it could be cast. So even Alan Duo in her current state could cast it.The shield managed to block the fireb.a.l.l.s but cracked and dissipated right after.

Alan Duo was just catching her breath when she heard footsteps approaching her followed by a flash of lightning. Feng Wu’s palm appeared directly in front of her. In the next instant she was slammed against the wall by so much force that she vomited mouthfuls of blood.

Feng Wu didn’t hit hard enough to kill her, but she did hit hard enough to really hurt.

Magicians didn’t train for close hand to hand combat since they relied on spells to attack from a distance. This meant that most were physically weak because they neglected training their bodies. Earlier when Feng Wu closed the distance between them Alan Duo became nervous and wanted to flee, however with her weak physical strength she didn’t see any way to do so.

Alan Duo felt humiliated. This was the most shameful experience in her life. It was all thanks to the girl in front of her. With resentment in her eyes she said, “You… just you wait… Baixing Academy won’t let you off…” She made a vow to rip the girl in front of her to shreds. Even if she didn’t have the ability to do so her heart was still full of fire.

“Alan Duo! Are you OK?” Mi Li and Yali dropped Ai Lu like a rock and rushed over to Alan Duo. They didn’t dare face Feng Wu or approach her, instead they looked at Alan Duo with worry on their faces. How could they stand a chance if even Alan Duo, who was the strongest in the group, lost? Wouldn’t they just be asking for a beating if they approached the other party?

Alan Duo didn’t bother with the girls, she just used them to pull herself up.

Feng Wu didn’t understand why the other party spoke like that after losing. Wasn’t it just losing? Back on Yuehua Mountain, when she competed against Master and the other wild beasts, she had lost so many times that her confidence dropped. But by thinking about her losses she was able to understand her weaknesses and from there improve and become stronger.

The people here… instead of thinking things through… they just made a fuss. They’re really delicate. Shaking her head she went back to the sink and washed her hands, dried them, then walked out without giving the girls a single glance.

Outside Jier and Tian Ke had been waiting for sometime. When they saw her Tian Ke asked, “Why so slow?”

“Some girls inside wanted to fight.” Yes it was a fight, a fair fight.

“A fight? In the bathroom?!” Jier was surprised.

"Hm," Feng Wu nodded her head.

Tian Ke knew Feng Wu pretty well. If there was a fight then it must have been because the other party was trying to bully her, which meant she must have beat the c.r.a.p out of them. “Are they OK in there?” Tian Ke could only offer thoughts and prayers for the fools who tried to bully her. He had seen with his own eyes how awesome she was when they travelled through the mountain and when they entered An Lou city.

“Mm. Still alive.”

Jier whistled. This was a bit much to digest. He had to think about it for a bit.

Standing next to him were several boys in uniform. They had a bad feeling when they heard Feng Wu’s reply.

Right then Mi Li and Yali walked out holding Ai Lu between them. Trailing behind was a deathly pale faced and bloodstained Alan Duo.

Mi Li addressed the seniors she saw waiting outside. “Fellow seniors! Quickly stop that woman. She secretly spied on us in the bathroom. We caught her, but she wouldn’t admit to it. Instead she injured Alan Duo and Ai Lu. She needs to be detained for punishment.” Ha! See if you can escape now. You’re dead for sure!

Because Xingguang Holy Academy only recruited the best students, the seniors Mi Li called over were all outstanding uppercla.s.sman of Baixing Academy.

Chapter 16: Jier, the Human Fireball

The four uppercla.s.sman were indeed older than Alan Duo, so it was appropriate for Mi Li to address them as seniors. These seniors all had a good impression of Alan Duo so they looked at Feng Wu sharply when they heard what Mi Li said.

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Where did this girl come from? And how dare she touch their school G.o.ddess? She must not want to live.

“Hahaha! What stupid women. You’re all really disgusting.” Jier smirked in an ugly way. The hair on his head looked a little singed. In fact it was emitting a distinct burning smell. The formerly red color looked more intense and lifelike, as though he was wearing a head of flames. The temperature in the area also rose. Making the place feel hotter than before.

Who is this guy? He can’t be normal! In his heart Luo Ge was so annoyed. They may have offended a really strong person because of these three stupid women.

Jier made the temperature rise so much that the people were starting to sweat. It really was like he was a ball of fire himself. What kind of magical talent was he?

Alan Duo felt uneasy with the situation. Those two idiots! Why did they have to pull in someone so strong? Alright I’ll just use my charms and play the delicate damsel, then pull him over to my side.

“I’m sorry, I’ll hand them over to you-” Before Alan Duo could finish her sentence a big hand shaped flame grabbed her by the neck and raised her completely off the ground.

Little bun suddenly stopped crying. He wasn’t scared or hot. What he saw with his little peepers really caught his attention. It was such a curious sight! He was engrossed!

“Agh… sa… save… save me…,” Alan Duo couldn’t speak in a coherent manner and could only make vague sounds with her mouth. Breathe! Can’t breathe! Help! This was the first time Alan Duo felt so close to death.

“Let go of Alan Duo!” Screamed Mi Li and Yali. Neither knew how the guy managed to get around everyone and attack Alan Duo. She and Ya Li dropped Ai Lu to the ground and drew their swords intending to attack him.

Jier had little bun in one hand and Alan Duo’s neck in the other. He didn’t have a third with which to fend off the girls. So what was he going to do? Drop the baby? Release Alan Duo? To everyone’s surprise he did neither! Instead a magical shield appeared around him completely blocking the girls’ attacks.

It was a very unusual shield with an incredibly high amount of fire elemental magic. The strength was so great that the observers nearly dropped their jaws to the ground in astonishment.

The shield not only protected him, it even returned fire! Two fireb.a.l.l.s emerged from the shield aimed at Mi Li and Yali. One was. .h.i.t closer to her face while the other was. .h.i.t closer to her chest. Both screamed in agony the moment the fireball hit. Their faces burned with a heated fury they couldn’t bear. The hair on their heads completely gone. The one hit on the chest had her clothes utterly destroyed and her skin burnt a crispy black.

Jier was immovable like a mountain. It seemed like the tragedy of the two girls had no effect on him.

Seeing that Alan Duo was gasping for air, the two men that liked her rushed to her aid. They feared Jier’s strength but found the will to fight when they looked at the face of their beloved. They could not let their G.o.ddess come to further harm!

Luo Ge and his companion were more cool headed opting to observe Jier some more before taking action. Luo Ge thought, Looking at him, he’s probably around fourteen or fifteen. To have so much power at such an age… how was he not famous? Why haven’t we heard of him before? He’s seriously like a human flame, so much terrifying heat from head to toe. The area affected by Jier had spread so that even the corridor was affected. It made the pa.s.sageway feel like a desert.

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