The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 125

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Chapter 125:

[December 1, 2019] ... A man clad entirely in black appeared before them. He was a sight to behold. With his dark mesmerizing eyes and clear swarthy skin, he was a beautiful specimen of a man, but underlying that beauty was a thread of something sinister.

Everyone guessed his ident.i.ty. He had to be the man from the dreams. Sure enough, once he appeared all the dead girls pounced on him.

The man ignored them. His focus was on the little baby grudges that were just born.

"Finally! The moment I've been waiting for is here. As soon as I devour all of you, I will regain my full power! Even the Demon lord will not be able to stop me! Hahaha!" He looked at the small baby grudges floating above with a greedy stare.

"Thunder! You're finally here!" Princess Nai Nai disregarded her two maids and ran to him as soon as she saw him. He opened his arms and held her in an embrace.

"Darling, now that you're here, will it finally be safe for our child to be born?" the princess asked as she snuggled in his arms.

"Of course dear." Thunder caressed Nai Nai's back. Though his gesture appeared gentle, his eyes shone with bloodthirst and greed for power.

Princess Nai Nai had her head buried in his chest so she didn't see it.

"Little Nai Nai be an obedient child and stand aside while I deal with the trash." He kissed her on the forehead then released her from his embrace.

Princess Nai Nai stepped to the side with a shy but haughty smile on her lips.

"Princess! How could you-" Commander Liffman was dumbfounded. He never suspected the princess was a part of it all.

"Could I what? This is the man I love. He's incomparable in every way. He and I are a perfect match. She ignored Liffman's look of shock and disapproval. She was very proud of her lover.

Liffman looked at the princess in front of him. She'd become a stranger to him; he couldn't understand her. He turned to Xiao Na and Meiren. From the way they dodged his eyes, he realized they had purposefully kept what was going on with the princess a secret.

He understood they were the princess's maids; their loyalty lay with her, but such a big secret, the princess being pregnant with some strange unknown man, they should have said something! Keeping something like this wouldn't help the princess; it would only harm her!

While Liffman was lost in thought, Ming Xi and his group were a.s.sessing the man Princess Nai Nai called Thunder.

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Thunder, on the other hand, was not paying attention to Ming Xi's group; his attention was focused on the baby grudges in the air. He was catching them and eating them.

Jier would have laughed at them if he heard their thoughts.

Ai Lin, Zi Cheng, and Yifu were all surprised at the revelation. To think Feng Wu was friends with a someone like that.

Legend had it, long ago humanity was very weak. Formidable forces used the human world as a stage for their battles. This inevitably resulted in the loss of many innocent human lives.

Two of the G.o.ds from the upper realms were originally from the human world: they were humans who surpa.s.sed the limits of humanity and ascended. They were deeply affected as they watched the destruction of the places they once called home.

The human G.o.ds begged the High Heavenly Lord to allow them to descend and live mortal lives again. The High Heavenly Lord granted their request and dropped four children with heavenly blood to the world so the two G.o.ds could be born into the human realm.

The season G.o.ds reminisced about the two human G.o.ds the day after they descended back to the human world. Earlier the two had asked them to help humanity. Survival was difficult for humanity because there were only two seasons: rain and drought. The season G.o.ds were natural born G.o.ds created to serve the High Heavenly Lord so they were compa.s.sionate beings. The season G.o.ds decided to drop four divine seals down to the human world. The four seals held powers and characteristics related to each specific season G.o.d. Only those humans who were compatible with the seals would be able to fuse with and wield the power within. Each seal bearer had the ability to call across the boundary for their related G.o.d's weapon. (This was a hot mess to translate and it may not be entirely correct.)

And that's the legend of the four G.o.ds of the seasons. It's also the legend of the two G.o.ds who returned to establish and head Xingguang Holy Academy and Star Marshal Hall.

Ai Lin and Zi Cheng made up their minds to befriend Jier. Ai Lin was especially firm in her resolve. She recalled Jier only appeared in one or two scenes but he was mentioned. So why not?

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