The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 124

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Chapter 124:

[November 28, 2019]

Well this chapter is a little gory but it smooths out later in the end. Enjoy! ... Jier and the others closely watched Feng Wu as she pulled out Xiao Chun. She held him out in front of her, letting his aura spread outward. The people who had lost their minds crumbled to the ground unconscious. Those who had been trying to escape gratefully thanked Feng Wu before running home as fast as they could. They barricaded themselves inside away from the ma.s.sacre, but were unable to let their guards down. They were safe now, but it wasn't guaranteed to last. They wouldn't truly be safe unless they could get out of town.

"Come on, let's find Ming Xi and the others." Jier looked grimly at the dead bodies that littered the streets.

The once peaceful town was now a living h.e.l.l, filled with the aggressive roars of those trying to kill and the panicked and frightened screams of those being attacked. Even children weren't spared. Their tiny shrill wails filled the air.

Those who had lost their minds were on a rampage with an insatiable urge to kill. The people who were killed eventually rose and murdered those around them as well. It was a constant cycle of death. Not until everyone was killed would the ma.s.sacre end.

Many had already died by the time Feng Wu and her group reached the manor where the princess was staying. The air, just like in town, was filled with the stench of blood. It crept out and wrapped around them.

Those affected by the rain had bloodshot eyes and were themselves stained red from the blood of others. Many of the guards with Princess Nai Nai had lost their minds and self-control. The only urge they had was the urge to kill. In fact most of the people in the manor were slain by them.

Feng Wu's group arrived to find the princess hiding behind Commander Liffman. Her two maids, Xiao Na and Meier, flanked her sides. The maids were pale and scared but they knew their duty. Commander Liffman, together with Ming Xi and his group were acting as a buffer wall, protecting them.

It was the first time they saw her face fully exposed. She really was a beauty, with s.e.xy pouty lips, deep dark brows, and unblemished, smooth porcelain skin. Unfortunately at the moment, no one had the time to admire her beauty.

Tian Ya was freezing some of the attackers into human popsicles with his sword intent, Luis was using his wood magic and commanding vines to tie them up, while Gerasi had stuck his staff directly into the ground and was calling up a boulder. It rose up and surrounded some of the crazed attackers.

Ai Lin was using a combination of fire and wood magic to deal a considerable amount of damage to the attackers. Yifu was skillfully using her wind magic to fight as well. Unexpectedly in a moment of crises she displayed commonsense levelheadedness. She gripped Zi Cheng's staff and continued pouring out wind magic. Even if her magic wasn't powerful, it was enough to fend off the swarm trying to grab her.

Elena was having a harder time with the battle. Although she was an excellent swordmaster in the fifth year, she hadn't yet achieved sword intent. Using a physical weapon to fight against an opponent who was unafraid of pain or dying was truly difficult, so although she was skilled, she couldn't make much headway.

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Ming Xi was the most relaxed of the group. He didn't let the fifth-year reputation down. He was clearly a student from the Sword division, but he hadn't even pulled out his sword. Instead he was using magic, stretching out his hand and waving his fingers. The people he pointed at became stiff and stopped moving. All they could do was roar in rage.

The souls of the dead girls also rose up, following the babies. They died too horribly so they wanted revenge.

The manor was quickly surrounded by souls of the dead and baby grievances. They screamed. Their screams were filled with sorrow and hate for what had been done to them. They wanted to tear the princess apart.

"Why do they hate the princess so much? If they want to hate somebody, why not hate the demon that did this to them?" Wind wondered out loud. He thought the girls would seek the demon for revenge, so why target the princess?

"Princess Nai Nai is hiding the demon. They can't find him so they came to her." Lydia explained. Seeing all the resentful souls reminded her of the cave. She was uncomfortable. Not wanting to stay she said, "Xiao Wu, this place smells bad. I'm leaving."

Lydia didn't wait for Feng Wu to reply before directly returning to her contract s.p.a.ce inside Feng Wu. Fortunately for Lydia, Feng Wu didn't have time to talk. With so many baby grudges around them, if they didn't settle the matter soon, a lot more people were going to die; they might not even be able to return alive.

"Hahahah! At last my strength has returned!" A harsh, violent laughter rang out.

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