The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 116

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Chapter 116:

[October 7, 2019] ... Yifu wanted to know what Feng Wu did to her but she couldn't utter a single word. The only thing she could do was stare imploringly at Zi Cheng.

Zi Cheng still resented Yifu for shoving her but that didn't mean she was going to let someone bully her friend. After getting the silent message from Yifu, she asked Feng Wu what she did. Her tone was filled with concern and not aggressive at all.

The others in the group were also curious. What kind of magic was this? Press a point on someone's body and they became mute?

"I pushed her pressure point. It will release in two hours." Yifu's bitter face had no effect on Feng Wu.

Zi Cheng and Ai Lin were shocked at Feng Wu's answer; both had the same thoughts buzz through their minds.

It was a pressure point! But disabling someone through their pressure point was something you only found in wuxia novels. It wasn't something you actually did in real life! Was it possible she wasn't from this world either?

Though they suspected Feng Wu also transmigrated, they weren't 100% certain. Both would look for a way to test their theory later.

"Can you release it now?" Zi Cheng asked. She kept a firm lid on her emotions, not betraying her feelings about Feng Wu to the group. In their eyes all they saw was her dedication and concern for Yifu.

"Yes." Feng Wu nodded, quickly added, "But I'm afraid she will start screaming again." (So noisy.)

"Wait, don't release it yet. What if she damages her throat from screaming too much? With her courage, you know she's going to scream. I suggest we keep her mute until we reach our destination inside the city," Wind said. He didn't like Yifu, especially the expression on her face. She looked like she wanted to kill Feng Wu so if they let her speak she would definitely say something. A chance to keep her quiet didn't come often, so they may as well take advantage of it.

"Yeah… regarding that, I have thin nerves. It will negatively impact my fighting abilities if I hear her high-pitched shrieking in the middle of battle. That would affect my own personal safety. I second Wind's suggestion." Pei Qing raised his hand as he spoke and in good order those behind him also raised their hands in agreement.

Elena didn't mind agreeing if it meant keeping Yifu quiet. "Cough, cough… Junior Sister Yifu, you may feel wronged, but since everyone agrees, we will not unmute you. You'll be able to talk again in two hours, so it's not a big deal really." Yifu's personality was so bad that even the junior-sister-loving Elena didn't like her. Indeed, though Elena was patient and kind to the girls, Yifu had so many shortcomings, it tested even Elena's goodwill.

"Senior Sister Elena!" Zi Cheng wanted to change their minds but she didn't get a chance before the group moved to another topic. As a result Yifu was left muted and smoldering with her impotent thoughts about her nemesis. She hated Feng Wu to death!

Why? Why?! Twice now the group shunned her because of Feng Wu. What was so good about that girl, why go so far to protect Feng Wu? The girl was just a commoner!

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But no matter how hard Yifu hated Feng Wu, nothing changed. Zi Cheng was the only one who even looked her way. Everyone was intent on discussing what to do next.

Zi Cheng agreed with what Lydia said because she herself had transmigrated. This made her believe there was such a thing as fate in this world.

Ai Lin didn't fully believe in the idea of fate or Zi Cheng's role as the destined female lead.

Ai Lin was optimistic. She wanted to see if the town could escape its fate with the help of Ming Xi's group. If so, then wasn't it further proof her counterattack of Zi Cheng would work?

It was a small town so it didn't take more than ten minutes to reach the first house. It was obvious from the dilapidated condition of the place that the family wasn't doing well.

The mother, upon learning Feng Wu and her cla.s.smates were adventurers, immediately set about welcoming them with open arms. Perhaps they would be able to save her daughter.

Her daughter was about eighteen with an incredibly swollen belly. She was only five months into her pregnancy but had the look of someone long overdue. The size was distressing to look at.

Her eyes were dull and hopeless. It was obvious she was just waiting for death to come and claim her.

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