The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 114

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Ch: 114

[September 22, 2019] ... After Zi Cheng became powerful enough she took the artifact and went to the girl's home. She showed up and accused them of being cold-hearted and ruthless, claiming they had lost their humanity when they kicked their own flesh and blood out and left her with no support. Zi Cheng was there to take revenge for her friend. She fought with them and seriously injured many of the family's elders in the process.

Looking at it from Zi Cheng's perspective it would appear that the family got what they deserved. However, things become different when the whole story is shared.

The girl had been driven out of her family because she betrayed them and committed a crime for which she refused to apologize or feel any sense of remorse. They didn't even destroy her magical core before casting her out and disowning her. If it were anyone else, that person would have been executed immediately. Considering all this, they were in fact incredibly kind in how they dealt with her.

They would never have imagined she would lead such dangers back to their doorstep.

Zi Cheng gravely injured the family elders and left them vulnerable to external pressures. The men that loved Zi Cheng joined in and mercilessly attacked them. Killing off the family members one by one until everyone was dead. It was a miserable fate.

Originally the patriarch and elders of the family were rare, powerful masters, but the battle with Zi Cheng had injured their foundation cores so they couldn't be relied on to defend the family. Otherwise the family would not have been annihilated so quickly by Zi Cheng's admirers.

Zi Cheng didn't hide what happened to the family from the girl.

The girl's reaction had been tepid. She didn't care about them so what did it matter to her if they died? She didn't shed a single tear over her family's demise. The fact that Zi Cheng spent so much effort and did all this for her only cemented Zi Cheng's place in her heart. From that day forward the girl vowed to do everything in her power for her friend.

Was this reaction normal?

It would have been more understandable if the girl had been abused or treated unjustly by her family. But it wasn't the case. She was loved by her family and cherished by her elders. They couldn't bear to hurt her even after she stole the family's treasure.

Instead of hating the person who encouraged the destruction of the family that loved her, she expressed grat.i.tude and undying devotion.

A normal person wouldn't do that.

Therefore it was safe to a.s.sume Zi Cheng could directly influence the emotional state of anyone she had a 100% favorability rating with. No matter what Zi Cheng did, they would see it as right and just.

The ability to play people in the palm of your hand was indeed fearsome and terrifying!

Geeze. Ai Lin's heart turned cold at the realization. It was a good thing she read the book and knew about Zi Cheng's cheat, otherwise she may have developed good feelings for her and fallen victim to her favorability system! Then she and Yifu would have spent their lives like fools stupidly circling around this G.o.dly MC.

By the time Ai Lin came out of her thoughts the group was discussing who would go into town.

Jasmine sat quietly at the table and didn't say anything else after expressing her desire to stay behind. Unlike Yifu, she didn't disregard her own safety just to be with Zi Cheng. She thought Zi Cheng was a kind, considerate, and gentle girl, but she didn't think highly of Yifu at all.

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Rain wrinkled her nose cutely. "My strength isn't high so I won't go either. I'll stay and wait for news here." Though she wanted to go and see the action first hand, she didn't want to get in their way.

The boss decided to throw his luck in with them, and leave with the group. He brought them to the carriage he used whenever he was in a hurry. From what Feng Wu said, it sounded like there was going to be a river of blood and much danger. Although his inn was on the road, all his family members lived in town. He wanted to get them out of there as fast as he could.

They drove hard and fast. Throughout the ride there wasn't a single animal or insect sound. It was eerily silent.

They hoped they would make it in time, but their hopes were grim.

The scene they encountered an hour later once they reached town was not what they expected. The streets were bustling with merchants doing business and mothers shopping while children played and ate snacks. It wasn't the scene of a disaster at all.

How could this be? Princess Nai Nai's carriage was certain to be faster than theirs, so how could they have arrived before her?

"Boss, quickly go home and get your family and friends out of town," Ming Xi said.

The boss nodded and hurried out of the carriage.

This was the course of action everyone had agreed to while in the carriage. The boss would take care of those he knew.

"Wait. It's OK for you to take whoever you want, but the girls who are pregnant can't leave with you. If you take them with you, everyone will die." Feng Wu let out an unusually long stream of words right as the boss was got out of the carriage.

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