The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 110

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[OASNG] Chapter 110: Summoning Lydia

[September 8, 2019] ... They changed out of their wet clothes and into clean, dry ones.

Meiren considered her question before taking a breath and asking. "Xiao Na, do you think the princess is wrong?"

Xiao Na stopped; her hands paused just above the clothes she was sorting. "The princess is the princess. We are her maids. Our priority is to take care of her. Do not worry about anything else."

"But what if…" Meiren bit her lip still uncertain whether she should give voice to her thoughts or not.

"We've followed the princess this far. There's no turning back. Don't think too much about it. Just do your job." Xiao Na fixed her skirt and walked out of the room.

All the words and worry in Meiren's heart turned into a sigh. She followed Xiao Na out of the room.

Xiao Na was right. What use was there to worry now? They had reached a point of no return. They would surely be put to death if they tried to turn back now.

Downstairs Feng Wu was the only one with the mental fort.i.tude to eat and drink her fill. Everyone else had long lost their appet.i.tes.

Those that saw the dead couldn't bear to eat. They declared they would surely vomit, therefore it was better not to try.

"Xiao Wu, what should we do?" Rain's heart had been beating irregularly ever since they discovered the inn was soaked in blood and that the air was dense with grudges.

"We need a necromancer for the situation. But we don't have one." Luis's face looked bad. It was clear he was feeling depressed.

Ming Xi calmly agreed. "It's too late anyway. There aren't many necromancers around. The one situated in Souya would take days to get here." He was able to keep his expression neutral but his eyes gave him away.

Ming Xi was an extraordinarily beautiful man, and right now his eyes were filled with worry. The sight made a heart ache. It made a person want to give him the world to ease the worry away.

"Xiao Wu, why don't you call Lydia over? I remember before we left, the necromancer taught her some techniques. Maybe she can help with the matter." Jier suddenly remembered the little spirit Feng Wu had contracted with. She had disappeared since they left Rime-Frost.

"OK, I'll try." Feng Wu nodded and tried to contact Lydia. Because they were contracted to each other, it didn't matter where the two were, they could always communicate. However unlike a master/servant contract where the master could forcefully summon a spirit at will, the contract between Feng Wu and Lydia was an equal one, so Lydia didn't have to appear unless she wanted to.

"Who is Lydia?" Elena asked the question on everyone's mind.

"She's Feng Wu's contracted spirit. Even if she can't help us, she should be able to explain what's going on to us." Jier answered.

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She had a contracted spirit? Weren't necromancers the only ones who could subjugate a spirit and contract with one? Everyone sighed. Really too unbelievable.

After he explained, Lydia gave a long run-on sentence recap. "OK, so what you're telling me is that there's a big sister upstairs and she's got a bunch of grudges floating all around her and there is a lot of blood raining outside and the inside here is full of b.l.o.o.d.y mist. Did I get that right?"

Luis said, "Yes, that's right. Little sister Lydia, do you know what's going on? Why is it raining blood outside? How come we couldn't detect it until we used the potion?"

Lydia rolled her eyes at them. She had not been idle since they left Rime-Frost. She spent her time studying and she worked hard to practice the techniques from the book the old necromancer gave her. She was not the same confused, ignorant girl she was before.

"Of course you can see it. Do you really think the blood you're seeing now is real?"

(It's not real?) Everyone skeptically looked at Lydia floating above them.

"Of course not. What you're seeing now is are the grudges taking form. They are very powerful grudges with strong murderous intent. That's why they're able to form blood droplets like the rain and blood mist you have here."

"So what you're saying is the blood all around us is just an illusion formed by grudges with powerful killing intent?" Tian Ya raised his eyebrows.

"Yes. If it was real everyone would be able to see it. You wouldn't need to use the potion." Lydia said as she disdainfully looked down at them.

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