The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 108

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[OASNG] Chapter 108: Spirit Sensing Potion

[September 1, 2019] ... No matter how vivid the images were, none of them could see what Feng Wu saw since they were not necromancers.

"Yeah we don't see anything. Honestly, you think you're a necromancer or something?" Jasmine and Yifu were quick to criticize Feng Wu.

Ming Xi and the others didn't doubt their existence. No one in Ming Xi's squad were ordinary. They knew better then to deny the existence of something just because they themselves couldn't see it.

What Feng Wu said was really hard to believe though. The girls were right; she wasn't a necromancer. Heck never mind being a necromancer, Feng Wu wasn't even a magician. There wasn't an ounce of magical talent in her body. If she had any she would have gone into the Magic Division, not the Sword Division.

A person with no magical talent was telling them she could see the dead. Ming Xi and his group didn't think Feng Wu would lie, but they couldn't help but be suspicious.

It was really hard to believe.

"You better listen to Feng Wu. Her sight is different from yours. She can see things ordinary people can't see. If you don't believe her, I have something here that you can use." From his s.p.a.ce ring, Jier took out a clear transparent bottle the old necromancer had given him.

It was a potion that allowed people to see the dead; junior necromancer apprentices often used it as a part of their education. It was a system the necromancers had set up as a teaching device. It was rarely sold. Sometimes a necromancer would gift a small amount to those they were on good term with.

"What?! A sensing potion. You actually carry this kind of stuff with you?" Elena was really surprised.

You could see the spirits of the dead if you sprayed yourself with it. Legend had it that the world's first necromancer, a G.o.d-level necromancer, came up with the formula for it. He created it so that knowledge of necromancy would not fade away once he ascended. The potion helped apprentices become accustomed to interacting with the dead more quickly.

The formula was only ever pa.s.sed on from one necromancer to another. Even though the relationship between necromancers, the dark and light, wasn't always good, one thing they all adhered to was maintenance of the formula's secrecy. They wouldn't reveal it to outsiders.

In the end even if the formula was secret, the potion itself could still be found and purchased, however the price was high and not many people wanted to. Afterall, who would voluntarily want to afflict themselves with the sight of the dead? So ultimately even though the potion rarely showed up at auction houses, it was not that hard to get.

So though the sight of Jier having a potion surprised Elena, it didn't shock the others as much.

"So? You dare use it?" Jier shook the bottle at them, a goading expression on his face.

"Like I'd be afraid!" Luis reached over and grabbed the bottle and promptly sprayed his eyes with it. He blinked several times trying to get used to having something in his eyes.

He was the center of attention.

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"So? What do you see?" Ai Lin asked with antic.i.p.ation.

Gerasi called out to Luis a few times but got no reply. He grabbed the bottle and spritzed his own eyes to see what Luis was seeing.

Ming Xi and Tian Ya looked at each other. Even fools could tell there was something going on. They took turns spraying their eyes.

Their originally calm faces stiffened. Ming Xi retained his dignified expression, but it was obvious he was also affected.

"What? Is there something there? I don't believe it. Here let me try." Yifu had been waiting for a good show, for Feng Wu to be revealed as a big fat liar. Instead it looked like she was the one to get slapped in the face. She wasn't going to believe it until she saw it herself.

She got up and walked over to Tian Ya as she spoke. She wanted to try the sensing potion. She didn't expect Tian Ya to pull the bottle out of her reach.

"Senior Tian Ya!" Yifu was not convinced. She even began to believe the seniors were pretending to be scared so Feng Wu wouldn't be humiliated and her lies exposed. Thinking this left her even more dissatisfied.

Why? Why did everyone take Feng Wu's side? That time she got kicked out of the team during the virtual world a.s.sessment was also because of Feng Wu.

"Girls shouldn't see this. I don't want to hear your screams." Tian Ya gave Yifu a cold look. He didn't prevent her from spraying her eyes out of pity or consideration, he just didn't want to deal the nuisance of the shrill screams of a hysterical girl.

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