The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 103

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[OASNG] Chapter 103: A Pretty Boy Running Away from Home

[August 14, 2019] ... "There's no need to save him. The mission still needs to be completed. He'll understand. Let's leave; we don't want to interrupt their bonding." The captain had made his decision.

Three days later a notice caught the attention of all the adventurers who were in Souya for the mission. It said Lady Minerva and Sir Germaine's wedding was cancelled. She would be marrying Pei Qing.

The adventures who missed their chance complained to each other.

"d.a.m.n! Whoever they are, they're! We were all going to wait for the wedding day to kidnap the bride!"

"Right?! I was also going to make a scene at the wedding. I even brought my brothers. Can't believe they cancelled it already! What do you think happened?"

Yifu had taken the notice and rushed to Zi Cheng's room. "Xiao Cheng. Take a look. This is the task you refused. Look how fast it was completed."

Zi Cheng and Yifu had of course seen the mission back at Zhongyang. But the premise made Zi Cheng uncomfortable so Yifu didn't press her and they had left without registering for the mission.

"Someone completed it?" Zi Cheng stopped combing her hair and looked up at Yifu.

"So vicious! Destroying a relationship for money! What scoundrels!" Yifu had a low opinion of the adventurers who completed the mission.

"I heard Feng Wu took the mission. Do you suppose it was her?" Jasmine had entered the room while Yifu and Zi Cheng were talking.

Jasmine had nursed a deep grudge against Feng Wu ever since that day at the girls' dorm. She hated Jier too, but he was too strong and out of her reach. When she snooped around she had discovered he was n.o.bility from the kingdom of Yanai. As a result Jasmine had to shift all her hatred to Feng Wu. In her heart, Feng Wu was the culprit and the instigator of everything.

Yifu had been around Zi Cheng for so long she had picked up many of Zi Cheng's personality traits. Yifu voiced her opinion. "No, does she really have the ability? I heard a lot of people took the mission. Those who accepted it really have no sense of decency or moral character."

Jasmine sat down and sneered. "Feng Wu picked up the mission. Her and anyone else who picked it up are all absolute sc.u.m."

"Let's not talk about that anymore. We should go see Sir Germaine. He must be so broken-hearted right now. We are comrades who've shared fate."

Zi Cheng had been on the road to Souya when a young master decided it would be a good idea to hara.s.s her. Sir Germaine happened to pa.s.s by and helped her. Although they were unlikely to cross paths again, in the short time they had forged a bond and parted as friends.

...Feng Wu had no idea Jasmine was in Souya. Her team had rushed to the branch guild as soon as they saw the notice. While their registration was at the main branch in Zhongyang, they could check in at any branch location.

The clerk handed them the two hundred thousand reward once he verified their team was the one that completed the mission. The four people were very happy. They divided the gold amongst themselves. As for Pei Qing, well he was with Lady Minerva. He had to be very well loved and coddled by her. With that kind of wealth and attention, how could he begrudge them the measly ten thousand that was formerly his share?

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An unexpected visitor arrived just as they were about to make their way back to Zhongyang.

Rain suddenly came up with a clever plan. "Brother Qing, sit down. You're probably tired and hungry. Escaping must have been hard. I'll go right now and have the kitchen whip up a few dishes for you." She would use the excuse of getting food to go out and bring Lady Minerva. Pei Qing would surely be taken away and the ten thousand would be theirs again.

"If you dare rat me out to anyone, I will break your legs. So I'd recommend you sit down." Pei Qing said with a completely straight face.

(Motherf.u.c.ker! This guy!)

"Lady Minerva will be looking for me so we need to get out of here fast." Pei Qing tapped his finger on the table trying to think.

"Alright. Let's pack up and leave immediately." Jier had a no-nonsense approach. No use in crying over lost money.

Pei Qing put on a disguise as everyone packed up. Shortly afterwards they left for the transportation array.

Unfortunately the array was heavily guarded. Everyone who tried to get in were closely examined before they were allowed to enter.

Wind stopped a random pa.s.serby and asked. "Big brother, how come there are so many guards for the array? Did something happen?"

"Oh you didn't hear. Lady Minerva's lover ran away. Don't know what that guy is thinking. The beautiful Lady Minerva takes a liking to him and instead of rejoicing, he runs away. How can he even call himself a man? Running away, now that's the kind of move a silly girl would pull. My wife does that once every year. To reject such a good marriage, what's wrong with him? He even made Lady Minerva angry.

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