The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 10

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Flying Beast Transport After leaving Ai Li behind they began asking around about the flying beasts. Some nice people gave them directions and they were able to find the place easily. There they saw huge beasts with house like structures a top their backs. The houses were split into two floors with twenty rooms on each floor. There were different levels of accommodations ranging from singles, doubles, triples, quardruples, to the cheapest common rooms. The common rooms could sleep ten people and were the ones Feng Wu had her eye on. She went to the ticket counter and spent 40 coins to purchase two tickets to go to Zhongyang.

“Wow! This flying beast is huge! It can even carry a house on its back.” Tian Ke excitedly pointed to a flying beast standing in the terminal. He had heard about them before and had thought when he became a great swordsman one day he would fly around the world visiting different countries on the back of one. Unexpectedly, before he even grew up he was already flying on one! It felt like a dream. He pinched his arm hard. Nope definitely not a dream. He couldn’t stop giggling in joy, causing some onlookers to give him a wide berth.

“Zhongyang! Those going hand in your tickets to board!” Staff members already on top of the beast dropped down a ladder and shouted to the crowd. Feng Wu and Tian Ke headed over and climbed up the ladder when it was their turn. At the top they met the person who had made the announcement earlier. “Two to Zhongyang?” The staff member greeted them with a professional smile.

Feng Wu handed in her two tickets saying, “Yes. We want to go to Zhongyang. Here are our tickets.”

After verifying the ticket the staff member let them through, giving them directions to get to the common rooms. “The common rooms are mixed genders so the Young Miss may want to consider upgrading to a double room.”

Feng Wu thanked the staff for his consideration but continued towards the direction he had pointed for the common room. With a small bun on her back and a bigger bun by her side Feng Wu entered the common room.

Inside were four men, three of whom were engaged in conversation. The moment they saw her walk in they stopped talking and looked at her. Were they seeing wrong? Why was a girl here? Because it was a mixed gender room few ladies ever bought tickets for these rooms, never mind a young girl like her.

“Did you mistake your room?” One of men asked her. He was careful to smile and gave a hearty laugh, trying his best to look friendly and not scare her. Because of the gruesome scar on his cheek people tended to be afraid of him.

“Stop laughing man! Your laughter is terrible. You’re gonna scare the kids,” came the voice of another. He was also laughing though.

“It’s not,” said the first man.

“No, there’s no mistake.” She showed them the tickets in her hand so they could see the room allocation.

After seeing that the kids had come to the right room, the men were at a lost. They glanced at each other with a puzzled expression. “It really is the right room. Hm. Well little girl you sleep over there in the corner. Your brother can sleep next to you. It’ll be more convenient that way.” It was the man with the scarred face that spoke up. This was a decent gesture on his part and clearly showed that the men didn’t have evil intentions towards the children.

“Yeah. You two sleep in the corner. Us three will sleep next to this other brother over here. That way it’ll be like a wall.”

“Well this arrangement is good,” spoke the third person.

Tian Ke nodded in agreement. These men don’t seem to be bad people. It’ll be best to have the stu… er silly Feng Wu sleep on the inside since she’s a girl. Feng Wu also thought it was a good idea. Although she didn’t know the three men, they seemed to be good people.

The other people who purchased tickets for the room slowly filtered in. It was unusual for kids to appear in the common room so they inevitably attracted attention. There were those with malicious intentions who wanted to bully them, but fortunately the beds near Feng Wu and Tian Ke were already taken by the good men from earlier. Those that wanted to cause them trouble were in the minority, most people there were good folks who were just curious about the children. A few even went over and struck up a conversation with them.

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“So you’re Feng Wu and you’re Tian Ke. Are you siblings?”

“Mother! Who let it rip?”


“Wah! Wah!” a baby’s wail suddenly punctured the air.

“Where is that cry coming from?” someone asked, looking around trying to find the source of the sound.

“Did someone come here with a baby? I didn’t notice.”

“Did anyone see?”

“Ah! It’s the baby that stinks.” Feng Wu reached behind her back and slowly pulled little bun to the front.

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