The Male Lead's Substitute Wife

只只不醉 - Zhǐ Zhǐ Bù Zuì

Chapter 354

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Chapter 354

Ch.354 Dreams of an Alternate History (2)

Ever since Shen Xiuqi and Su Yaya got married, seeing as she helped Shen Xiuqi to inherit his grandfather’s inheritance, he still very much spoiled her and gave her many expensive gifts, whatever she wanted, he would get it for her. As long as it was her request, he would try his best to satisfy her, and he never once disappointed her.

But even so, he still couldn’t satisfy Su Yaya's vanity. She began to get even more greedy and domineering, and even started to interfere in his private life. He was not allowed to come in contact with other women outside of work, even if it was his secretary. She was constantly vigilant and cautious, and even secretly asked the paparazzi to tail and investigate him, to dig out his every schedule and whereabouts.

Shen Xiuqi soon discovered that Su Yaya had sent someone to tail and investigate him, which made him furious. He didn't like Su Yaya's suspicion and interference in his life. The two had a fierce argument at home and even fought.

Su Yaya cried and threw a fit, she smashed many things in the house, and many valuables were shattered into pieces. Shen Xiuqi looked at the state of his messy home, he felt angry and disappointed, so he moved out that night and went to stay in a hotel.

It was at that time, An Yutong came back from overseas.

The very next day, Xu Kai brought An Yutong, who had just returned from abroad, to the Shen Group to look for Shen Xiuqi.

At this time, An Yutong was still as sweet and gentle as before. With a sweet smile, she invited Shen Xiuqi for a meal. She said: "We haven't seen each other in so long. Since we’re all here now, let’s hang out."

Shen Xiuqi just got into a fight with Su Yaya the night before. He was still in a bad mood, he didn't want to go home and face Su Yaya at all, so he nodded and agreed to the meal under Xu Kai and An Yutong's persuasion.

That night, they first went to the new imperial city for dinner. It was a rare occasion that they could get together, so the few of them drank quite a lot of alcohol in the box room. After the meal, An Yutong suggested they head to their usual spot for a second round. Xu Kai, Song Ming, and Jiang Chengguang all agreed to go, and Shen Xiuqi personally didn't want to go back and face Su Yaya, so he went along with them.

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That night, Shen Xiuqi couldn't remember how much they drank, everyone was a drunken mess.

He hesitated, then walked towards her, pulled on her arm and said, "I’ll take full responsibility for this…..."

Before he could finish, An Yutong cried and shook her head as she said, "No, it's okay. You’re already married. I will forget about this and not cause any trouble."

Shen Xiuqi frowned and said: "Listen to me, I will deal with this. Give me some time and I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer."

That day, Shen Xiuqi finally calmed An Yutong and drove home.

When he got home, Shen Xiuqi saw Su Yaya and asked her for a divorce very calmly.

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