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Chapter 1735

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1735 Side Story: The Expectations of the Mediocre (6)

Translator: Nomyummi

Editor: GravityTales

Captain Zhang Yiwei’s face was ashen.

He could only look up to the first generation G.o.ds, Ye Qiu and Han Wenqing. They had never been teammates.

At the same time, his batch mates, Sun Zheping and Zhang Jiale, quickly reached the top and left him behind.

Furthermore, last season’s rookie, w.a.n.g Jiexi, had pressed Zhang Yiwei and many other senior players to the ground with an unstoppable momentum.

This season, another rookie had defeated him. When Huang Shaotian’s sword light slashed down, Zhang Yiwei’s reactions were extremely slow. He wasn’t even as good as Fang Minghua. He vaguely remembered that Fang Minghua had managed to seize a few healing opportunities among Huang Shaotian’s fierce attacks in an attempt to help him stabilize the situation. However, his own performance was too bad, too bad. He hadn’t done anything effective.


“A four-step physical gun skill? It’s not enough, not enough, not enough!!”

During the process of being killed, comments kept appearing in the chat box. Even now, they were like sharp blades stabbing his heart.

“Captain.” Seeing that Zhang Yiwei was still sitting on the stage, Samsara’s members surrounded him.

“I’m fine.” Zhang Yiwei waved his hand and stood up.

“We lost this round again,” said Zhang Yiwei.

Everyone was silent.

“Are we really… not strong enough?” Zhang Yiwei asked.

Everyone recalled Sun Zheping’s straightforward words from the previous round and could only smile bitterly.

Team Blue Rain’s players walked to the center of the stage to pay their respects to the audience, happily enjoying their victory. Meanwhile, Samsara’s players could only watch enviously from the side as they retreated towards the player pa.s.sageway.

The audience didn’t give them much attention. It could even be said that the attention they received now was even less than the attention received by any individual in the audience.

As Blue Rain’s trainee, Fang Rui was currently discussing this victory delightfully with his friends while wantonly laughing at their opponents.

“That Sharpshooter is really a bit of a noob. If this is the current level of the Alliance’s strongest Sharpshooter, then to be honest, I can do it myself!” Fang Rui sighed.

However, before his companions could agree, he heard a commotion behind him.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” Fang Rui was completely enjoying the show. He quickly diverted his attention and leaned forward to look back, only to into a figure rus.h.i.+ng over.

“Aiyo.” Fang Rui leaned to the side. Luckily, his hand was fast enough to grab onto the back of the chair. Even though he was the culprit who had suddenly leaned from his seat towards the aisle, he was the first to complain. “Why were you walking towards others?”

“I’m sorry…” The person who b.u.mped into him quickly apologized and supported Fang Rui.

“What happened?” Fang Rui was still concerned about the commotion. He continued to look behind him, but he didn’t see anything major. There were just quite a few female audience members pointing in his direction. Their target seemed to be the person who had b.u.mped into him. Fang Rui carefully looked at the person who had b.u.mped into him and immediately became jealous.

How could he be so handsome?

Fang Rui was very annoyed.

At this moment, this person was still supporting him with an awkward expression.

“Alright, come with me,” said Fang Rui to him.

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“Huh?” The man was stunned.

“We can go out from here too.” Fang Rui walked in front.

“This way?” The player looked in the direction Fang Rui was walking. He was walking towards the stage.

“I’m from Blue Rain. I’m taking you through the player pa.s.sageway. Are you coming or not?” Fang Rui was getting impatient.

“Oh.” The man replied and followed him.

The female audience only noticed a handsome young man in the audience. They pointed and looked at him, but did not do anything else. When they saw that the person was heading in the opposite direction, they began to leave.

Fang Rui looked at this person and let out a long sigh. He didn’t think much of him. “It’s nothing.”

That person scratched his head and smiled, not saying anything.

“Are you here to watch the match too?” Fang Rui asked.

“Yes.” The man nodded.

“Whose side are you on?” Fang Rui asked.

“Uh…” The man hesitated. The answer was obvious.

“How pitiful.” Fang Rui sympathized with him.

“It’ll be fine,” said the other party suddenly.

“How could they be better than Blue Rain?” Fang Rui asked disdainfully. “With me next year, Team Blue Rain will only become even more terrifying,” said Fang Rui as he waved his hand.

The other party smiled again and did not speak.

“However, it’s very courageous for you to stand on Samsara’s side. Tell me, what about Samsara attracted you?” Fang Rui asked.

“I have a friend there,” said the other party.

“Then there’s nothing else to say.” Fang Rui nodded, agreeing with this reason.

“Do you want to go up the compet.i.tion stage and take a look?” As they walked past the stage, Fang Rui suddenly had a new idea.

“Alright.” The man nodded.

The two of them walked onto the stage together. There were already staff members coming up and cleaning up the stage in an orderly manner.

Fang Rui walked to the center of the stage and stood there in an imposing manner, looking around.

“It’ll be my turn next year.” He hooted grandly.

“Fang Rui!” In the end, someone shouted his name.

Fang Rui subconsciously shrunk his neck and turned his head. It was a member from Blue Rain.

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“I have to go! Just follow that path and walk out.” Fang Rui quickly pointed out the path and ran towards Blue Rain’s players.

“I heard that your Sharpshooter isn’t bad?” Tong Lin asked.

“He’s alright,” said Zhou Zekai.

“Did you bring your account card?” Tong Lin asked.

“Yes.” Zhou Zekai nodded.

“Big brother, are you going to clean up this place immediately? If we use the computer for a few minutes, will we get in the way?” Tong Lin turned around and asked the staff member. After getting his approval, he immediately found a seat and sat down.

“Come, give it a try,” said Tong Lin.

“Oh.” Zhou Zekai walked over.

Two minutes later.

“Huh?” Zhou Zekai realized that there was no reaction from his controls.

“They cut off the Internet.” Tong Lin stood up. He looked at Zhou Zekai, then at Fang Minghua, who was behind him. Fang Minghua was doing his best to hold back his laughter. He had never doubted Zhou Zekai’s strength. Seeing Zhou Zekai directly competing with a professional player like Tong Lin made him even more confident.

“Who dropped this account card?” At this moment, a staff member who had just arrived raised a Glory account card and asked loudly.

“It’s mine, mine.” Tong Lin rushed over and took the card back with grat.i.tude.

“Well played.” Fang Minghua took the opportunity to praise Zhou Zekai. Even though they had only played for two minutes, Zhou Zekai’s strength was clearly displayed.

“It’s alright.” Zhou Zekai said the same thing.

“Let me ask you.” After taking back the account card, Tong Lin asked Zhou Zekai, “Is the 3.5-step physical gun skill your limit?”

Zhou Zekai thought about it seriously. “I should be able to take another half a step.”

“A three-step physical gun skill.” Tong Lin was moved. “I was too narrow-minded.”

“Hehe.” Fang Minghua laughed like a fool.

“We need to make some big adjustments.” Tong Lin muttered.

“Huh?” Fang Minghua didn’t understand. He looked at Zhou Zekai, who also didn’t understand.

“I’m not talking about you.” Tong Lin waved the account card in his hand. “It’s something here.”

“What is it?” Fang Minghua asked.

“You’ll know in the future. No, the entire Alliance and all the Glory players will know.” Tong Lin laughed. He held onto the account card in his hand, which contained his blood, sweat, and tears. The silver weapon revolvers, Wildfire and Shattered Frost, were all specially made for Cloud Piercer. However, even if the youth in front of him could only execute a 3.5-step physical gun skill, he had already surpa.s.sed most professional Sharpshooter players. Furthermore, he believed that he could still improve by half a step.

Wasn’t this what everyone in Samsara had been looking forward to? Thinking about it, Tong Lin’s tears suddenly fell.

“What’s going on?” Fang Minghua was shocked.

“I can see the future,” said Tong Lin.

Fang Minghua immediately understood what Tong Lin meant. The first time he saw Zhou Zekai’s Sharpshooter, he thought of the future. He patted Zhou Zekai’s shoulder and Zhou Zekai smiled.

It was time for Team Samsara to set sail.

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