The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 952: Symptom

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Chapter 952: Symptom

While several people were talking, they saw Zhuge Feng hurriedly coming from outside the courtyard.

At this time, Zhuge Feng was a little sweaty, and his eyes were full of anxiety. When he saw Lu Zhixi and Hexi, he hurriedly stepped forward, “Greetings to 2 doctors.”

Ren Xueling took a step forward and said, “Uncle Zhuge, didn’t you say that Brother Xiaotian will be sent to Lanxiang Courtyard today for my senior sister to be treated? Where is he?”

Zhuge Feng wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Fairy Zhixi, I was planning to transfer my son here with a black cloth litter to let 2 doctors treat him. But this morning, my son’s illness is acting again. I really can’t move him…”

Lu Zhixi had seen Zhuge Xiaotian’s illness, and she immediately nodded, “Anywhere can do the treatment, I will follow City Lord Zhuge to the young city lord’s residence. Mr. Xi, how about you?”

Hexi naturally wouldn’t disagree. For her, where to see a doctor is not the same.

It was just that she just agreed, then she saw Lu Zhixi’s flickering eyes, and Ren Xueling on the side showed a look of gloating.

Zhuge Feng was overjoyed when the 2 agreed.

The doctors in Lanxiang Courtyard also wanted to follow; they couldn’t wait to see how Fairy Zhixi treat this strange disease.

However, Zhuge Feng showed an embarra.s.sed expression on his face, “Doctors, the situation of my son is really horrifying, it’s better to wait here for a while…”

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These doctors had treated Zhuge Xiaotian, but most of them were treating when Zhuge Xiaotian’s condition was fairly stable. Many doctors had never seen Zhuge Xiaotian’s real illness.

“In fact, Xiaotian has been a little different from other babies from the time he was born. He often bites his nanny when he drinks milk. When he gets older, he even bites when he catches people, and sometimes he even drinks human blood.”

“But this situation disappeared after he grew up to cultivate. I also forgot about these symptoms of his childhood. Until one time he went to a secret realm to practice, the same thing happened again. “

Zhuge Feng frowned. His face full of pain and self-blame, “When Xiao Tian came back from the beginning, he often felt uncomfortable when he saw the sun. He likes to stay indoors, and he likes to eat raw fish. When he eats meat, his eyes are bloodshot. I even urged him to quickly cultivate so that he can get to the perfect stage of the Meridians Stage as soon as possible.”

“But, one night, Xiaotian, who was originally meditating in the room, suddenly rushed out with a scream. He grabbed a wind spirit rabbit raised in the yard, bit it, and drank its blood. But he still didn’t get enough, he even bit the servant…”

TL: Is Xiaotian his adopted son or what? Why would he become a vampire all of a sudden?

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