The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 951: First Come First Serve

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Chapter 951: First Come First Serve

Dr. Chen’s eyes lit up, and a child-like smile appeared on his face, “Okay! Okay! What are we waiting for? Let’s go to the young city lord for immediate treatment.”


As soon as Dr. Chen finished speaking, Li Zhenyu, who was standing next to Lu Zhixi, suddenly stepped forward and said, “Before that, I have to confirm one thing.”

As he said, he looked at Hexi with a cold gaze and said coldly, “Mr. Xi, Zhixi will start the treatment first, do you have no objection to this?”

Hexi narrowed her eyes slightly and said slowly, “I have no objection.”

A sneer flashed in Li Zhenyu’s eyes and continued, “Since Zhixi starts first, if Zhixi cures the young city lord, I don’t know how to determine the win and lose?”

After a pause, he said again, “Why not we do this, when Zhixi is treating, Mr. Xi will be waiting by the side. After Zhixi treatment is over, you can tell your treatment plan. If your treatment plan is the same as Zhixi’s treatment, we count you as winning. Zhixi, what do you think?”

Lu Zhixi nodded without hesitation. She said in a gentle voice, “Zhenyu’s suggestion is very good. I feel ashamed just because I have the advantage of treating first!”

She said, she looked at Hexi and said, “Mr. Xi, if your treatment plan is the same as Zhixi, then we will consider you win. We will also announce this to the people of Yongan City. It will be fairer to you too. What do you think?”

When the doctors heard Lu Zhixi’s words, they immediately admired her even more.

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With such moral character and self-confidence, it was no wonder Fairy Zhixi had such a strong reputation in Miluo Continent.

Li Zhenyu also showed a satisfied look on his face and nodded, “Zhixi, Xueling is right. Since this is what Mr. Xi requested, why should we force her.”

Hmph, I said that just to make Xi Yue admit the order of first come first serve.

Although if Zhixi cures the disease first, Xi Yue will automatically lose, but if this kid doesn’t admit defeat and try to ruin Zhixi’s reputation by saying it is unfair?

So I called in all the doctors and used words to force Xi Yue to admit the treatment sequence.

Even if Xi Yue loses and wants to renege in the future, with these doctors as witnesses, this kid won’t be able to stir up any troubles!

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