The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 7 – Slave Ownership Card, Slave Imprint

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Chapter 7 – Slave Owners.h.i.+p Card, Slave Imprint

The invisible needles in her hand flew as if struck by lightning, accurately and quietly piercing into the four guards’ Sea of Qi acupuncture point.

The flying swords in the hands of the four guards suddenly halted in mid air, followed by a ‘bang’ sound, they fell to the ground.

The four guards face’s filled with shock and disbelief, staring blankly at the faintly sneering little girl on the stage.

Suddenly, the one of them screamed: “Why can’t I use my spiritual power!”

“Evil woman, what did you do to us!!”

He Xi laughed lightly as she leaped into the air, raising her foot she ruthlessly kicked the four guards who had lost their spiritual power.

Under the bright lights directed onto the stage, the slender and pet.i.te little girl mockingly looked at everyone surrounding her as she towered over them.

Around her were the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators that were all howling and groaning. Furthermore there was also Zhu Zhong Ba that had been so scared of her, he had tumbled to the ground to land hard on his b.u.t.tocks.

This scene was simply too shocking and weird, obviously this thin and weak little girl seemed like a Queen inspecting her territory, making a persons heart tremble in fear but also long to wors.h.i.+p her.

Zhu Zhong Ba’s frightened face looked at the little girl standing not too far from where he had fallen. Originally, he had gotten up after first being knocked down by her, but after his guards had been defeated by a little girl he had collapsed to the ground with shock and fear.

He saw He Xi start to walk towards him and screamed repeatedly, rus.h.i.+ng over to hold Wu Yu’s hand he yelled: “Save me……save me! That s.l.u.t in your Gluttonous House has caused me such trouble, yet you don’t care? I’m your guest!!”

“As long as you help me to subdue her, however many yuan crystals you want, I’ll give them all to you!!”

Wu Yu remained calm and collected while he separated their hands, his eyes overflowing with interest as looked at He Xi, leisurely said: “Young Master Zhu, I already said earlier, once the product is sold, Gluttonous House will not have any responsibility.”

“From the moment…I handed over the slave owners.h.i.+p card to you, this product no longer had anything to do with Gluttonous House.”

Wu Yu’s words make Zhu Zhong Ba’s mind go blank for a minute, then suddenly his face filled with an ecstatic light.

He activated his spiritual power, condensing it into a small point to frantically pour it into the slave owners.h.i.+p card while nervously murmuring.

“Loathsome lady, you are dead! You dare to attack me, this time you’re dead for sure!”

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The moment Zhu Zhong Ba started to pour his spiritual power into the slave owners.h.i.+p card, He Xi had felt a burst of pain in her head, like being p.r.i.c.ked with needles.

“Loathsome lady, let’s see how you can still be!” His foot fiercely kicked He Xi’s body.

“Dared to attack I, this father, you simply don’t want to live! I will let you know that if you dare to disobey this young master your future will be miserable!”

At this time, those knocked down guards finally managed stand.

Their sealed Dantians had now restored to usual, it was no longer a situation where they were unable to use their spiritual power.

Their faces revealed relieved expressions, but when they looked at the unconscious He Xi on the ground, their eyes flashed with fear and bitter resentment.

Zhu Zhong Ba, with a face full of pride, waved a hand saying: “You cannot even deal with this loathsome lady, still needing I, this father to take care of her.”

“Shut her in the cage and carry it to go back. If there are any mistakes see how I will deal with you!”

While repeatedly answering yes, the guards roughly carried the unconscious He Xi and threw her into the cage, like an animal bought at the marketplace. Swaying with the weight of the cage they carried, they left the stage.

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