The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 520

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The prince choked after hearing the words. He could speak for a moment.

Those who were there all saw Xi Yue was watching calmly, but he easily made a come back at the end. No one would believe that she was scared.

Seeing everyone looking at him for being shameless, Hexi couldn’t help but smirk, “Prince blame me for giving evidence too late. Is it that if I provide you the evidence, then prince will let the third prince pay his life for Feng Lianying?”

The prince immediately froze when he heard those words. His face looked extremely ugly.

“Since you won’t, what is the difference for taking it out early or late?”

“You’re making a sophistry!” The prince hadn’t spoken yet, Nalan Ziyun had taken a step forward, yelling at Hexi, “It’s clear that you are cunning and you don't want the other to live better. If you take the evidence out early, this matter wouldn't be so serious. ? “

“Ziyun, watch your words!” Until Nalan Ziyun had finished speaking, Xia Yichen said softly, “Did you forget that we are here to apologize to Young Master Xi?”

Nalan Ziyun gave a cold Hmph, but he still gritted his teeth. “Sorry, Young Master Xi, we misunderstood you just now.”

Hexi looked at him coldly and suddenly lowered her voice, “Do you know Nalan Hexi?”

Nalan Ziyun was first stunned, then a trace of disgust flashed through her eyes, but her face did not show it. “Nalan Hexi is my sister. Why does Young Master Xi know my sister?”

Hexi neither nodded or shook his head. “Young Master Nalan, do you know how your sister is doing now?”

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“My sister is of course doing well.” Nalan Ziyun frowned, wondering what Hexi meant. “Her body is unwell, so she has been raised in another courtyard. But both father and mother treat her as the Third Miss of Nalan Family. She has the best food and clothing. Why does Young Master Xi asks this? “

The prince looked suspiciously at the handsome young man in front of him. He secretly thought: He put so much effort in inquiring about Nalan Hexi's news, is it that he has intention to Nalan Family's Third Miss?

However, that day, after listening to Nalan Ziyun’s words, he also investigated the Third Miss of the Nalan Family, but the fact made him disappointed. Not only did Third Miss Nalan look ugly and undisciplined, but she also had no place in Nalan Family, getting bullied.

Only someone kind and innocent like Ziyun would believe that his sister had been living a good life.

However, if this Xi Yue is really interested in Nalan Hexi, does it mean that this Nalan Hexi still has some value?

The prince carefully pondered about it, but Nalan Ziyun stared fiercely at Hexi. He didn't know why the man suddenly mentioned his sister.

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