The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 458 Eyes Brightening In Shock

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Over the previous few days, there had been talk about the grand master that refined these pills. If the so-called grand master only refined first ranked pills, then they couldn’t really be counted as a grand master. It just wasn’t befitting to that level.

But today, this rumor had quickly been proven untrue!

As it turned out, the other person had already refined second and third ranked pills, they just simply didn’t wish to start selling them yet!

Xi San extended both of his hands out and made pressing down motions, quieting down the crowd. Although he was at no more than Foundation Establishment stage, his words already carried the steadiness and imposing manner that a leader possessed. “However, in order to a.s.sure that everyone, who waited in line for so long, is able to purchase pills from our medicinal hall, we’ve decided to set a limit on the amount of pills you can purchase. Each day, you may only buy up to three best quality pills and up to five top quality pills.”

“What?! You can only buy three top quality pills?!”

Once Xi San uttered those words, the housekeepers, from large, influential families, that were lined up at the very front of the line, suddenly became discontent.

When they heard Xi San speak of expanding the time people could buy pills, they were planning to buy every single pill, leaving nothing for everyone else!

But if everyone was only ent.i.tled to three pills, at most, how could he possibly do what he had set out to do?

The old man, wearing yellow clothes that belonged to the Huangfu family, who stood at the very front of the line immediately angrily burst out, “Youngster, do you know what type of people we are? For us to come to your small Sheng De Hall to buy medicines is giving you face!”

“I’m telling you to be mindful. Just give me all of the best quality pills as well as those hundred second ranked ones and let me take them away. This old man would even be willing to pay you triple your original price for this. But if you still refuse to see my good intentions, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Once he finished speaking, seven or eight martial artists wearing similar clothing appeared from behind the old man’s back. Each of them was a high level Foundation Establishment stage martial artist and they were being lead by someone who was at Meridians stage. All of them stared at Xi San with ill intentions clearly written in their eyes.

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But Xi San’s response to being threatened by these martial artists’, whose cultivation was clearly much higher than his, was just to sneer at the old man. “Regardless of who comes to our Sheng De Hall to buy pills, they’re first and foremost our customer. All of the martial artists behind you also bore through the night, just as you did. If we were to let you take away all of the best quality pills, how would we be deserving of their support?”

In the blink of an eye, everyone felt as if they saw a golden streak flas.h.i.+ng by, nearly blinding them as it pa.s.sed.

After a moment, when everyone composed themselves and focused more on those streaks of light, they saw that four martial artists at Meridians stage had positioned themselves in front of Xi San.

If it were only martial artists at Meridians stage, n.o.body would bat much of an eye. However, what caught everyone’s attention were the things on their body.

Each person had the same set of fourth ranked defense clothes, flying light sword, flowing light boots, and a.s.sembling spirit jade hat.

When these four people appeared, everyone felt as if they were looking at glittering lights and everyone’s eyes were brightened in shock.

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