The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 1237: Unescapable Net

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Chapter 1237: Unescapable Net

Wu Jinshui took a step forward, showing a lewd smile, “I disturbed your sleep? Then I’ll accompany you to sleep later, how about that?”

“Sleep with me?” Hexi slowly smirked. The smile on her face was bright and brilliant, which made her face even more breathtaking.

Wu Jinshui swallowed his saliva.

Jin Zeyu said anxiously, “Xi Yue, run now. This matter has nothing to do with you. You’re not their opponent…”

As soon as he finished saying the word “opponent”, he saw her raise her hand and flick her 5 as if she was casually picking flowers.

However, Wu Jinshui, who was not far away, suddenly let out a shrill scream, then he slammed into a big tree.

This change made everyone present dumbfounded.

When Wu Jinshui got up from the ground, his whole face was contorted together. His eyes were full of malicious intention, “You ungrateful b.i.t.c.h! You are just at the Foundation Establishment stage. You are just praised by those idiots in the academy for a few days, and you think you are so good now?!”

Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded by Xi Yue’s courage. Obviously, Wu Jinshui’s side far outnumbered them in both numbers and cultivation. How could Xi Yue have the courage to attack Wu Jinshui first?

Chen Xiaofeng said even more anxiously, “Xi Yue, can you contact your spiritual pets? Quick… quickly let them come back to save you. You must leave here immediately, otherwise…”

Hexi brushed off the dust and leaves on his clothes, and she casually interrupted Chen Xiaofeng, “Will I be wanted by the academy if I kill an academy student in the Sun Moon Mountain Range?”

Jin Zeyu stepped forward with guilt and pain in his eyes, and said tremblingly, “Xi Yue, please run. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore. No one knew they entered the Sun Moon Mountain Range. Even if they killed us, the people in the academy will only think that we were killed by magical beast. They will never show mercy!”

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Wu Jinshui and the others on the side laughed, and Wu Jinshui’s voice was full of viciousness and wickedness, “Jin Zeyu, you really like to play the role of a good guy. You can’t protect yourself, but you are begging for others. But it’s a pity. Do you think Xi Yue can still run away?”

Immediately afterward, the beautiful young man’s clothes and hair rose freely, and countless purple vines rose from her body.

Purple Abyss Vine formed a net. No one could escape from the net alive.

The original contempt and certainty on Wu Jinshui’s face suddenly turned into fear.

An aura that made even his soul tremble and creepy lingered around his body, making him unable to move.


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