The Ice Lord Prime Minister's Black-Bellied Wife

Red Bean Pudding - 小豆布丁

Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – Enchanting Medicine (part 2)

Steward Han wanted to catch up, but after thinking about it, he turned back and went back to the dining hall to check the plum wine on the table. It had a clear colour and a fresh and elegant aroma. The wine was full-bodied and refreshing, and personally made by the old madam. How could there be a problem with this wine? He estimated that the young lady was drunk.

“Uncle De, master is here. Why didn’t you notify me?” A voice of dissatisfaction and resentment floated in the wind. Someone appeared in the dining room with eyes full of complaints.

“You didn’t ask me.” Steward Han put down the hip flask in his hand and glanced at Qing Wu.

“But you know that my teacher has been the one I feared the most since I was little, and you should take the initiative to tell me that.”

“Little Wu Zi, how can you turn around and run away when you see teacher? You are really an unfilial disciple.” From a distance, another voice filled with laughter called out.

After Qing Wu heard the words, his face changed slightly, and he hurriedly hid behind steward Han. His voice was pleading. “Uncle De, please save me.”

Steward Han smiled lightly. As soon as the old evil doctor appeared, this martial artist would come to him for help.

“Little Wu Zi, even if you want this poisonous monster to save you, it’s useless.” An old man who was about the same age as steward Han suddenly appeared in the dining room. He stared at him with smiling eyes and looked at Qing Wu, who was hiding behind steward Han.

“Uncle De,” Qing Wu exhaled in a somewhat coquettish tone. He pulled steward Han’s sleeve as he stared at him pleadingly.

“Alright, alright. How can you become the young master’s personal guard when you are like this? I really don’t understand how the young master was willing to have you by his side.” Steward Han shook his head with a helpless expression.

“Old poison monster. If you want to save him, you need to remember that Little Wu Zi is my apprentice, not yours.” The old evil doctor grinned and reminded steward Han.

“Old evil doctor, you don’t need to mention this. Now that you have mentioned it, I have to settle it with you. Even if Yun Zi worships you as a teacher, you still want Wu Zi who is with me. You deliberately want me to lose my poison skills, right?” Steward Han stared with both hands on his hips.

“If it is lost, it will be lost. Anyway, this kind of poisoning is not a good idea.” The old evil doctor clasped his fists and smiled at the angry steward Han.

Suddenly, he seemed to smell something. He followed the smell to the dining table, and finally looked at the white hip flask.

“Old evil doctor, I want to drink plum wine.” Steward Han s.n.a.t.c.hed the hip flask that the old evil doctor had just taken.

“This wine…”

“Want to drink?” Steward Han opened the lid and shook the plum wine inside to let the fragrance of plum blossom spread in the wind.

It was a pity that the old evil doctor did not drool. His face changed slightly. “Who has drunk this wine?”

“Is there something wrong with this wine?” Steward Han was shocked when he saw the old evil doctor’s expression. There shouldn’t be a problem with this wine. It was impossible. Even he didn’t find it poisonous. How could there be a problem with the wine?

“Old poison monster, have you drunk this wine?” the old evil doctor continued to ask, with rare seriousness on his face.

“Is there a problem with this wine?”

“Someone really drank it?”

“Mm, the young madam drank it.” As soon as steward Han finished speaking, the old evil doctor flashed over, stretched out his hand, and quickly ran away from the scene with Qing Wu. He also “kindly” left something. “Old poison monster, I advise you to leave here for some time and come back when the limelight has pa.s.sed.”

Steward Han sniffed the flask in his hand. “Old evil doctor, what is the problem with this wine?” Unfortunately, he did not receive an answer.

At the other end, the old evil doctor left the mansion with Qing Wu, and even rushed out of the city.

“Teacher, where are you taking me?”

“Idiot, of course it is to escape.” The old evil doctor slapped Qing Wu’s head. “Also, you know that I am your teacher, but you just turned and ran away.”

“I…” He was scared. Who would let their teacher use him to test the medicine every time? “Teacher, master is still waiting for me.”

“Idiot, I can’t bear to watch you go back and die. Who made you my favorite apprentice?.”

Older brother is your favorite disciple, Qing Wu complained inwardly.

“Teacher, is the plum wine really poisonous? But why didn’t Uncle De smell it?”

“Hehe, it’s not poisonous, but your teacher developed it with great concentration.” The old evil doctor suddenly slowed down and smiled triumphantly. It was the latest one he developed that year, and even the old poisonous monster would not notice it. Before he had time to show it off to the old poisonous monster, it was taken by the madam. He didn’t expect that the madam would put the medicine in the plum wine.

“Since it’s not poison, why are we running away?” Qing Wu whispered.

“Stupid, even if it is not toxic, the efficacy of the medicine will definitely change after five years. In order to keep your life, we had to escape.” Even he couldn’t guess the effect of the medicine after five years. Did it get stronger or weaker? Or…

“Teacher, don’t knock on my head anymore. It hurts.”

“Oh it hurts, does it? Your master hits you on the head and you don’t complain. Hmph.” The old evil doctor snorted coldly. He quickened his pace and quickly disappeared, but their voices could still be heard.

“It’s futile for anyone who saves you. I let your brother take you away last time. Did you know that your teacher regretted it? Little Wu Zi, don’t worry. You are my favorite apprentice. If there is anything good, I definitely think of you first.”

“Teacher, can I not take it?”

“A complete idiot.”

At the pool

Bai Xi only felt that her body was very hot, but at the same time it was very cold. When she touched the body that allowed her to help her out of this torture, she pressed close to it.

“Bai Xi…”

Feng Ming held back. He knew that her actions were because the drug in her body had begun to work.

In response to his resistance, Bai Xi got closer. She finally wrapped her arms and legs around him and licked her dry lips. She wanted to find a water source, but she didn’t want to leave the big bear that made her comfortable. When she looked at his thin lips, she seemed to have found the water source she wanted. She raised her head slightly and sealed his cold lips as she tried to suck the water inside.


Bai Xi felt that this was not enough, and her white jade hand reached into his clothes restlessly, touching the cold skin inside, and…

“Bai Xi, are you sure?”


“Do you like me here?” Feng Ming pointed to Bai Xi’s heart and asked gently.

“Hm? Like it?” Bai Xi was startled. “Mm, I like you.”

I like you. These three words undoubtedly ignited the fuse. It was as if the gate was opened. The golden eyes were happy, and a few inexplicable flames danced within. His body was burning with this flame. He bowed his head and heavily kissed the delicate red lips, lingering, as if asking for permission to completely release the fire inside.

Bai Xi, whose consciousness had been swallowed, wrapped her arms around Feng Ming’s neck and took the initiative to cater to his somewhat crazy kiss, lighting the fire even more vigorously.

“Bai Xi, are you really willing?” Feng Ming slightly closed the distance between the two, his golden eyes staring at the crimson cheeks.

“Hm? Willing?” Bai Xi looked at the beautiful golden eyes in a daze. “So beautiful.”

Her response reached Feng Ming’s ears. He clasped her waist tightly with one hand and her head with the other. So, she would have no chance to escape at all.

Sometimes, once the gate was opened, it was difficult to close it again.

Feng Ming picked up Bai Xi, walked out of the pool, and came to the big bed in the main house.

The water on the clothes quickly wet the mattress, but it could not extinguish the burning flame.

The clothes were removed and revealed a beautiful figure and delicate white skin. The wet clothes on Feng Ming’s body had already been removed by him, revealing his strong, white and tender body.

“Hey, look at me.” Their bodies were pressed close together, their ink hair entangled together, as they felt each other’s existence. Bai Xi heard a magic like sound. The voice continued to ask, “Who am I, madam Feng?”

Bai Xi wrapped her arms around his waist. “Feng Ming”.

Feng Ming seemed dissatisfied with her answer, and lowered his head and took a bite of her s.e.xy collarbone. “Who am I?”.

With a hiss, Bai Xi replied, “Feng Ming.”

Before he finished his words, Feng Ming sealed the red lips somewhat punitively and domineeringly, but slowly transformed it into a gentle kiss. He was not in a hurry, and slowly tapped the delicate flower under him.

Bai Xi felt that her body was hot and unbearable. She just wanted to ask for more, but his slowness made her even more eager. She arched up and pressed against him tightly, wanting that cold body to relieve her body that felt on fire.

Her initiative, like a catalyst, made him no longer able to restrain himself, and he eagerly responded to her.

A low, faint, light voice suddenly escaped from her lips, which reached Feng Ming’s ears, greatly stimulating him again.

It was just that the mere kiss of lips and tongue could no longer satisfy him, his kiss began to slowly shift, eyes, cheeks, and finally came to her collarbone, then went all the way down.”Madam Feng, they are bigger than last time.” Although he only punished her a little last time, he still remembered it. In addition, he did not leave his traces here that day, and he secretly regretted it afterwards. But this time, he would never let it go. He lowered his head and gently bit the little strawberry on it.


Feng Ming continued to hold it, and gently rubbed them, and watched them become bigger and firmer in his own hands.

“Feng Ming…”

“Madam Feng, you should call out husband.”

Bai Xi tilted her head, her eyes blurred.

“Hey, listen to your husband.”

“Husband.” Bai Xi obediently.

“Madam Feng.”

The thin lips kissed the coveted red lips again, coupled with the delicate appearance of the person under him, how could he continue to hold it back and not demand it frantically?

He wanted her to bloom flowers for him.

Suddenly, there were faint tears in Bai Xi’s eyes, and she looked very wronged and pitiful. “Pain…”

Feng Ming’s heart tightened. “What’s wrong with you? Did I hurt you?” His tone was full of distress and tension.

Bai Xi nodded, and her eyes flashed with tears. “You made a mistake.”

Feng Ming was startled, that handsome face instantly turned red. Soon, his expressions disappeared one by one, and he lowered his head and gently kissed Bai Xi’s eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“No…” Before Bai Xi finished speaking, she suddenly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“Madam Feng…” Feng Ming looked nervously at the person under him. After confirming that she was asleep, and the effect of the medicine in her body had pa.s.sed, he let out a sigh of relief. He finally turned over and lay down next to her and stretched out his hand. He pulled the quilt to cover her body.

Feng Ming panted softly, and after a long while, he got up and walked into the dark room and soaked his body in the cold pool water. Suddenly, the rosy colour on his cheeks gradually faded and was replaced by a trace of anger.

Feng Ming didn’t know how long he had been in the pool. He stayed even when the fire in his body had long been extinguished. When he finally returned to the big bed, he looked at Bai Xi, who was sleeping very peacefully. At that time, the anger in his body disappeared suddenly and it turned to gentleness. He did not lie down immediately, but began to dress.

It was November, the beginning of winter. The temperatures at night were cold, but compared to the coldness of the pool, the cold wind was nothing to him.

“Come out.” His voice was not as indifferent as before, but had an anger that rarely appeared.

“Young master, this old servant brought the plum wine mixed with love potion to the young madam. Asking young master for punishment.” Steward Han kneeled on the floor. He never thought that there was love potion in the plum wine. No wonder the old evil doctor quickly ran away.

Speaking of old evil doctor, he had said something before he left. Steward Han had doubted whether there was something wrong with the plum wine in his hand. He smelled it again, and then tried it himself. He immediately understood upon tasting it. No wonder the young master would be angry. No wonder the old evil doctor would run for his life. It turned out that there was a love potion in the wine, and it was still…

At this time, he also remembered that five years ago, the old evil doctor had mentioned that he had developed a new drug by chance, but he was caught before he could show it off. The madam took all of it. It turned out that the old evil doctor’s so-called new medicine was actually…

But, why did the madam put all that medicine into the plum wine she brewed? Wait, did the madam want to use that medicine on the young master?

“Are there any side effects?”

“Eh? No…no, just let the young madam sleep for a few days.” The love potion did not expire, but it would not have the original effect. The love potion can only keep its effect for 5 minutes so…

As long as the effect of the medicine has faded, the young madam will fall asleep without warning. In that case, only the young master would suffer.

Old evil doctor, if the young master doesn’t ask you to settle this account, then I will have to find you to settle the account myself.

“Send all the rest to the ancestral house to that woman.”

Steward Han was startled. “Eh?” To the madam?

“Deliver it yourself and watch her drink it all with your own eyes,” Feng Ming yelled angrily.

“Young master, the madam…”

“If she doesn’t drink, just force her.” When he finished his sentence, Feng Ming refused to give steward Han a chance to speak and turned around to walk into the house. He left steward Han outside the door.

When Bai Xi woke up again, it was already three days later. At this time, she didn’t feel any pain in her body. She just felt some pain in her head, which was caused by the alcohol.

But some things will remain in the brain even after drinking, even if it is not all the memory, there will still be some key pictures.

For example, now, Bai Xi’s brain was running. She had drunk alcohol and boldly confessed to someone, she still remembers her…

“Wake up.” A beautiful face was instantly magnified in Bai Xi’s eyes. It startled her and she sat up straight. “You…I…” What she wanted to say was, ‘are we that?’

“Madam Feng, you have slept for three days.” Gold eyes were full of worry.

“What? Three days?” Bai Xi sat up, the quilt on her body sliding down. Even if she was wearing a jacket now, it hung off her body loosely. She could still clearly see the little red plums on her body, that was…Bai Xi swallowed, hickeys! And it’s not just her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. They were all over her body. It seems that they really…

“That…I’m…I’m sorry.” She didn’t know what to say, but she took the initiative to say it anyway.  She was drunk and she should say sorry.

It seemed that she could no longer drink.

“Was the plum wine delicious?” Feng Ming sat upright against the bedpost. After looking at Bai Xi’s guilty face without blinking, he made a small decision in his heart.

“Eh? Don’t worry, I will give up drinking.” She will do more than quit. She will not even dare to smell it in the future. If she had known that she would be drunk, she would have never touched the alcohol.

But, she remembered that she didn’t drink much, so why was she drunk? Could it be that plum wine has a high alcohol content? However, she remembered that the wine was very good. In general, when she drank, she would sleep. How did she come into this world and do such a bold thing? Strange, is it because it was him?

“Bai Xi, you are worthy of the name Madam Feng now.” Since she was going to misunderstand, he would let her misunderstand. Anyway, if he didn’t make a mistake that night, then she would really deserve the name. But… when he thought of this, his handsome cheeks were dyed red.

When Bai Xi was about to refute, she saw the blush on Feng Ming’s cheeks, and she swallowed the words in her throat.

“Madam Feng, you said that you liked me that night and wouldn’t leave me. You can’t suddenly take back those words.”

“Eh? Hmm.” Bai Xi nodded. She did say the first sentence, but did she say the latter?

“You are also responsible for me.”

“Uh? Re… responsible?” Wasn’t it women who generally suffered from this kind of thing? Why was it that he became the one who suffers?

“That was my first time,” Feng Ming slowly said with a somewhat aggrieved voice.

“That was also my first time.”

“But I am the pa.s.sive one.” The grievance in those gold eyes deepened.

Bai Xi was startled. Was that true? She remembered that she took the initiative to reach out to touch him, and then…

“Are you not willing to be responsible?”

“N-no… Well, then, I’ll take responsibility,” Bai Xi readily agreed.



“Then when will you marry me?”

“Wrong, since I am responsible, shouldn’t I ask you to marry me?” Bai Xi got out of bed and got dressed. It was strange. Why didn’t she feel any pain in her body?

Feng Ming was taken aback for a moment. His golden eyes flashed. “Madam Feng, when will you marry me?”

“It’s not urgent.”

The beautiful eyebrows wrinkled, and the golden eyes squeezed out a few drops of tears.

Bai Xi panicked and explained in a hurry, “Uh, what I meant was to wait until I am sixteen.”

Feng Ming nodded, but the grievance in his eyes did not disappear.

“Don’t worry, I will never break my promise.” For some reason, Bai Xi looked at the tearful and pathetic Feng Ming, and felt distressed. She comforted the man.

At this time, Wu Ying’s respectful voice came from outside the door. “Master, Young Master Mu Rong is here.”

“Won’t see him,” Feng Ming said indifferently.

“Wait a minute, let him wait in the hall. We will go in a while,” Bai Xi said anxiously. She was still thinking about how to enter the Mu Rong residence before. Now that Mu Rong Qing Chen was here, it would be better.

Wu Ying didn’t say anything but didn’t refuse. He stood respectfully outside the door, waiting for his master to speak.

“Do as she says.”

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“Yes.” Wu Ying disappeared quickly after hearing the order.

“I just pulled on his hand.”

“You touched his hand?” The surrounding air became a bit cold instantly.

“I pulled on it, not touched it. Also, wasn’t it to achieve the goal?” She told him about her plan, didn’t she? Why were they still discussing this now?

“I don’t care, add one more time.”

Bai Xi was startled. “?”

“You said you wouldn’t leave me. Will you leave me now?”

“I…” Bai Xi lowered her head, not daring to look at those golden eyes.

White, jade hands hooked and grasped hers and they looked at each other. His hot breath hit her face. “So add it again.”

“No way.”

“You said no. Add it again.”

As expected, Bai Xi closed her mouth and dared not speak any more.

“You still said I want to kill you?”

As soon as her black pupils moved, his voice became even thinner like a mosquito. “Just talk.”

“So add it again.”

Bai Xi was about to speak, but when she saw those golden eyes, she closed her mouth obediently.

“If I tell you the answer you want, will you leave?”

“Hm? Are you willing?”

“Don’t you want to know what your mother has to do with Mu Rong Feng, the patriarch of the Mu Rong family?”

Bai Xi remained silent, waiting for Feng Ming to continue speaking.

“Mu Rong Feng is your mother’s elder brother, who is your uncle. As for the patriarch of the Mu Rong family, he is Mu Rong Feng’s younger brother.”

“Huh?” So, strictly speaking, the patriarch of the Mu Rong was also her uncle. “Is Mu Rong Feng dead?”


“Huh?” Not dead? Didn’t Uncle De say he was dead?

“Do you want to see him now?”

As soon as she was about to say the word ‘okay’, Bai Xi swallowed it in again. Even if this was the truth, she still had to go to the Mu Rong family to determine another matter.

“You don’t want to?”

“Can we wait to see him until I come back?”

“Tell me, do you have to live in Mu Rong’s mansion?”

“Mm.” This was the most direct and fastest way to find out the truth.

Gold eyes stared at Bai Xi for a long time. Then, he suddenly let go of Bai Xi. Without saying a word, he turned around and left.

“Eh?” Bai Xi was startled. She looked at the figure that suddenly released her and left. She felt her heart hurt slightly. “Are you angry?”

The crescent white figure ignored her and walked straight forward.

“Are you angry?” Bai Xi chased after him and asked carefully.



“Didn’t you want to go to Mu Rong Qing Chen?” Feng Ming asked indifferently.

“You’re letting me?” You agreed so soon?

“If you don’t go, then don’t even think about going.” Feng Ming paused and lowered his golden eyes. He looked straight at Bai Xi.

“Don’t worry, I will be back soon.” After Bai Xi finished speaking, she left quickly. She was really worried that the man would suddenly take back his words.

Mu Rong Qing Chen waited at the gate, not worried that Feng Ming would appear suddenly to stop him from taking Bai Xi away. He didn’t wait too long there. Soon enough, he saw the figure he wanted to see. For some reason, when he saw this white figure, his somewhat disturbed heart suddenly calmed down.

“This young master arranged for young master Yue to live in the Mu Rong Mansion. I wonder if young master Yue is willing?”

“As long as there is a place to stay.” Nonsense, she only needs to live in Mu Rong Mansion to determine the truth, but she also won the bet. Facing Mu Rong Qing Chen, she couldn’t tell small lies. On the contrary, the more misleading lies made it easier for her to succeed.

She bet that Mu Rong Qing Chen knew that she approached him on purpose, so he would definitely agree to her request.

Bai Xi got on Mu Rong Qing Chen’s carriage and began her journey of searching for the truth.

Mu Rong Mansion

The top of the red vermillion lacquered gate was covered with black gold Chinese redwood and a plaque inscribed with the three characters “Mu Rong Mansion”. It was indeed one of the four big families as just the doorway could reflect their status and power.

“I can finally understand why young master Mu Rong would just buy puppets for twenty thousand silver taels.” Bai Xi sighed faintly, twenty thousand taels. For some people, it could take a few lifetimes to earn that kind of money.


“The Mu Rong family has enough wealth for young master Mu Rong to spend without bankrupting the family.” The first impression she had of Mu Rong Qing Chen was that he was a wastrel. Now it seemed that he had a lot of money.

“Hehe, I’m honored. But, compared to young master Yue, this young master pales in comparison.” Mu Rong Qing Chen said lightly.

“Huh?” She was a wastrel?

“This young master remembers that young master Yue went to the brothel with a stack of silver to have fun, but unfortunately in the end…”

Although Mu Rong Qing Chen didn’t finish what he said, Bai Xi already knew what he wanted to say. Bai Xi replied, “I made a profit of a few million taels. As an exchange for two hundred thousand taels, it was pretty good.” At this point, there was still a feeling in her heart, but when she thought of the silver she won later, all her anger was gone.


Bai Xi smiled and didn’t intend to explain. Mu Rong Qing Chen did not ask any questions, but walked towards the gate. When they were about to step through the gate, the sound of horses came from behind, and finally stopped behind them.

“Young master, this is the carriage of the patriarch of the Feng family.”

“What?” Bai Xi immediately turned to look at the carriage that suddenly appeared in Mu Rong Mansion. It was true. The black carriage, coupled with the unique markings of the Feng family, was indeed Feng Ming’s special carriage. Why did he come? Could it be that he regretted his words?

Mu Rong Qing Chen didn’t look surprised. After glancing at Bai Xi, he walked over to Feng Ming, who had already gotten out of the carriage, and said, “Patriarch Feng, you are welcome to partic.i.p.ate in the event organized by me.”

Huh? Event? What event? Bai Xi squinted slightly to look at Mu Rong Qing Chen.

“I didn’t come because of an event,” Feng Ming said indifferently. His golden eyes fell on Bai Xi, who was standing beside Mu Rong Qing Chen as soon as he got out of the car.

“Oh?” Mu Rong Qing Chen raised his eyebrows and glanced at Bai Xi. It seemed that his decision was not wrong. “No matter what, my father is very happy that the Patriarch Feng can come.”

“What activity? Why didn’t you tell me?” Bai Xi asked Feng Ming secretly.

“You didn’t ask me, and you didn’t give me an opportunity,” Feng Ming slightly raised the corners of his mouth and answered softly.

“Since you are not here for the event, what are you doing?”

“I came naturally to ask for the conditions you promised me.”

“You… this is Mu Rong’s family, not your Feng family.” Bai Xi’s heart trembled, and she couldn’t help but swallow.

“Madam Feng, this is exciting.” Feng Ming ignored Bai Xi and walked into the Mu Rong Mansion. Actually, he had no plans to partic.i.p.ate in any activities, but for the little woman, he had to come.

Mu Rong Qing Chen on the side watched carefully. Judging from the reaction of the two people just now, their relationship was definitely not simple. It was beyond his imagination, but his heart unexpectedly felt a little bit of pain.

But this kind of pain was quickly pushed to the side. He was probably ill. It seemed that the doctor would have to diagnose it later, otherwise, how could he have such messy thoughts again.

Bai Xi followed closely, but her heart throbbed. She wondered if what that man said was true.

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