The God Virus


Volume 2 - 84 Automotive Industry

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It was at this moment that the door to the conference room was opened by someone, and looking at who it was, every noise in the conference room disappeared as everyone went quiet.

The person who had just entered walked to where the microphone was on the tribune and after taking a short look at everyone, he started talking, "h.e.l.lo everyone, I see all of you are already here, that's good."

He continued, "I asked you all to be here because we have important things to do now and we will get very busy from today onwards."

"You might ask why would we be busy... well, it's because we have just received lots of new automotive blueprints we need to produce and release to the market in the shortest period of time." After the CEO ugly uttered these words to the microphone, he went quiet as he gazed at every department head.

Every department head got very confused hearing the CEO's speech, just like how they were bewildered the previous time when they heard they had new blueprints.

They were all very curious inside about where these blueprints were coming from, as they were aware that there were not any departments for researching and developing further technology in the Virus Company.

To them, the blueprints always appeared out of nowhere from time to time, and each time, they were more shocking and advanced than the last.

The department heads just couldn't comprehend how it was possible to progress this fast in the technology field.

But since they were not in a position to ask or question the company about this, they stayed silent about it as they just followed orders without sticking their nose in matters that the company was quiet about, because honestly, they were afraid that their questioning might offend the company and thus lead to their expulsion from there.

Witnessing the confused look in everyone's eyes and understanding why those eyes were confused, the CEO ugly decided to say something about it, "No need to be this confused, the department in charge of further research and development is directly under the chairman's control and orders, and no one knows where it is. The only thing you all need to know is that we receive all of the new blueprints directly from the chairman himself, and no one is sure from exactly where they all come from."

Listening to his words, the confusion in their eyes lessened a lot as they all mused to themselves, 'I see, so there is a hidden Department of Research and Development somewhere hidden which is directly under the orders of the chairman, and every blueprint comes from the chairman himself after he receives them!'

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Though they were still not certain of the blueprints' source, now at least they had a vague answer to where it was all coming from and that was enough as an answer for them.

But without paying any attention to the changes the faces of department heads were going through currently, the CEO ugly continued, "So with these blueprints which are much more advanced than the previous ones with a more complete cla.s.sification, we're going to need to produce a large number of other technologies first before we can start making the blueprints, thus right now, our first duty is to create them while our Legal Department is dealing with the Legal field of the automotive production."

"Okay, that was all, I will give all of the related departments their blueprints, and as we need to produce them in the shortest period of time, use every resource we have, including every factory we have around the world, and if needed, hire more employees that are qualified, but that's after making the other employees work overtime for at least some hours first."

"Okay, that was all, does anyone have any questions?" Being finished with his words and speech, the CEO ugly called for any questions or doubts the heads might have.

Knowing that it was probably the only time they might have to clear their doubts, the heads started their inquiries which were related to their own department.

For example, the head of the Human Resource Department raised questions such as how many new recruits were they allowed to hire at the maximum, what kind of contract should they make for them, and whether to hire them as part-time employees or full-time.

The CEO ugly started replying to every question that was raised very patiently and after around half an hour pa.s.sed, the inquiries were finally done as the CEO ugly adjourned the conference meeting and left.

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