The God Virus


Volume 2 - 61 Leverage

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"How can we witness something like this happening in today's world!"

"Lol, I'm enjoying this so much, this is making my dormant blood start boiling again."

"Bravo Virus Industries, I love the way they handle things, hahaha."

"How is this possible? Is it truly the Virus Industries behind this?"

"In response to the above, well, there is no evidence leading to them, but who can it be other than that Virus Company? I mean you were following the previous news since two days ago, right?"

"Isn't this too much? I mean, they shouldn't be able to do this as the law shouldn't allow it, am I wrong? the country should sue that company!"

"Actually, this is just plain stupid, they are harming themselves too by showing they are not trustworthy and like this, they will take lots of economic damage, they might be experiencing it even now, as we speak."

"I just heard the country can't do anything as the contract was too much loose, almost allowing the Virus Industries to do whatever they felt like doing..."

"To the above speaker, why would the country sign such a contract in the first place? Are they stupid? And more importantly, how do you even know such important inside news."

"Well, seeing that advanced phones and the cheap prices they were selling for, the country only wanted to sign the contract faster to allow the phones to be sold in the country, not caring about the clauses and terms in the contract, it's not like they were left with any other choice too, as that company had said they would not change a single term and clause in the contract, also, I know of this because my father is one of the higher-ups... now I won't say who, hehe."

The internet was exploding once again as people started talking about it all over the world.

But despite all this, the Virus Industries remained silent about the matter, now however much those countries accused them of different things.

Because first, they could not prove this was done by the Virus Industries in any way, no one could even figure out how this was happening, even though it was obvious who was behind this and everyone could guess it was done by them.

And second, it was their phones and software so if they wanted, even though it would be a little difficult, they could probably start banning and sanctioning specific countries from using their phones.

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Because before going into contract with all of the countries, Virus had already roughly antic.i.p.ated such a day might come, so he had ordered the Legal ugly to add odd and harsh clauses that would almost make the company do whatever it wanted.

While most of the CEOs started hating the Virus Industries to their bones, hating it for destroying their companies, hating it for not leaving them alone even when they had run away, some of them even started planning whatever they could think of to deal a blow to that company in any way possible.

Even though they were not as powerful as before, they still had some of their connections and more importantly, now they had almost nothing else to lose, which made them even more dangerous than the past.



"It's truly amusing watching them in despair bound by the laws they thought they could use to their advantage..." Virus said while grinning.

A couple of days had pa.s.sed since Ella had come to his visit, after laying on his shoulder for some time, she left as she seemed to feel better and happier.

Now although Virus still had things to do, he decided to put a hold on it temporarily for something else.

Today, finally his bones and skeleton were completely immune to all impurities, so he wanted to break through to the eighth stage of purifying stage, which was considered the top and peak of the purifying stage in the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi.

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