The God Virus


Chapter 407 Lydia's Resolve

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Chapter 407 Lydia's Resolve

Looking at the red screen on his phone, Virus smirked. When he was previously asked what he wanted to choose for his Guardian t.i.tle, he had not hesitated to leave that spot empty for the moment. Instead, after learning a Guardian could also pick and display the abbreviation of his t.i.tle, he had conveniently filled it with two letters, DS.

He was, of course, questioned as to what that meant, but his only response to that was, "You'll probably know in the future."

To this ridiculous answer of his, of course, the person in charge felt like cursing for the rest of the day. Nonetheless, understanding he had no intention of wanting to reveal it as of yet, that person could only give up.

'Huh, so this is the so-called Guardian License…' Having already achieved the purpose of his presence here, turning around, he was just about to leave when a familiar person blocked his path.

"Eh, what is it?" Gazing into the eyes of the Asian temptress in front of him in some amus.e.m.e.nt, Virus queried.

"Um, we all want to go out and celebrate pa.s.sing the exam and receiving our Guardian License… even Anastasia accepted the invitation with a nod… s-so…" By the end of her sentence, being under the pressure of his gaze, a slight blush sat on Abby's face.

"Oh, I see… and how are you guys gonna celebrate exactly." Exhibiting a half-smile, Victor opened his mouth.

"W-we, we want to go to a coffee shop."

"Sure, let's go." Thinking enjoying his time a little wouldn't be bad, Virus decided to tag along.

Following that, as the five were about to leave the Abnormals a.s.sociation, many representatives stormed at them before supplying them with their various contact information.

"Don't forget to call me, our guild will be offering you the best conditions! I guarantee you that."

"No, call me… our guild will agree to any conditions you have!"

While Abby, Lydia, and Ismail were swarmed by nearly everyone, surprisingly, no one tried approaching Victor and Anastasia. It was as if the two were a dangerous dragon's reverse scale which needed to be avoided at all costs.

Of course, it didn't take long before three figures ambled before the two and introduced themselves.

"h.e.l.lo, I'm the representative from the Dominators, I would like to extend a special invitation to both of you. I can a.s.sure you the Dominators will treat you the best!" Pus.h.i.+ng back his spectacles, the man offered a gold card to both Virus and Anastasia.

"Haha, now, now, you're clearly exaggerating here, young man. How can the Dominators treat him the best when the Guardians of America is here." A beguiling old man also extended another gold business card at the two while laughing at the other man's folly.

"Although the two of you don't have weapon-related traits, if you two wield a weapon, I'm positive both of you would turn into even more horrifying monsters! Please join our Weapon Stars guild. We'll be offering you both the absolute top conditions!" The third person who happened to be a woman also threw the bait.

Subsequently, the trio started pa.s.sionately gazing at the two, waiting for them to make a decision before following them to their bases.

In spite of understanding their rush, however, Virus merely accepted the cards and replied, "As you can see, the five of us are going outside to celebrate first, but please be rest a.s.sured that we'll be contacting you when we make a decision." With that, abruptly grabbing Anastasia's startled hand, they vanished from the sight of the representatives.

Watching this wise move from Victor, a realization hit the other three newly promoted Guardians as they decided too, 'Hmm, so, we should accept all the cards for now and then call them one by one later and just select the Guild that offers us the best conditions, huh? Smart move!'

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Soon, the trio Guardians also followed after Victor and Anastasia, trying to catch up to them.

"I…" Unfortunately, after uttering that, Abby simply dropped her head downward and no longer raised it. It seemed she had her own difficulties.

"U-uh, what about you, Anastasia?" Noticing that she'd probed about something that perhaps she shouldn't have, Lydia was quick to change her target.


As expected, she was only faced with a hilarious silence this time. 'I wonder if she can even talk…'

Feeling even more awkward now, she promptly drifted to another target once again, "W-what about you, Victor?"

"Me?" Taking a sip of his delicious Chai, a mischievous smile covered the corners of Victor's lips as he answered, "Hmm, probably gonna be reserving a rift or two and try hunting some monsters for a Netflix and grill."


'Who can even be so carefree about a f.u.c.king rift!!!' By this point, beads of sweat were rolling down Lydia's face. She felt speechless at these two weirdos who happened to be the strongest of this batch of Guardians.

"What about you yourself, Lydia?" Victor didn't forget to return the question either.

"Me? Hmm, I'm probably gonna be joining the Dominators. That spectacles dude gave me a card so…" Although her words seemed a little hesitant, Virus could detect a very strong resolve within Lydia's eyes.

"Huh? Why Dominators? Did he offer you better terms compared to the other guilds?" A little interested, Victor tried getting to the bottom of the matter.

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