The God Virus


Chapter 405 Convention

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Chapter 405 Convention

Meanwhile, in Shanghai's Abnormals a.s.sociation, a jaw-dropping scene was taking place.

At this moment, the clock hand was already on the fourth minute, but within the dome of speed, Hu Yuexin was still dancing around like a star.

"W-what, how can she have such movements full of grace and beauty?! It's as if she's trained in her footwork since she was in her mother's womb. No, I don't believe even that long would make someone so skillful in this. Hmm… maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, maybe that's a movement technique she has inherited from an expert?" The overseer mouthed much to his own disbelief. He just couldn't understand how Hu Yuexin's movement could be so honed.

In fact, Hu Yuexin's movements were so sharpened and full of mastery that, utilizing the current absolute limitations placed on her weak body, she was evading every ball. One could easily tell that there were no extra movements made anywhere in her body. Every muscle that changed its position in any manner was due to a certain goal and purpose.

This procedure went on until the clock reached the sixth minute. Deducing from the perspiration covering her forehead, it was clear this was the current limit of her body even with that abnormal evasion technique of hers!

Therefore, she didn't hesitate to forfeit from proceeding any longer, "Stop it. I'm done."

"Y-yes, t-three stars! Congratulations!" The overseer confirmed.

"What's the next test?" Totally expressionless, Hu Yuexin inquired. Looking at her face, no one could detect any traces of joy from her after earning that kind of stunning grade. It was as if it didn't matter to her in the least. A matter that didn't worth mentioning.

"Huh? O-oh, yeah. The next test is the Test of Defense. Let's go."


Meanwhile, somewhere on the planet, a secret gathering was taking place.

This secret gathering was an extremely confidential meeting that possibly had to do with the future of Earth. A convention that may just lead to the decision of the next step of humanity in facing the rifts.

The partic.i.p.ants and guests in this a.s.sembly consisted of the leaders of each of the Abnormals a.s.sociation around the globe who had come to represent their own nation.

"It's indeed a fact that the planet can't go on like this anymore! The monsters of the rift keep getting stronger at a rapid pace, to the point that the humans are falling behind in this race of power and retaliation!" One of the leaders sitting in the conference room, the leader of Korea's Abnormals a.s.sociation to be more exact, mouthed into her microphone.

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"We need to think of something! Our defense lines are now too week against them! If things continue like this, in a decade at most, every city and nation around the planet may as well fall! That would mean we would truly enter an apocalyptic era of chaos and disorder! We cannot let that happen!" The same person, Jang Mirae, announced to everyone present today. Her tone was very grave.

"Hmm, yes, miss Mirae's correct." Several people soon came to defend her rejection.

Next, it was Russia's turn to throw its proposition into the ring, "I say, everyone, we could just enforce an even harsher mandatory law of summoning on the Guardians. Like this, at the time of breakout, we can forcefully summon many Guardian teams to each rift. Like this, we would be able to handle the beasts with numbers! What do you say?"

This time, however, there was to delay whatsoever before someone rejected the offer.

"I don't think that's rational either. Even now, with our rather light mandatory summoning rules, we are dealing with a lot of dissatisfaction amongst the Guardians. So just imagine us making them even tighter… not only would doing that result in even more unhappiness, but it will also wear our Guardians out pretty quickly, now let's not talk about the heavy pressure that we'll be putting on them by dispatching them day and night."

Not pausing there, he went ahead, "So, yeah! I definitely disagree with such a preposterous idea which would clearly lead to an even more grave and serious problem in the future." The person who had rejected Russia's proposition this time, was the person who hadn't opened his mouth at all up to this point, the boss of the Abnormals a.s.sociation of the United States of America, Arron Cameron.

Ticked at once, the Russian leader phrased while frowning, "You…! If not the previous offer… and if not this one, then what? We gotta do something, right? Or could it be you have a better idea?" He was clearly very annoyed.

"…" After a brief gaze full of silence, the American boss only uttered a single adage in return, "The best defense is a good offense."

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