The God Virus


Chapter 402 A Gaze Full of Meaning

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Chapter 402 A Gaze Full of Meaning

While everyone persevered in watching her dance in awe, for nearly an entire two minutes, Anastasia was able to evade every incoming ball while utilizing nothing but her maneuver technique and body alone.

However, at this time, the speed escalated once again as a type of ball that she was definitely not going to be able to dodge was shot in her direction.

Thereupon, just as everyone was thinking the test of speed was going to be over for her soon, abruptly, both her legs and eyes were set aflame as they were instantly covered in the previous scarlet-red flames.

Thenceforward, she once again earned her momentum as she was easily able to dodge the baseb.a.l.l.s without any difficulties. And looking at her relaxed face, everyone got this weird vibe as if she was casually taking a walk in the park.

"S-she… that red flame-like stuff coating her eyes and legs… doesn't… doesn't she look somewhat similar to those special types of red flame-armored monsters right now?" As Abby uttered this in absolute shock and dismay, the same feeling promptly transferred to the rest of the candidates and even the invigilator himself.

"S-she… her trait is similar to those monsters? How can this be?" He uttered. He also simultaneously decided. 'I… I need to report this to the higher-ups. This could be crucial information.'

Meanwhile, from the moment Anastasia's eyes and legs were shrouded in that scarlet flame-stuff, an incomprehensible s.h.i.+ne traveled through Virus' eyes as he concluded, 'So previously I wasn't mistaken when I saw her arms covered in that strange fire… her trait is indeed very similar to those monsters coated in red flame-like matters, the monsters that possess the Red-Crystals in themselves.'

In the meantime, not paying any heed to the visible perturbation within everyone's eyes, Anastasia continued dancing and avoiding the b.a.l.l.s, and before soon, the three minutes mark was broken through by her.

"Ah, she can already get two stars!" Exclaimed Abby. Clearly, a hint of jealousy was apparent within her tone.

Regardless, the second the three minutes count was over, the number of b.a.l.l.s sent at the same time also started growing.

When the timer surpa.s.sed three minutes and a half, the number of b.a.l.l.s increased to five as their speed also nearly doubled in a few seconds! Still, it didn't seem like Anastasia was feeling any pressure from any of this as she continued dodging.

When the timer hit three minutes and forty-five seconds, the number of b.a.l.l.s once again increased to seven! Naturally, the speed also began increasing!

Finally, at this point, some traces of struggle became apparent on Anastasia's face. She was, at last, starting to feel the tension around herself.

Nevertheless, the timer soon hit four minutes!

At that moment, the number of b.a.l.l.s instantly increased to ten as once again their speed increased to twice that of before. From this moment onward, each ball would have the capability of harming people!

Despite all of this, however, Anastasia proceeded to evade the b.a.l.l.s while gradually, sweat was obviously pouring down her nice face.

After that, when the concurrent number of b.a.l.l.s had just reached fourteen and the timer had struck five minutes, an even more horrifying growth in speed was felt.

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It was precisely in that fraction of a second when Anastasia's eyes were no longer able to follow the b.a.l.l.s as a few of them promptly connected to her body!

'Hmm, this woman must be a top-ranked healer for her to be even able to heal her broken bones in a matter of minutes.' Just as Virus thought this, the healer lady began talking as she warned Anastasia, "Try to rest as much as possible. My Trait is only able to use your own blood in order to mend your wounds and broken bones, so you should be somewhat experiencing blood loss within your body at the moment."

After carefully listening to the healer's advice, although she still didn't open her mouth to utter a word, a startlingly moving smile took shape on Anastasia's face. That smile was directed at the healer.

'Is this her way of saying thanks?' Feeling amused at her smile which she could only call heavenly, the woman didn't delay responding, "You're welcome. But seriously, you should smile more, it's too beautiful."

With that, after telling the invigilator to not hesitate to summon her when someone got hurt, the lady vanished somewhere.

After watching the kind lady disappear, abruptly, Anastasia began staring at the invigilator without mouthing anything in return.

Being under her persistent gaze which seemed to be requesting something of him, the invigilator broke out in cold sweats.

"I… are you trying to tell me something?" Asked the confused man. He was indeed lost at what to do. Everyone else was feeling the same way.

Luckily, just as he was no longer able to tolerate that intense gaze of hers, one of the candidates, Victor Goodwin to be precise, saved him, "Sigh, she's telling you to confirm her grade. Why do you keep forgetting that, man."

Finally realizing the meaning behind those eyes, breaking into laughter, he announced, "O-oh, hahaha… yes, yes, yes, sorry about that. You get two stars! Congratulations, you're the best so far!"

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