The God Virus


Chapter 365 A Mountain That Can't Be Crossed?

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Returning to the hotel, taking a quick shower, Virus threw himself into the king-sized bed before sinking into a deep sleep. Today's been a tiresome day for him.

The next few days, other than keeping his internal energy concentrated on the twists inside his Pathways, he simply decided to relax and enjoy the city as he accompanied the two beauties by his side.

The trio frequented a lot of restaurants trying many delicious dishes, beverages, wines, etc.

With the girls' nonstop insistence, they also visited several cultural heritage sites within or surrounding the city.

And right now, they had just arrived above the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Currently, looking under his feet, Virus was watching the entire city right through the gla.s.s floor, and for some reason, it gave him the sensation of floating within the infinite skies while looking down on the entire world itself.

Although he quite liked this sensation of being at the top, the apex, it kind of made him feel lonely too, which was quite sad and boring to him, to be honest.

"Woah, the city's right beneath us, I'm on top of the world!" Screamed the golden beauty in utter joy, drawing the attention of a few tourists around. She was absolutely delighted by the amazing sight beneath her.

"It's like I'm flying among the clouds!!!" By now, her eyes were s.h.i.+mmering with great enthusiasm. Standing here above the gla.s.s floor, she felt like nothing could hold her back anymore. She felt free.

Meanwhile, watching Virus somewhat arrogant yet lonely figure, and the golden beauty's unfettered expressions, Amara could only feel speechless in return, 'What's with these two? Err… why am I not getting any extreme feelings like them?'

"Aizen, do you like it here? Are you happy?" Finally unable to contain herself, Amara inquired.

To this question, Virus simply remained silent for quite a while before giving his plain response, "I'm both happy and sad at the same time."

This answer, in return, only forced Amara to curse him nonstop, 'Which one is it in the end! Are you happy or sad! You can't be both, d.a.m.n it. Just say I don't wanna answer that if you don't feel like it! Idiot Aizen!'

During these past few days, Virus had also seen Hu Yuexin serving him quite a few times at the hotel. However, for some reason, she seemed extremely occupied with something since she left every day right after finis.h.i.+ng her s.h.i.+ft.

And when Virus had inquired about the reason behind this behavior of hers, she had replied with "I'm busy taking care of my baby these days since he seems to have gone through some kind of trauma after that day. He keeps worrying about me when I'm not around so I try to be there for him as much as I can."

Due to that, other than giving her a peck on the cheek now and then, Virus didn't bother her at all. He actually quite liked the fact that she was such a kind and responsible mother.

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Of course, that type of close action like a peck on the cheek was done only when neither the golden beauty nor Amara was around since he simply didn't feel like being questioned about the entire situation. He just wanted to keep it something light or in other words… casual.

"Okay then."

After returning to the hotel, while Amara and the golden beauty were packing up, Virus decided to utilize the little time he had before leaving Shanghai fully. Thus, sitting down on the couch, he once again concentrated all of his awareness on the countless motes of internal energy inside him.

For the past one week or so, other than his time dedicated to sleeping, he had been trying to untwist his thirteenth disentanglement the entire time!

However… unfortunately, the only result he was faced with was… failure.

One hundred percent, absolutely, utter, failure!

He called it an utter failure because since the moment he had begun, if the entire road of disentangling the thirteenth knot completely was considered one hundred percent, in this foregone one week or so, he had only treaded a single percent of the entire path!

Truthfully, facing this outcome frustrated Virus to no ends since he understood if things continued to progress this way, disentangling the thirteenth knot was going to take years! And that was just talking about the thirteenth knot alone!

And if you consider the incoming 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th knots, the Energy Disentanglement stage was going to take decades at least before he was finished, and that was a.s.suming the next knots was not going to get any harder to untwine!

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