The God Virus


Chapter 350 Bidding War 4

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'Whatever, I don't care why he wants it… my only concern is to use this situation and laugh my a.s.s off at him by obstructing his path a little bit and wasting a s.h.i.+tload more of his money! Not just this time… I'm gonna keep hindering him on every item he bids!' With this notion sparkled within his head, an evil grin displayed itself on his lips as he raised his hand and stated, "$1.5 billion!"

This instantly confused and dumbfounded everyone while they wondered as such, 'Why is he also accompanying him in a bidding war? Could that Barbie truly be some type of magical girl? Maybe Barbie transforms into a beauty? f.u.c.k that doesn't make any sense!'

He was randomly bidding 1.5 billion because he a.s.sumed that Virus was simply going to beat him to it by casually saying '$2 billion' just like the previous time.

He waited and waited, but the antic.i.p.ated voice which was going to be like a melody never reached his ears.

Every second that pa.s.sed resulted in more droplets of sweat rolling down Fan Tong's face as he kept praying for Virus to say '$2 billion.'

Unfortunately, that sweet number was never uttered!

Meanwhile, on the stage, the auctioneer had long gone quiet while wondering why the h.e.l.l did the price skyrocket so much. It was just a Pink Diamond Barbie and they had confirmed that thorough and thorough… but why?

Nonetheless, feeling somewhat awkward, she started counting in a fast manner, "Going, going, gone! C-congratulations, dear sir, for winning the Pink Diamond B-barbie!" She was so tickled that she was almost unable to control her laughter at the very end. Fortunately, she barely made it.

"Have fun playing with your Pink Barbie, Fan Tong!" However, abruptly, a shout came from a familiar seat which made the salesroom explode. The voice naturally belonged to Virus.



"Oh my G.o.d! I can't hold it any longer, hahaha…" The Chairman screamed, following suit.

The golden beauty and Amara too were laughing wildly as tears of joy covered the corners of their eyes.

"Pffft, I-I can't, I can't hold it in either, hehehe, s-sorry, hehehe…" The auctioneer too could no longer endure it as she burst into a fit of laughter behind the tribune. Of course, she tried her best to distance herself from the microphone so her laughter wouldn't be that obvious. But it was clear that nearly everyone had heard her.


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"f.u.c.k! Is he an idiot?! Hur hur."

Putting that notion aside, w.a.n.g Fang continued, "The next piece is something very valuable!" As the item was uncovered in front of everyone, she exclaimed, "This is the largest flawless fancy vivid pink diamond ever graded, I present to you the 59.6-carat diamond known as the Pink Star!"

After the auctioneer announced that the price begins at $30 million, before anybody could phrase anything, a declaration shut everyone up, "$300 million!"

Obviously, a declaration made by Virus.

This time, although he was burning in rage, Fan Tong still didn't dare to outbid him due to the fear of him suddenly pulling out. Due to the horrific possibility of this also being just another trap set specifically for him.

The funny fact about this whole situation, however, was that even the other guests were somewhat reluctant and afraid of mindlessly bidding against this ruthless person who had just engraved Fan Tong's smeared or perhaps holy name within the records of history itself!

Thus, as a result of all of that, Virus naturally won the Pink Star he had personally come here for. Though he was still buying it for around a '$100 million' more expensive, frankly, he didn't mind.

"Alright everyone, that was it for normal items such as arts, pearls, diamonds, B-barbies, etc. From now onwards, every object sold is going to be materials or treasures related to the rifts!" Stated the auctioneer while deliberating to herself in absolute and utter joy, 'I'm gonna be super rich after all this is over! Thank you, thank you Money G.o.d. You have my unfaltering grat.i.tude for all of it. I promise to use them well.'

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