The God Virus


Volume 5 - 339 Unexpected!

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Shaking her head helplessly, Amara decided to ask another question, "Alright then, can you at least tell me why you are here? In Shanghai I mean… is there a particular reason Aizen had to be here?"

"About that…" uttering this, the golden beauty sank into contemplation, 'well, telling her about this should be no big deal.'

And with that, she began talking, "Actually, we're mainly here for a certain auction that's going to be held tomorrow."

Hearing that, Amara's eyes started to glimmer in a strange light as she began talking nonstop, "Oh… are you talking about that big auction that's going to be held in this city? I heard even Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' is going to be sold this year! Some experts antic.i.p.ate that its value's going to be raised somewhere between 300 and 500 million dollars!"

Feeling a little awkward about her exaggerated reaction, the golden beauty replied, "Ye-yeah… that."

"Oh! Then it's going to be so much fun! Thank G.o.d I brought some pocket money with myself too! I might just get my hands on something really interesting!" She said eagerly.


Simultaneously, after finis.h.i.+ng his cup of tea, Virus thought, 'Hmm, now that I'm free for the moment, I better try to break through to the second level of [Energy Disentanglement].'

In the Cultivation Earth, the [Energy Disentanglement] stage, aka [Qi Pa.s.sage Opening] stage, was considered to have twelve levels. Each of these levels, excluding the first level, could only be broken through after the knot connecting the two Energy Pathways was disentangled.

For instance, to break through to the second level, Virus had to untangle the knot between the first and the second Energy Pathway. And the moment the twist was gone, energy would spontaneously flow into the second Energy Pathway as the pract.i.tioner would enter the second level of [Energy Disentanglement].

And now, Virus wanted to attempt to remove the blockade keeping him from entering the second level. In order to do that, however, he needed to focus and lead all of the natural internal energy stored within his first Energy Pathway on the knot itself so it would be untwisted in accordance with various reasons such as the amount of the unrefined internal energy reserved within each Energy Pathway, the intensity of each knot, and the overall talent of the pract.i.tioner himself.

"Okay… let's do it!" Muttering this, remaining in that sitting position on the couch, facing the outside view, he put both of his hands over his knees before closing his eyes.

Next, he focused all of his attention on his first Energy Pathway.

A few seconds later, finally recovering that familiar sensation which he had attained at the time he had broken through to the first level of [Energy Disentanglmenet], he could once again sense the unrefined internal energy within his first Energy Pathway.

'I need to control these energies and lead them all on the first knot.' As this notion went through his mind, he tried moving the internal energy for the first time…

But unfortunately, his first attempt was a total failure as the energy wasn't moved in the least!

Not giving up in the least, however, Virus concentrated all of his attention on the energy once again, investing his everything in order to move it with his mind alone…

But, he faced the same result.

This non-successful process continued over and over again…

Until, finally, when it was his seventh attempt, the internal energy vibrated slightly!

And due to him feeling extremely excited about that, with his body experiencing a slight s.h.i.+ver, Virus screamed within his head immediately, 'Yes!!!'

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And just like that, the energy soon reached the end of the first Energy Pathway…

'Oh, the energy will soon hit the first wall, the first knot!' As this line of deliberation appeared within Virus' brain, he was just expecting the energy to be obstructed, when abruptly, his entire being s.h.i.+vered very intensely as he froze in that state the next moment!

Simultaneously, his heartbeat accelerated crazily with a single line pa.s.sing through his head, 'What the…!!!'

He was indeed stupefied by what was happening!

And one might ask, just exactly what had dumbfounded him into being speechless like that?

Well, that was because… the moment he had guided all of the energy of his first Energy Pathway on the very first knot itself, he realized…

There was no knot obstructing his path of advancement at all!!!

Meanwhile, as he had never stopped leading the energy forward, not waiting for Virus to snap out of his dumbstruck state at all, the energy naturally rushed in a straight manner as it drifted through into the second Energy Pathway!

And with that, the reserved internal energy of the first pathway joined and combined with the stored energy within the second pathway as Virus broke through to…

The second level of [Energy Disentanglement]!

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