The God Virus


Volume 5 - 317 No Love Sincerer Than...

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Bursting into a peal of pleased laughter, he phrased, "Haha… sorry, sorry… I swear! I just connected for a split moment of a single nanosecond! And I didn't even try to probe that much! It's just that the two things I happened to come across are the 'Abnormal a.s.sociation' and the 'Guilds'. But even regarding them, I just touched some of the surface information and nothing else!"

"Still…" As if she was greatly wronged, with two imaginary drops of tears in the corner of her eyes, the golden beauty voiced.

"Haha… come on, tell me more. I really don't know anything else." He queried again, feeling slightly bad about connecting to the world while she was trying her best in order to explain everything to him patiently. It felt a bit rude of him to do that.

"Hmph! Only this once… if master links his mind to the world again, Lil Belle won't tell you anything anymore!!!" With an adorable harrumph, she said.

"Alright, alright!" Restraining his own laughter, he obeyed contently.

"So, other than those two facts, what else… hmm, they were the most important events. But other than those two things… oh right! Master! There has been a lot of destruction happening all around the world for the past year!" She uttered rather loudly.

"And why is that?" Asked Virus displaying clear curiosity in his behavior.

Hearing this, without any delay, the golden beauty started answering, "Due to the appearance of so many rifts and monstrous creatures, sometimes, the Abnormals dispatched to the scene aren't capable of dealing with them successfully… at those times, those monsters storm around causing destruction everywhere! The most damages are caused when the rifts are within the city itself or close to the vicinity of different towns or big cities."

"Anyway, over the past year, a lot of annihilation and slaughters had taken place in many areas of Earth! A lot of buildings have been ruined by them too." She concluded while maintaining her concentrated facial expressions.

"Oh… I see. Well, as long as it doesn't affect me per se, I don't really care." Was Virus' relaxed and unbothered reply in return.

"That's what I thought." Murmured the golden beauty before continuing, "Another matter worth mentioning is that, there are now a lot of governmental and private shops and auction-houses transacting Red-Crystals, Beads, and even monster corpses and Apparently, there are even rumors of some Black Markets doing these types of transactions."

"Oh… Guardian Abnormals sell their Red-Crystals now?" Surprised by the news, Virus questioned.

Shaking her head, the golden beauty elucidated further on the subject, "Not really… most Abnormals consume their Red-Crystals themselves or give them to their loved ones since each Red-Crystal's like an investment and insurance that will only bring about more returns and safety to themselves in the future. Scarcely do they sell their Red-Crystals… but although it's rare, it still happens sometimes. And every time it does, it creates some ruckus surrounding itself."

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"Huh… then these shops who trade Red-Crystals must be barren with no customers or profits." He uttered stating the obvious.

"Anything you've forgotten to mention?" Virus questioned at this point, wanting to know anything else that might be valuable enough for him to notice.

"Yes! The most crucial piece of info! I specifically left it for the last one…" Suddenly grinning from ear to ear, the golden beauty vocalized. Paying attention to her facial expression and body language, Virus could only appreciate the sweet and delighted face she was currently exhibiting as he waited for her to reveal the matter that had made her take on this kind of moving and mesmerizing face.

"Oh… Master's intrigued!" He stated in response while not taking his eyes off of her at all, not even for a second.

"Wait for it. It… is… about…" Stopping at this point, he abruptly exposed in a loud yet excited tone, "My biological body's ready!!!"

"OOOOH!!!" Releasing an exaggerated sound in return as if he wasn't expecting it at all, with his eyes going wide open, Virus exclaimed.

"Hehe…" Witnessing his excessive reaction, she was absolutely gladdened and even tickled by it.

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