The God Virus


Volume 4 - 231 Heartbroken

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"Yes, I shall proceed as ordered then." Nodding his head without any hesitation, police chief agreed. Today, he had to complete whatever he was told to do.

Listening to Mr. chief justice's orders and the police chief's absolute agreement and obedience, both Ella and detective Argent became dumbfounded.

This made detective Argent think in fear, 'No… how can they do this?'

In the meantime, speechless, Ella was pondering to herself confusedly, 'Am I still living in America? All of this will go away just like this?' As she thought to this point, she turned her head as she stared at Virus' face, 'Ai has such deep connections in the government too? Still, it seems to be rather impossible to let a slaughter case go away just like this, no?'

At this time, gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth, detective Argent began blurting, "Police chief, this person just confessed to butchering those people in cold blood! How can we just allow a murderer like him to get away with everything just like that? Are you really going to turn a blind eye to all of this and pretend like it never happened? Then… what about justice? What about those people who died?"

"Haha, what are you talking about, detective Argent? What confession? What slaughter? Why don't I understand what you're talking about at all? And by the way, how can this distinguished person possibly kill anyone. I mean… he looks so harmless, I don't believe he can even hurt a fly! So, I'm sorry to say this, but your words sound just hilarious and unbelievable to me." Bursting in laughter as if he had just heard a funny joke, police chief replied.

"What…" She was stunned hearing these words, then, as all strength left her body, she started pondering further, 'For me, it's all over now. How can I be so stupid to offend someone who can easily summon Mr. chief justice, police chief, and the director of the FBI at the same time? How could I offend this man who can easily butcher others and then confess to it like it's nothing? Moreover, all of them will still go away just like this as if it didn't happen in the first place… sigh, I'm truly finished… he'll definitely kill me too.' By the end of her words, she was truly s.h.i.+vering as she trembled in trepidation at the thought of what was going to happen to her next.

If she became aware of the fact that in case the President knew Virus was going to showing up personally, he would've also rushed over, her reaction could only be imagined.

At this point, the director of FBI also started talking, "Hmm, about the fate of this ignorant detective…"

"Yes, yes… if you want her to be fired. I'll make it happen at once." Police chief uttered in a flattering tone.

Nonetheless, not saying anything in response, the director turned toward Virus as he stated, "Sir, please make the decision on what you want to do with her yourself. Whatever you wish for, we'll make it happen. Also, please be rest a.s.sured that nothing's off the table. If you want her fired, she'll be fired immediately. If you want her to disappear, we'll make it so she disappears from the face of this Earth. No, if you want to take her with you somewhere to discipline her further… for example, to the island I heard you have, we can happily make that happen either." His last suggestion was, of course, to say that if he needed to relieve some of the steams on her body personally, that could also be accomplished.

Hearing his words, detective Argent's face went as white as paper before she finally fell on her chair, left s.h.i.+vering.

Meanwhile, listening to these suggestions and her reaction, an evil grin found its way on his face before he began articulating his decision at last, "Nah, I don't want any of those. Those slaps were enough of a punishment for her for the moment. Anyway, keep her around and don't fire her. I'll come looking for her in case I want to punish her any further. Also, teach her to be a true detective, not the kind of detective she is right now."

A s.h.i.+mmer of understanding pa.s.sed through the director's eyes, "Done. From now on, she's yours and her fate is entirely up to you sir. Even if you kill her, I promise there won't be the slightest bit of headache's coming your way."

Then, looking at the police chief's way, he added, "Did you hear his words? Do as he commanded and put your best detective on the task of training her. But don't forget the fact that she belongs to the chairman now, you understand my meaning right?"

"No problem, since I have received orders from the higher-ups to accomplish everything I'm requested here today, I'll make it happen. Everything will proceed per order." Not batting an eye, the police chief nodded his head in agreement.

After that, satisfied with the police chief's response, he turned his head in detective Argent's direction as he directly spoke to her this time around, "And you, your life and death is really up to the chairman now, so do your best to listen and do whatever he orders you to do. Also, you can forget about trying anything funny since there is no one in this country who can do anything to the chairman, not even the President himself."

"Can we go now?" At this time, completely expressionless, Virus questioned in a tone as if he wasn't asking at all, he was just stating a fact. He wanted to leave because he didn't feel like staying in this place any longer, not even for a second more.

"Yes, yes, yes… you both are free to leave whenever you wish to. No one would dare obstruct your path again, sir. Also, please let me give you my number in case you ever need my services. You can directly contact me at any time." Voiced the director of the FBI in the humblest tone he could possibly muster.

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"Mr. Chairman, please take my number too, I'll also a.s.sist you with whatever I can. Just send me a text and I shall stop doing whatever I'm busy with and promptly rush over." Mr. chief justice also added.


"I said let me go!" Exclaiming in a loud voice, she tossed his hand away as she turned around and left.

Virus didn't move this time as he only watched her back as she walked away. However, if he could see her face right now, he would've been surprised to see her face flooded with tears and snot at this moment.

"Go. Continue keeping her safe." He ordered expressionlessly while watching her figure which was walking away.

"Yes, master." Knowing this order was directed at him, the Security ugly left just like that.




'He… you really stopped chasing me… you idiot!!!' In the meantime, seeing no one coming after her, more tears began to roll down her red eyes as she left while feeling even more heartbroken.

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