The God Virus


Volume 4 - 229 Two Men

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'Hmph, who does he think he is?! She didn't even accept him as a lawyer and he still thinks he can do anything to me?' Detective Argent thought annoyedly after hearing the Legal ugly's mildly threatening words.

Now that the door was closed and the silence was restored to the room, she voiced with the gentlest voice she could, "Okay, let me ask you once more Miss Ella, please feel relaxed and reply with utmost peace of mind. He said I'm coercing you and even utilizing tactics to get a confession, if you felt that way in anyway, I beg for your pardon. Now, can you please repeat your confession one more time. If you haven't committed this crime or that you feel like I'm coercing you, you can refrain admitting to that and I shall entirely forget about your previous confession before going back to further investigation of our new leads. What do you say?"

Listening to her words, Ella couldn't stop her body from trembling for a moment before she started talking while shaking her head, "No, I don't feel coerced or pressured in any way, I'm p.r.o.nouncing every word completely out of my own consent because I'm totally willing." These words of her meant that there was no going back this time. At least, it would be much harder now.

"Yes. I have murdered all of those people at the back alley of the Avalon Nig-"

"Who says you did that." However, just as she was about to finish her words, the door of the interrogation room was pushed open once again as a calm voice traveled through.

"Who is that!" Detective Argent yelled toward the door in anger. She was quite annoyed at the repet.i.tive interruptions at this point.

"Shut up woman, your loud voice is quite annoying to hear." After this sentence was heard, detective Argent watched as a devilishly handsome man together with another abnormal golden beauty entered the interrogation room. An extremely ugly man was also closely following behind them as if he was there to emphasize those two's charm and beauty, he was the Legal ugly.

Hearing his words, clenching her fists in anger, she started barking in his direction, "What did you just say to me? Get out if you don't want me to press charges against you and sue you for-"


"Sue your mom!" A loud sound resounded in the interrogation room as she was hardly slapped in the face.

At this point, a few police officers together with some other detectives finally caught up as they entered the interrogation only to be stunned silly by seeing detective Argent loudly getting slapped in the face.

'Ai…' Wondered the golden beauty to herself, it's been so long since she last saw him, so anyone could only imagine how she was feeling at the moment.

However, that was all. After that, remembering something, her anger began to surface as she uttered, "Why are you here?! I don't need your help! Please leave…" Although she knew she would regret saying these words, she still articulated them while thinking to herself, 'Don't be caught up in this any more than this… please leave.'

Nonetheless, after hearing her words, Virus didn't even bother to reply with anything back and instead continued looking at detective Argent's face which was red due to the slap by now.

"You! You dared to slap me, a police detective?! Good! Officers, please take him away from here and do the paperwork, I'm pressing charges against-"


However, before she could finish her sentence, another slap landed on the other side of her face, "d.a.m.n it, woman, didn't I tell you to shut up? Why are you forcing me to do this? And by the way, this is me going easy on you, so be grateful that you're keeping your life." Now, both sides of her face were very red.

"Take… take him away!" Finally, the officers came out of their daze as they charged at Virus while they each grabbed one arm of his.

"Ahh, just you wait, I'll be so sending you to prison for so many years!" Seeing both of his arms finally locked, she dared to talk once again as she screamed in wrath.

Next, the officers tried to push him on the table before putting their handcuffs on him.

"Ahh…" However, much to their shock, they realized they can't move him in the least, not even by a single inch!

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'What kind of power is this!' They thought at the same time in shock!



At this point, two men arrived in front of a certain precinct without alarming anyone.

"Mr. chief justice! You received a call from the president too?" Questioned one of the men while thinking to himself, 'Even the chief judge of the Supreme Court of the United States was summoned?'

"Director! You're here too!" At the same time, the so-called Mr. chief justice was also thinking along the same line, 'The director of the FBI was also called over?'

"I heard that mysterious person just announced someone as 'Under his Protection'! Oh my! I mean… someone just received the 'Under the Protection' insignia! Did the President tell you that too?" Uttered Mr. chief justice in amazement. The term 'Under the Protection' was a special clause in a particular contract which all of the highest authorities of the country of the United States of America had signed.

At the moment, receiving the 'Under his Protection' badge was a very shocking matter that would alarm all of the higher-ups of the entire country of the United States of America!

Because receiving this insignia was truly an important matter to everyone up there! Moreover, it was such a tempting symbol that all of the higher-ups of the country were also dying to flatter this mysterious person, however much he wanted, in hopes of him granting it to them too!

"Yeah, I heard that either… ah, wish I can earn that too… haha, I gotta do my best to get on that person's good side now!" Proclaimed the director of the FBI with a glint of greed pa.s.sing through his eyes.

"Haha… it's like you're reading my mind, director! Anyway, let's go." With that, the two rushed inside the precinct.

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