The God Virus


Volume 3 - 190 It's Valuable To Me

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"Haha, you truly pay attention to my words junior Vee… that's right… there is another important reason as to why there are worthless or unknown things in the main treasury." At this point he paused for a moment before continuing, "And that has to do with the age of our sect…"

"Hmm… you mean…?" Not quite understanding, he asked while looking into his eyes.

Seeing him curious, a grin appeared on the Sun elder's face as he responded with a proud expression, "You see… even if our sect isn't close to being the strongest today… we are one of the most ancient ones on the whole planet!"

"And because of that… in the countless years of our sect's existence, numerous useless, unknown, or precious objects have been placed in here… so now, even I can't discern if some of the objects in here are truly valuable or not…" By the end of his words, the Sun elder's face was a bit awkward to look at it as he thought to himself, 'That's what happens when you put useless stuff in here one generation after the other... sigh.'

As that thought pa.s.sed through his mind, shaking his head, he voiced, "Okay, that was all… the two of you can enter the treasury and pick one object of your choice now… though keep in mind that you can only bring one object outside, otherwise, the treasury won't allow it."

Then, changing the direction of his gaze toward the golden beauty, he stated, "However, this young lady has to wait here..."

"Bella… then how about you wait here till junior brother and I come back…" Astes voiced smilingly.

"Sure… master, I'll wait here, so don't worry and go."

"Then… you two may enter."




As the two entered the treasury, both of them separated as they began looking at different objects inside there.

'Hmm… there are too many things here… I won't be able to find it if I don't use my…' Understanding that it would be very difficult to find the Brisk Balance Fruit with his naked eyes alone, a kind of completely invisible energy was released from his body once again as it covered an entire ten meters around him.

Then, just like that, nothing in that radius of ten meters was concealed from his sight.

Still, even with that, since the treasury was too big, it took him around two minutes to finally spot a dry brown fruit in a rather remote corner no one would bother checking.

So, walking to it, he looked at it as he thought, 'It's no wonder no one has picked it until now since it looks like a completely useless fruit that has rotten away inside out…'

'If only they knew what kind of heavenly fruit this is… haha, though it would be still useless to others since it has rotten and moreover, since this fruit…' As he deliberated to this point, reaching his hand, he grabbed the extremely dry fruit.

As he picked the fruit though, he spotted a golden ring with nine small gems of different colors attached to it concealed right under the fruit.

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'Hmm… what's this ring? Why was it hidden under the fruit?' As this thought went through his head, he surrounded the golden ring with that unknown energy of his as he studied it very carefully.

"Hmm… that's not a bad idea… actually yes… I'm truly after something particular… it's a golden ring which has nine small gems of different colors attached to it… can you help?" Knowing that looking after that ring inside this treasury was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, she decided to ask for help.

Listening to the description, Virus' eyes opened widely as he unconsciously let out a sound, "Eh… that ring?!"

Seeing his surprised reaction, just as expected, Astes understood that Virus had seen it somewhere as she uttered impatiently, "Where!!! Where is it?!?"

"Um… apprentice sister… it's there… but that's definitely a useless ring… you should really pick…" While pointing at a direction, Virus began trying to persuade her to make another decision, however, before he was even finished, he realized that Astes had already disappeared as she was charging in the direction he was pointing at.

'Uh…' As Virus followed behind her quickly, the two went beside the location Virus was pointing at previously.

"Where is it?" Then, she inquired in a very impatient tone.

"There…" Pointing at the ring, Virus replied.

Spotting the ring, Astes' eyes began to s.h.i.+ne like never before as she grabbed the ring swiftly before letting out a peal of unconscious laughter, "Hehehe…"

'Could it be that I was wrong and that it's actually something invaluable? Hmm…' Seeing her reaction, Virus couldn't stop himself from suspecting his previous judgment as he then inquired, "Apprentice sister… what is that ring exactly? And why are you so excited about getting your hands on it? Isn't that just a worthless ring?"

Hearing Virus' voice right behind herself, Astes knew she had lost control for a moment there as she replied, "Well… it might be worthless to others… but it's kinda valuable to me…" Simultaneously, while uttering this, she pondered to herself, 'Hehehe… it was truly here… yes!!! With this…everything will be different and I… will definitely achieve what I could not in my previous life…'

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