The God Virus


Volume 3 - 169 This Is So Funny

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As conversations like these were happening among the pa.s.sers-by, one of the most famous CEO's in the current world together with another ugly suddenly exited 4 Times Square as they were respectfully escorted inside the lined-up cars by a few bodyguards.

"Oh, so those cars belonged to the Virus Industries..."

"Well... only an extravagant company like them could hire such a line-up... anyway, let's go."




An hour later, the cars arrived in front of a luxurious mansion as one of the bodyguards inside the same car as the CEO ugly opened his mouth, "Mr. Greg, we're at our destination... please let me escort you inside the house."

Mouthing this, that bodyguard opened the door for the CEO ugly as he waited for him and the Legal ugly to come off the car.

"Okay, let's go."



Now that Virus was already in the top eight, his matches would almost be one after the other without much time to rest, so, he decided to just wait in the waiting room until his name was called so he would directly go out to the Colosseum.

"Master, only three more matches remain... and then... if you win them all... you would be able to get your hands on Brisk Balance Fruit... how do you feel about that?" Looking at her master in curiosity, the golden beauty inquired.

"Nothing special really... just that I would be finally able to continue my path of cultivation again... so... I feel like things would get much more interesting from then on." Without any change in his expression, Virus stated.

Nodding in understanding, she questioned, "Hmm, I see... by the way, master... what are you going to do with that fruit? You never explained it clearly..." And by the end of her words, she questioned once again with a light of curiosity appearing inside her eyes.

However, she didn't receive the reply she expected and instead, Virus uttered, "You will know soon enough... Just know that it's essential for my next stage to be finished quickly in the shortest period of time possible..."

"What do you mean, master?" Confused, the golden beauty inquired further.

"Well... if I don't get this fruit... then finis.h.i.+ng the next stage of my cultivation would've taken me at least more than a year... but now... anyway, just wait, you will get it later on." He replied as such.

"But..." She was just about to say something else too, when an announcement interrupted her, "Next match is between Howar and... Vee! Please come to the Colosseum or it would count as you forfeiting."

Hearing the summon, standing up, Virus was about to take off his current dress in order to change into that particular clothes he wore before activating the ring, and at the same time, he began to talk, "It's my turn so..." Then, as he was continuing his sentence, he turned his head around, however, much to his amus.e.m.e.nt and surprise, his sentence was interrupted as there was no longer anyone in the room to listen to his words anymore.

"This girl..." Saying this with a chuckle, Virus began to change into his special clothes.

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After he was done, he began walking toward the dark tunnel, however, again, to his surprise, he realized someone was waiting there before the entrance to the dark tunnel while leaning at the wall of the entrance.

And after he was done mumbling to himself, he also turned around as he began to pa.s.s through the dark tunnel to the fighting ground.




"What took you two so long! If it had taken you two just a minute longer to appear, I would've already announced both of you as defeated!" The judge elder who had been waiting for some time now uttered in annoyance.

Then, he sighed and calmed himself down before continuing, "Anyway, you two have already wasted enough time... Now begin the match at once!" So, just like that, the match started.

As the match had already begun, gritting his teeth, Howar spoke with deep hostility, "You will regret your decision soon... when you're no longer able to cultivate forever after this match... you'll cry everyday and live in regret as to why you didn't just give away your ring instead of ignoring me... But it'll be too late by then."

"Oh, so you're saying you want to cripple me, huh? You're a cruel one, aren't you?" With an amused expression appearing on his face, Virus asked.

Hearing him, Howar's only response was an evil grin which talked for itself.

So, seeing him truly determined in crippling him, Virus questioned in bafflement, "But I heard one of the elders clearly announce that the first rule states that no killing is allowed in the Martial Contest and other than that, as long as the opponent can heal, everything else is fine... which literally means you can only deal a damage that 'can' be healed, no? And here you are, saying you want to cripple me... which... as far as I know, cannot be healed... this means it's against the rules... hmm, wait, could it be that you want to be expelled from the sect?"

Hearing his logical a.n.a.lysis of the rule, against Virus' expectations, Howar began to laugh out loud, "Hahahaha... this is so funny... hahaha..."

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