The God Virus


Volume 3 - 168 Fairness After Death

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"Perfect! That's all I wanted to hear... alright, let's arrange a secret meeting at once! I will fly to New York right now." With an excited tone, the President voiced.

"Sure Mr. President, where shall we meet then?" The CEO ugly inquired.

"Hmmm... There is a secure location owned by the government there in New York... we will meet there if there are no issues from your part. How is it?" He politely offered after some consideration.

"Okay, we will meet there. Notify me of the location when you're in New York and I'll be there." The CEO ugly further said.

However, shaking his head on the other line of the call, the President uttered, "No need for you to come personally, I'll send some cars to pick you up and escort you there."

"Okay. See you soon, Mr. President." Agreeing, the CEO ugly hung up.


"Miss, do you need anything?" The Legal ugly questioned.

As the two uglies were keeping watch outside Ella's house in the shadows, the legal ugly had received a call from Ella who requested a meeting.

And so, right now the Legal ugly was sitting on the couch as he inquired about why she had called him.

"Do you remember how you told me that it would be better if I didn't tell my parents and friends about the mutated HIV cure?" Ella asked.

"Yes, what about it, miss?"

"So, I found a way to let my friends eat the lollipops without making them suspicious..." Ella paused as she gazed at the Legal ugly, wanting to see how he would respond.

"I'm listening, miss... please tell me how I can be of any help." The Legal ugly uttered.

"Easy, I want to take them to a nightclub and give them the lollipops there... this is both because my friends need to blow off some steam and more importantly because of the lollipops." Ella stated before continuing again, "However, as you're already aware of the state of this planet, that's going to be very dangerous... and that's why we need your protection."

Listening to her words, the Legal ugly sank into thought as his head was lowered and faced the ground, however, soon, once again looking into Ella's eyes, he uttered, "Alright, we will protect you with our lives... when are we going?"

"Yay!" Very happily, Ella abruptly jumped from the couch she was sitting on and exclaimed in excitement.

Afterward, calming down, she spoke, "We're going tonight!"

"Okay, then we will wait outside until the time arrives." Standing up, the Legal ugly was about to leave, however, Ella suddenly seemed to remember something, "Oh, wait."

"What is it, miss?" Stopping in his tracks, the Legal ugly queried.

"I forgot about something... can you do me a favor and send people to pick up my friends... since you know... it's very dangerous outside and I'm really worried about them." With a flash of worry pa.s.sing through her eyes, Ella said.

"That's easy, send me their address and names."

"Hehe, thanks, Legal bro." With a sweet smile, Ella addressed.

Hearing how she called him, the Legal ugly froze in his place for a moment, before turning around as he asked monotonously while looking in her eyes, "What did you say?"

"Hmm, thanks?" Confused, Ella repeated.

"No, after that..." Shaking his head, he asked.

"Hmmm... Oh... you mean Legal bro!" Finally realizing what he meant, Ella opened her mouth and explained, "You know... you said I can call you guys the Security ugly and the Legal ugly... but, I think that's too inappropriate... and since you guys saved my life before, I've decided to call you the Legal bro and the Security bro... unless... hmm... could it be that you don't like it?" Ella asked with a questioning look appearing on her face.

"No, I like it very much. Thank you miss..." Still as emotionless as before, the Legal ugly uttered as he turned around and began to walk toward the door of the house.

However, shockingly, after he had turned around, a rather distinct smile found its way on his face, albeit very shortly.



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"Yes, sir."




"Take a look, I've added the thing you wanted me to..." Giving the CEO ugly some papers, the Legal ugly stated.

It's been almost an hour since the Legal ugly had returned to the headquarters and since then, as he was requested, he had made some changes to the contract as he had added something new to it.

"Okay, thanks, I was just notified that the escort will be arriving in five minutes. Let's go." Taking the contract, the CEO ugly uttered.




Exactly five minutes later, to the surprise of the pa.s.sers-by, abruptly, in front of 4 Times Square, row upon rows of black cars were parked as if they were waiting for someone very special.

"What's going on? Why are those cars lined up in front of the Virus company's building?" A pa.s.ser-by asked his friend.

"No idea dude... but don't you think that line-up and those black cars are just like the escorts of the President himself?" His friend replied.

"Now that you mention it..."

"Well... none of these matters anyway... we're all gonna die the same way soon... So it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor... Because in a year... we're all gonna be dead without exception."

"Yep, you're right buddy... let them have fun because death is coming for them soon... then, all they have would be only a small cubic grave and a coffin for their body just like the rest of us... Huh, finally seeing some fairness before leaving this world."

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