The God Virus


Volume 3 - 167 A Secure Line

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Witnessing the way by which Virus defeated his opponent, lots of different and mixed emotions which was accompanied by different thoughts pa.s.sed through the Sun elder's mind. However, his expression didn't change in the least as it remained like he was currently looking at nothing.




Coming back to the waiting area, Virus took a look in order to see who his next two opponents were going to be.

And, after checking the list, he realized that he recognized one of the names, as a rather amused look appeared in his eyes as he pondered, 'I wonder if he's found something that would entertain me forever...haha.'



The CEO ugly who's been very busy these past few days was currently sitting in his own office while reading some papers about the new vehicles they were getting ready to produce and release soon.

However, since the news of the pandemic disease was released to the world, lots of employees had resigned from their posts, wanting to spend their remaining one year with their loved ones or for entirely other reasons.

And because of that, the company was facing a few problems because of the lack of workers at various sections of the Virus company from the factory to the main company itself.

As a result of these kinds of problems, the CEO ugly knew the plan of releasing the next generation of the variety of vehicles would take longer than antic.i.p.ated.

So, as he was sitting in his office reading those reports related to the various problems the company was facing at this moment, he began to ponder very hard in order to think of a solution.

'Sigh... only if we could just use the worker robots... we wouldn't need humans at all.'

'This makes me wonder... that if master allows everyone to die because of the mutated HIV without releasing the cure, won't we have the whole Earth for ourselves? Then we would be able to develop it however we want without any kind of interference or problems we would otherwise face in the near future...'

'However, seeing how much master's obsessed with entertainment and boredom... I'm pretty sure he won't let that happen... because even I admit... living on a planet without any inhabitants would be rather boring and monotonous...'

'Aiii... let's stop daydreaming about this as I can neither use the worker robots at this moment nor will master let the whole planet just die... hmm, how should I solve this problem?'

As he came back to the topic of finding a solution, the phone on his table began to ring as his secretary notified him that one of the managers was here to have a word with him.

"Let him in." As he accepted to meet with him, someone entered the office after knocking twice, "Good afternoon, CEO Greg. How do you do?"

"I'm fine, thank you, what brings you here, manager Kramer?" The CEO ugly voiced.

"Sorry to bother you, sir... it's in regards to the problem of lack of employees... just now, I was notified that one of our factories has stopped function altogether because of this problem... what should we do?" With obvious worry apparent in his tone, the other person inquired.

"I was also just thinking about that... do you have a suggestion for the solution yourself, manager Kramer?" Wanting to see what the other person's thinking, a little curious, the CEO ugly queried.

"Hmm... CEO Greg... to be honest... the only solution I can think of is to offer more money so the employees would be tempted to come back." Replied the manager.

Not even considering his suggestion for a second, shaking his head, the CEO ugly voiced, "I've long thought about that, however, I don't think they'll be tempted by that anymore with the world ending and all as they've long lost hope..."

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"Aiii... that's true... losing hope is a frightening thing... if you lose that, then you're just a walking dead, I honestly still have some hope that a cure will be found before our time ends and just like that, everything will be back to how it was before... honestly, that's why I'm still trying my best for this job." The manager voiced with a hopeful smile plastered on his face, however, a sad light also seemed to pa.s.s through his eyes for a moment.

"Alright..." Nodding, he picked up the telephone as he uttered, "h.e.l.lo, Mr. Greg. Thank you for giving me some of your time."




Listening to the voice coming from the other line of the call, the CEO ugly thought, 'He's behaving very politely and I feel respect in his tone...'

"h.e.l.lo, Mr. President... you're too polite... I'm honestly speechless because I never thought I would one day receive a direct call from the President of the United States himself! This is such a great honor! What can I do for you?" Feigning honor, the CEO ugly proclaimed.

"Haha, you're exaggerating too much Mr. Greg... it's actually me who's feeling very honored right now." Speaking until here, the President abruptly stopped talking for a short moment, before continuing, "Actually... you should be already aware of the reason behind my call yourself Mr. Greg... so I won't be beating around the bush unnecessarily."

"Let me be very direct here Mr. Greg... so here's the thing... can you really create and produce that blueprint you sent us before?" With clear hope showing in his tone, the President jumped right to the topic.

Seeing how direct he was, a rather wide grin found its way on the CEO ugly's face as he thought, 'He's so impatient.'

Then, after not talking for some time, which in return increased the President's impatience, he finally opened his mouth, "Aii, Mr. President, shouldn't we discuss matters like this in person... you know how telephones are... and someone might be listening to us right now..."

Hearing his reply, the President's eyes began to s.h.i.+ne as this almost confirmed that they could truly make it, so just to make sure by a hundred percent, he added, "This is a completely secure line Mr. Greg... so please be completely at ease and just give me a clear confirmation that you can really make it... if you and your company are truly capable of producing it... we will hold a secret meeting together at once!"

'Secure line my a.s.s! I can easily listen to it whenever I want and I know others who can do the exact same thing... and you call it a secure line.' However, on the outside, he stated, "Is that so? So it's a secure line... that makes me relieved then. Now, about the matter of that blueprint... let me reply by saying that... yes, we are a hundred percent capable of producing it."

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