The God Virus


Volume 3 - 166 No, That's Impossible

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"Thank you elder..." Astes voiced happily while taking a glance at the judge elder.

However, after that, looking around herself, she saw that there were already very few people gathered and remaining.

Because, since almost everyone had already antic.i.p.ated her victory, they had all gone to watch the Martial Contest which was much more exciting.

"Now, you just need to wait for the results of the Martial Contest to gain access to the main treasury of the sect together with its champion..." The judge elder further explained.

"This junior shall do that, thank you, elder." She replied as she also began to leave toward the Martial Contest's area.




In the meantime, Virus and the golden beauty were watching a match that was about to start between Tinsel and someone else called Rossefin.

"Tinsel... it's your boss who has a slight chance against me... not you... so why don't you do yourself a favor and admit defeat. This way, you won't be wasting our precious time either." As the two stood facing each other, Rossefin stated.

"That might be true... however, I won't give up." With determination coursing through her eyes, Tinsel uttered, while at the same time, she thought, 'I truly have no chance of winning against you... however, I will do everything I can to tire you out so senior brother would have an easier time fighting you!'

"Start!" At this moment, the judge elder finally opened his mouth as the match began in front of everyone.

"Sigh... I see, then let's dance." Rossefin muttered as she charged at Tinsel with extremely fast speed while she held a whip in her right hand.

Then, when she was beside her, she tried whipping Tinsel, however, Tinsel was able to dodge it easily as she voiced, "Even though I might be unable to win against you... but that's when you're serious... if you wanna continue fighting like this... I might as well have a chance of winning this match."

"Hehe... okay, I'll get more serious then." Letting a short laugh out, the look inside Rossefin's eyes seemed to turn more serious as she voiced, "Slavery Whipping Technique – Direct Las.h.i.+ng!"

At the same time, the whip in her hand appeared to have abruptly turned entirely straight as it hacked at Tinsel as if a long sword was hacking at an opponent.

Seeing her finally turn a little more serious, Tinsel who never had any intentions of facing her attacks directly opened her mouth, "Wrathful Human Charge!"

At the same time, her movement suddenly turned strange as she dodged Rossefin's attack with a little difficulty.

"Huh... now I see what's going on here... so you're trying to tire me out by forcing me to keep using my Qi!" Watching her dodge without even trying to counterattack in the least, Rossefin was easily able to see through Tinsel's intentions.

"You might have understood my intentions... but what difference does that make... also... I'm aware your weakness is when you go against women! So this won't be as easy as you believe! Now... bring it on!" Tinsel voiced, trying her best to provoke her so she would be more impatient.

"Hahaha..." Listening to Tinsel, Rossefin laughed for a while before continuing, "That's true... I'm a lot weaker when I go against women. However! That doesn't make a difference because even if I'm weaker, it's still enough to deal with you!"

"Now... go down for me!" Uttering this in a louder voice, a tinge of annoyance pa.s.sed through Rossefin's eyes as she mumbled, "Slavery Whipping Technique – Hundred Snakes!"

At the same time, she lashed at Tinsel with all her might, and astonis.h.i.+ngly, the next moment, the whip seemed to generate afterimages because even from far away, it seemed like instead of only one whip, tens of whips were charging at her.

Witnessing this, Tinsel knew she was entirely serious now, so she mumbled again, "Wrathful Human Charge!" And at the same time, she began to move out of the way in order to dodge the incoming attack.

However, abruptly, an evil grin seemed to appear on Rossefin's face as she stopped her attack and aimed once again at the escaping Tinsel and mumbled, "Slavery Whipping Technique – Hundred Snakes!"

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Whip~ Whip~ Whip~ ...

However, even though he faced a little difficulty while dealing with his second opponent because of him being extremely fast and his cultivation level being even higher than the previous ones he faced, in the end, it wasn't enough to match Virus as he successfully dealt with him.

"d.a.m.n! He defeated senior brother Logger too! He's the eighth ranker in the Superior Disciples' Ranking for heaven's sake!"

"Just who is he... how can such a dark horse even exist!"

"Wait... doesn't that mean he's now..."

After defeating his first opponent, to everyone's amazement, he had successfully entered the top sixteen!

And with successfully defeating his second opponent which he faced with some difficulty, he ascended to the top eight!

Witnessing the mortal without any kind of cultivation ascending into the top eight list, everyone's expressions could only be imagined.

"Just what the f.u.c.k! How can a mortal who doesn't even deserve to go against an Inferior disciple's now in the top eight! This doesn't make any sense!"

Virus' master also thought, 'He's now in the top eight... I wonder what's his background... but now, even more of those greedy eyes will be focused on him... in fact, the higher he ascends, the greedier others will feel.'

Another elder thought, 'Why didn't elder Murray come back last night? Did something happen? Did she stop the plan and went outside the sect for some reason?' Thinking along these lines while staring at Virus who had just defeated his opponent, he continued, 'Or could it be that... he...' However, he stopped that line of thought as he shook his head continuously and muttered, "No, that's impossible..."

Today, there was another person present too who was sitting higher than every other elder in a special seat.

This person was an extremely old person with a very long white beard and a bald head. Others in the sect mostly called this person... the Sun Elder!

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