The God Virus


Volume 3 - 165 The Winner

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After that, no longer able to tolerate the tease, Astes uttered, "It's good as long as you're fine." And then, turning around, she rushed out of the room as if she was running away from something.

"Haha, this girl..." Seeing her manner of rus.h.i.+ng out, Virus couldn't help but let out an amused chuckle.




A few hours later, the Martial Contest was about to begin, so Virus and the golden beauty decided to walk there.




Arriving at the Colosseum's spectator area, the two looked around when the golden beauty voiced in surprise, "Oh master, look... the Colosseum is almost full of people... uhh, the elders' area is filled with elders too!"

"Yep... well, today, the most powerful disciples of the Superior section will be joining the match, so it's obvious a lot of disciples and elders will gather... to be more clear, it could be said that the real contest begins today." Virus uttered looking at the scene in front of him.

"Let's begin the Martial... contest!" Out of nowhere, the elder appeared in the middle of the Colosseum as he declared, then, he continued, "The first match of the day will be between Howar and Grindy!"

Soon, two disciples, a male and a female, exited the dark tunnel of the Colosseum as they walked to the middle of the Colosseum where each of them stood on one side of the judge elder.

"Howar, you know the rules right? You can't kill." Then, as if the elder was worried about Howar's opponent, he stated.

"Hehe, don't worry... I'm not interested in her..." Howar voiced and then mumbled to himself, "My target is someone else."

"Okay then, begin!"

The moment the match started, Howar seemed to disappear from his previous place as he appeared in front of his opponent and then, with a very disinterested expression, he directly punched the girl in the stomach, sending her flying in a direction.

And just like that, his opponent Grindy who already had a bone or two broken inside her body could no longer move as she had fainted due to pain coursing throughout her body.

Seeing this scene, those who hadn't seen Howar fight before began talking among themselves, "So ruthless..."

"How can he punch a girl like that..."

While those who knew him, especially those spectators from the Superior section also began voicing words like, "Howar's just as cruel as I expected... and the surprising thing is that this is him going easy on his opponent."

"Yeah... he's a merciless b.a.s.t.a.r.d."




After that fight, the contest continued and one match after another was fought as one winner after another emerged from each match.

"The next match will be between Vee and Hilka, please walk to the Colosseum." The judge elder announced.

By now, Virus had long gone to his waiting room as he was waiting to be called, and hearing himself finally called, he began to get naked in front of the golden beauty as he placed all of his clothes inside a bag.

Then, after his clothes were placed inside the bag, he took out a sleeveless s.h.i.+rt and an underwear which the golden beauty had prepared the previous night by cutting the sleeves of his s.h.i.+rt and shortening his pants' legs.

So, checking them once, he began wearing them.

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And after he was done wearing them, Virus walked in front of the golden beauty and uttered, "You can go and watch my match from the spectator area."

'He seems to have no cultivation...'

"How can he even move so fast like that."

Listening to the new people, the old spectators' eyes seemed to s.h.i.+ne with a light of wisdom as they began to elaborate on the events of the previous day patiently.

Listening to them, a lot of different emotions like shock, astonishment, greed, admiration, fear, fascination, etc. Started to show on the face of the new spectators which included both the elders and the disciples.

After his match, Virus walked back to his waiting room but much to his surprise, he saw that he couldn't find the golden beauty in the waiting area, 'Hmm... why isn't lil Belle here?'

Then, directly connecting to his almost endless memories, he began to search for the location the golden beauty was sitting at in the spectator area previously.

Even though he hadn't paid any specific attention to the spectator area while he was fighting, he could still remember every single person as clear as the day since his line of sight had pa.s.sed through every direction at least once.

So, going through a particular memory related to the Colosseum, he instantly spotted the location at which the golden beauty was sitting, as he began to walk toward that direction.




"Eh, why didn't you come to the waiting area like the previous times... did something happen?" Arriving before the golden beauty, Virus questioned.

'Because I was afraid you might get naked again... in front of me. Actually, I'm sure you would've done that.' However, even though this thought pa.s.sed through her head, her actual reply was different as she uttered with a smile, "No particular reason, just decided to wait for you here since I knew master would find me easily."

Listening to her response, Virus seemed to be unconvinced, however, he decided on not thinking deeply about it as he nodded his head and sat beside her while uttering, "I see."

Simultaneously, in another area in the Superior section, a different kind of judge elder announced, "The winner of the Alchemy Contest is hereby... Astes! Congratulations junior Astes..."

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