The God Virus


Volume 3 - 164 A Tease

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Then walking in front of Virus, one step away from him, she stopped and voiced with an expressionless feature, "Decide! Are you coming willingly or do you choose... death?!"

Listening to her question, Virus looked straightly into the old lady's eyes and stated with a cold face, "Neither."

After that, without adding anything more, he connected to his ring as he sent his direct command to it.

'Trigger Median Configuration –– Fragmentary Integument!'

An instant later, the ring on his finger divided into four black dots and covered his arms and legs by changing into pitch-black scales.

Seeing this, the old lady's entire attention was drawn to the transformation taking place in front of her, as she started to mumble with a creepy smirk that didn't reveal exactly which emotion of hers she was trying to display, "Is that so? Then let me take your dead body with..."


However, before she could finish her words, the blade of a sword suddenly appeared from her heart area as it began to drip with blood!

In the meantime, Virus just continued to stare into the old lady's eyes which had jumped open in surprise and confusion as her voice was interrupted and cut off.

Then, slowly lowering her head, she looked at her own chest which had a sword tip covered with electricity sticking out of it, as she began to mutter terrified, "Huh...? What's..."


However, before she could finish her words, she coughed a mouthful of blood.

Afterward, putting a lot of effort into turning her head around, she looked back like she wanted to make sure and cast away the doubt she had about the ident.i.ty of the owner of the sword.

And then, she began to talk with extreme difficulty, "But... how...?! She should be dead... I'm... sure... she... was... dead... how... pfft... why...?!?" To her absolute shock, she witnessed the golden beauty standing behind her with an icy expression while holding her long sword with her two hands.

In the meantime, an evil grin appeared on Virus' face as he stated, "Well... since she turned the artificial sound of her non-existent heart off, you would truly a.s.sume she had died, right?"

Listening to Virus' clarification, with even a greater level of confusion than before, she took her last breath as she fell on the floor and lay there unmoving and motionless with her eyes wide open.

Looking at her open eyes, Virus added, "So... even you can't survive a direct hit to your heart, huh?"

Then, no longer paying her further attention, he looked at the golden beauty with a broad smile and uttered, "Good job lil Belle, you did great!"

"Hehe... thanks master, but it was only possible because of your help... since you distracted her with your ring's transformation." The golden beauty replied with a cute laugh.

"Okay, now, first, let's incinerate her body with the Incinerator before anyone else arrives." Virus stated.

Listening to her master, Ella took the Incinerator out of her bag by the side and pressed a b.u.t.ton on it.

Then, a blue scanning light appeared from that object for a moment before disappearing entirely.

And soon, the old lady's body and every drop of blood began to disintegrate on the molecular level, however, unlike the previous times, this disintegration process took longer.

Afterward, around one minute pa.s.sed when finally no trace of the old lady had remained.

By now, Virus was sitting comfortably on a chair inside the room with a new set of clothes as he pondered, 'Another set of clothes ruined just like that...'

"Master, thanks for not interfering personally while I was dealing with that disgusting old lady." Finally, as she was finished doing what her master had told her to do, coming beside him, she uttered.

"Well... first of all, I did that because I wanted you to gain more real-life experience while fighting... and secondly, I believed you can deal with her by yourself, so I decided to control myself and let you get your revenge with your own hands." Virus replied with a relaxed smile.

Listening to her master's words, uncontrollably, a sweet feeling rose from her heart as she mumbled with a soft voice, "Thank you..."


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Finally, it was at this moment when the door to their room was forcefully opened with a loud bang as someone rushed inside in a hurry.

After they relocated to another empty room, the golden beauty who was holding back until now questioned, "Master... why did you say she was wearing a mask and that we didn't see her face?"

"Easy... first, that elder would go missing from now on, so they might suspect we killed her if I said who it was... and by any chance, if they came to realize that we had truly killed an elder, they will try punis.h.i.+ng us harshly... so in order to buy ourselves more time and to severe any kind of connection they might draw between us and that elder's death or going missing... I simply said we didn't see anything." Virus elaborated.

"But, master... what if there is someone else who knows about that disgusting oldie's kidnap attempt and reports it to the sect saying the last thing she did before going missing was to try to kidnap us?" The golden beauty inquired.

"Good question... however, don't worry, since that won't happen... because even if there is someone who knows about it all, most likely, that person wouldn't open his or her mouth... because in that case, that person would be confessing to his own crime of being involved in all of this... and let's say, even if that person's authority is above all and thus, totally unafraid of everyone inside the sect, he would still keep his mouth shut just to not lose face... since they care about that a lot here."

"I see."




A few hours later, A greatly worried Astes came knocking on the door too after she had heard about what happened from her master.

"Are you okay, junior brother?" She inquired with a lot of anxiety clear in her tone.

"Uhhh... apprentice-sister seems so worried about me... could it be...?" Deciding to tease her a little, Virus queried with a concealed evil grin.

Listening to his words, Astes' face seemed to blush a little as she thought, 'Why am I so worried about him...?', then she spoke with a fl.u.s.tered tone, "Who's worried about you! I'm worried about my junior brother... not you!"

"Haha... but aren't your junior brother and I one and the same?" Virus continued the tease.

"You know what I mean! I meant I'm not interested in you as a man!" Even more fl.u.s.tered and almost in a yelling voice, she uttered.

"Eh... when did I say you're interested in me as a man... wait, could it be that you're...?!" With even more surprise apparent in his voice and eyes, Virus added.

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