The God Virus


Volume 3 - 131 The Night Ou

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After that, Leaving the house, Ella took a taxi as she directly gave the taxi driver the address to the restaurant she and her friends were going to meet tonight.

She was going out to have fun with two of her best friends and she was actually happy about it because this was their only night out after a long time.

A while later, the taxi finally stopped in front of a restaurant which you could see the inside of, from directly standing outside.

Getting off the taxi, Ella walked in front of its window as she looked at the seats on the other side of the gla.s.s.

Finally, spotting her two best friends, she began walking inside the restaurant, when a man who seemed to be the receptionist in charge of allowing entry to the customers stopped her as he asked, "Excuse me miss, do you have a reservation for tonight? And under what name is it?"

"... I don't, but my friends should have... look, there... they are my friends." Pointing at two girls who were sitting on a specific chair, Ella uttered with a half smile.

"I see, enjoy the meal, miss." The receptionist smiled as he no longer obstructed her path.

Afterward, Ella walked beside her two best friends and began talking, "You were both here earlier than me... Mary... Jess. What are you two talking about without waiting for me?"

"Elle! Is your boyfriend really that mysterious Chairman of the Virus Industries like Jess says?" But without even saying h.e.l.lo first, Mary began questioning her in a hurry.

"Sigh, this girl, at least wait for her to sit down before bombarding her with questions will ya!" Jessica uttered in a helpless tone as she shook her head.

Listening to this, Ella looked at Jess as she asked with a bit of frown, "Who did you hear that from, Jess?"

"Hey Elle, you're finally here... sit, sit..." After Ella sat down, she continued, "Mm, Actually, Grace told me... she said you confirmed it yourself! Other than that... there are also rumors spreading in the campus about this."

Listening to Jess's clarification, Ella voiced angrily, "Grace!!! I should've known she can't keep a secret from you guys!"



Right now, Ella and Grace were sitting on the lawn of the campus as they seemed to be conversing.

"So! How was our beauty's date with her prince charming?" Grace asked right away, just after they sat on the lawn.

"Hehe..." Ella giggled happily as this was what she was waiting to hear, then she began talking, "It was amazing Grace!!! Can you guess where he took me? Uh... it was so romantic... my heart's still not calming down..."

"Hmmm.... a restaurant?" Grace guessed.

"Nope." Ella shook her head.

"Shopping together? Or doing a particular sport together?" She guessed once more.

"Nope nope!" Ella shook her head once again.

"Just tell me already!" Finally frustrated because of her curiosity not being sated, she yelled.

"Hehe, okay... you won't be able to guess it anyway... sooo... here is the answer... for our date... he took me to his personal helicopter as we had our date above the city in the skies!!!" Ella answered with her eyes still s.h.i.+ning in happiness just thinking about her date.

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Listening to the response, Grace was speechless and astonished as she thought to herself with a bit of jealousy anyone would feel, 'Oh my G.o.d, seriously, wish I had him as my boyfriend..., just how rich is he? Could he really be...?'

"I see... you're such an understanding girlfriend, haha." Grace said jokingly with a laugh.

Afterward, Ella requested, "Keep it a secret for now, okay?"

"Uh... of course I will..."



"..." Remembering that day, Ella couldn't help herself but be speechless when she thought about Grace's loose mouth.

Then, looking back at Mary, she responded, "Anyway, Ai is the Chairman of the Virus Industries, It wasn't like I was trying to keep it a secret from you guys or anything..."

They were both amazed hearing her response, but right after, Jessica said, "Actually, we were just talking about a News which is somehow related to the Virus Industries, and thus, our topic finally arrived at your boyfriend, Aizen."

"Oh... what is it?" Ella asked surprised.

"Don't you watch the News?" Jessica asked with a helpless tone looking at her friend's ignorant face.

"Do you remember those Allied Phone Companies' CEOs who tried to go against the Virus Industries? Its news had startled the whole world at the time... and in the end, one of them was even revealed to be the mastermind behind the 'Ghost Theft' which the CEOs were trying so hard to accuse the Virus Industries of... do you remember?" Jessica uttered.

"Of course I remember them... what about them?" Ella asked back in doubt.

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