The God Virus


Volume 3 - 111 The Contract 2

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8.2. In case the contract is terminated, through any means including but not limited to being terminated by the government of the United States, etc (The whole Party B), or because of the contract being terminated naturally because of not following and abiding by any of the clauses, the government needs to pay fifteen percent of the whole capital of the country including but not limited to all of its organizations. This capital as the punishment of the termination of the contract needs to be paid fully in two months from the moment the contract is terminated. Only in case Party A terminates the contract by itself without any kind of justified reason, Party B doesn't need to pay the named price.

"Haha..." She couldn't help but laugh out loud out of crazed frustration at this point because this contract's terms mostly seemed like funny jokes to her, even though they weren't funny at all.

The CEO ugly just watched her laugh out loud with a chuckle of amus.e.m.e.nt, but he continued watching her in silence without interrupting.

9. The technology provided (Inferior in power and authority to the first eight clauses named above):

9.1. The technology provided by Party A will be all made by Party A itself and sold in unlimited amounts in the number Party B requests for by Party A.

9.2. The technology provided by Party A will be all sold in fifty percent of the actual price to Party B by Party A.

9.3. The technologies provided by Party A will need to be at least five years ahead of the current technology available on the market, and in case Party B wants any of the technologies available on the market, they can buy in ma.s.s amounts in eighty percent of the market price for usage-only purposes and not for beneficial or market purposes.

10. The requirements for the contract to officially begin functioning:

10.1 In order for the contract to officially and lawfully begin working and functioning, it needs to be signed by all of the authorities and names in the list provided by the Party A under this clause. Also, everyone named in the list is considered to be part of Party B:




After that there was a long list of names which ranged from the name of the president of the United States to the true heads and presidents of secret services such as FBI, CIA and others which were hidden or revealed to the common people, the Secretaries such as The Secretary of State and every other Secretary, other organizations, and even other powers who were controlling the country from behind the scenes were named on the list, some of them were the people which even the president himself didn't know existed.

11. Payment clause:

11.1. All of the payments need to be paid at the moment of purchase before receiving any goods from Party A.

12. Sign of contract:

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12.1 Party B has only one week to sign this contract and notify Party A, as otherwise, the cooperation will no longer apply and the contract is useless.

Listening to his response just as she was about to shout in anger, suddenly, a thought went through her head which made a lot of sense to her as her eyes shone, "Oh... this must be the fake harsh contract... so that when I see the real contract, I would accept it with open arms, because it would be a lot less harsh and nothing compared to this. Good tactic Mr. Greg... you are truly a good CEO! You win, please show me the real contract now."

With a grin of amus.e.m.e.nt, in a very calm and relaxed manner, the CEO ugly replied back, he was truly feeling like laughing now because of this beauty's amused reaction to the contract, "Hehe, that's the real contract Miss Garner, I haven't employed any kind of tactics against you or the whole Party B. This is us coming to the government like an open book, stating everything we want... nothing less or more."

"Then what's with this contract and these terms? I mean... it can no longer be called a contract... because it even goes against the standards and laws of the contract itself! This is simply like creating tens of new laws in the country for your own company's benefit, rather than a contract!!! Just what's the meaning of this?" She spoke with a voice which made it obvious that she was extremely angry as she raged.

But still in a completely relaxed state, the CEO ugly replied, "Well, those are our terms, but don't worry... most of those terms and clauses won't be ever used unless absolutely necessary... that's just us making sure of everything... just see it as something standard we do in order to make ourselves relieved so nothing bad would happen to us in the future in case something ever went wrong."

'Standard my a.s.s!' She thought but didn't say it out loud because she didn't like to use those kinds of vulgar words, then she spoke, "You know the government won't be accepting these terms right? There is just no way even a mad person would accept this contract and these terms, now let's not talk about the government of the United States."

"Haha, you leave that decision to the government after they read this contract... and when they see this blueprint which is just a pre-cooperation gift from us to the government... after seeing this gift, they can decide if they want to reject or accept this contract..." The CEO ugly stated after putting a book which had hundreds of pages on the table.

"Sigh..." Finally feeling completely defeated by the CEO ugly's words, she calmed herself and asked something very obvious, trying to bring some sense into this mad CEO, "Okay, let's say by some miracle the President agrees to this contract which is entirely impossible... however let's just say it happens for now, BUT even then... this contract cannot be done, as it's not even in the Presidents powers and authority to decide or sign such a contract!"

"Hmm...Miss Garner... about this contract being possible or not... don't worry about that... because there are lots of things in America you are not aware of... also even if the President can't make this contract come true... there are people on that list of names which can definitely make this contract happen... people who...Well, let's just stop there as sometimes, ignorance is bliss... so don't be worried at all about the possibility of contract, because it's definitely possible."The CEO ugly explained with a serious expression as he was finally finished.

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