The God Virus


Volume 3 - 107 Oh My Heavens

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Everyone was in awe of this young girl who could make the orb turn into pale yellow, but underneath that awe, there was an extreme yearning and jealousy over the thought of them not being in her place. They wanted to be in her place so much that their eyes had turned a little red by this point.

After a while more, they began to start thinking about how unfair the heavens was to not give them a talented body instead of giving it to her.

The elder too was currently pondering over the matter of this talented girl, because this kind of talent was so rare that the sect came across them only once every couple of years and sometimes it took even a decade for a talented person like her to show up, so secretly, he was thinking what would be the best path to rear her in the best way possible.

But finally, putting that matter aside for a moment, he questioned, "Good, what's your name?"

"This junior is called Alice elder... Alice Ilon." She replied, with a tone like she was proud of her name, and this proudness was especially apparent in her second part of the introduction when she introduced her family name.

"...Are you from that Ilon family?" The elder asked a little surprised after hearing her introduction.

"Yes, elder..." She answered back with no pause.

"I see, so that's how it is..." The elder voiced after while nodding his head like he just understood something as he requested, "Go wait under the stage for your second evaluation..."

Listening to the conversation between the two, the others thought, 'So that's why she's so talented... she comes from the Ilon family... and they definitely have a superior talent compared to most common people like us...'

In the meantime, Virus and the golden beauty were watching everything that was happening silently as the process of evaluation continued once again. Some of the failed volunteers left the place hopelessly, while most stayed behind wanting to witness the talents which existed in this batch of volunteers.

Time pa.s.sed as volunteers came and went down downheartedly, until finally, the elder on the stage announced, "Number eighty-nine, come on stage." Hearing this, looking at the golden beauty who was by his side, he shallowly whispered, "You wait here, lil Belle, I will be back soon."

Then, walking on the stage, he stopped beside the colorless...o...b..and the elder, when the elder commanded, not wanting to delay this first evaluation any further, "Put your hand on the orb."

Without saying anything in response, Virus just put his hand on the orb when it stood colorless for around one minute without any change in color, witnessing this, the elder couldn't help but frown, 'What kind of trash is this?'

Everyone else too was not paying any serious attention at all at first, but seeing the orb not changing colors even after one minute, at first they felt confused, but then, disdain began to fill their eyes one by one as some began mumbling, "This is one of those legendary trashes that goes beyond being trash... a super trash?"

Another muttered, "The orb is not changing any colors at all... this must be because he's even tras.h.i.+er than the worst color which is the black..."

After some more whispers of contempt and derision amongst the volunteers, the elder was about to command Virus to pull his hands back to disqualify him, when suddenly the orb turned into deep black, but without even taking one second, it instantly turned into a deep red.

But without stopping at all it went directly to a very pale red, but that was not the end as the colors changed one after another without any kind of decrease in acceleration...

Orange... Yellow... Green!

It instantly went into green making the other volunteers jaws drop in shock!

As were the elder who was so stupefied to completely lose his calm. He didn't even remember when was the last time he had lost his calm by this much if he had lost it to this degree at all.

But before he and the others could gather their wits together and come out of their stupor, the colors continued to change...

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Blue... Azure!

The orb turned into deep pink then slowly changed into a normal color of pink before eventually turning into a very pale color of pink!

At this point, no one knew what they were feeling including the elder himself. Well, that was understandable though, considering the fact something impossible and unheard of was happening right before their eyes.

As everyone was thinking this pale seemed to be the final change of color, slowly, but surely, the color began losing its pinkness as it turned brighter and brighter when it finally turned into a very bright color of white!

"Oh my heavens!" The elder unconsciously uttered, this was history happening just before his eyes, a scene that probably no one had ever witnessed prior to this unless there was some kind of special body that was born completely pure and stayed pure.

The elder was thinking it was impossible for the color to turn any less bright when exactly that happened as the whiteness turned more normal to his complete dumbfoundedness!

But seeing this normal whiteness, he couldn't help himself but vaguely but surely have a strong hope and a crazed thought of him achieving the best color which was a very pale white.

But by this point, the speed of color changing was extremely slow, and it was only after thirty more seconds the color steadily turned into... pale white!

Witnessing this scene which he felt like was going to be recorded down on history books, he couldn't help but gulp down uncontrollably, swallowing down all of the ma.s.sive amounts of saliva which had gathered in his mouth without him realizing.

Finally, when he and everyone else was thinking this was the end, the whiteness turned even paler and paler until it disappeared completely, just to be replaced with...

A Colorless Gas!

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