The God Virus


Volume 3 - 106 Pale Yellow!

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A s.h.i.+mmer of further understanding pa.s.sed through the golden beauty's eyes as she uttered, "I see... this world is no good."

It was finally in this moment that they arrived in front of a stage with almost a hundred people waiting for their turn to go on stage and partic.i.p.ate in the evaluation.

"Okay, so we have two kinds of evaluation, the first one will be a test of how much impurities your body naturally has. The less the impurities your body holds the faster your cultivation would be... so it's a very important matter for geniuses to have fewer impurities in their bodies." A middle-aged man who seemed to be some kind of elder in the sect began talking while standing on the stage as he explained the first evaluation process to the hundred people in front of the stage.

"Excuse me... but why would our cultivation be faster if our bodies have fewer impurities?" Raising his hand, one of the hundred people questioned.

"Tch, the answer to that is very obvious, if your body has fewer impurities and filth in it, the easier it would be to break through in your cultivation." That elder explained rather impatiently.

"Number one... quickly come on the stage." He commanded.

Soon, a young fourteen years old male came on the stage and bowed respectfully to the elder on the stage, trying to make a good first impression.

"Come, just place one of your hands on this colorless crystal orb so it would tell us how much impurities your body holds within." The elder guided, and then continued, "After you put your hands on the orb, it will start changing into different colors..."

The elder continued, "Also let me shortly explain how this color system works... first, the colors would be from worst to the best... black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, azure, purple, pink, and white and... in order of what I just said, black would mean a body with ninety to ninety-nine percent of impurities according to the intensity of the blackness.

"Black would be a body filled with filth as much as possible... this is the tras.h.i.+est of the bodies which are rarely seen.. and if you have this kind of body, then you are one of the unluckiest of people in the world... you could even say the heavens have totally abandoned the person with this kind of body as breaking through would be extremely hard and after one or two breakthroughs it would be almost impossible to breakthrough any further."

Then, after a short pause of glancing at the youngsters under the stage, he continued, "The next color is red and it shows the impurities from eighty-nine to eighty percent impurities, then, it's orange which shows seventy-nine to seventy percent."

"And this color ranking continues like this until it gets to white which would show the impurity of nine percent to zero percent impurities... but this kind of body is said to be impossible to exist naturally... so don't mind it as you won't ever see it. Okay... that was it, now put your hand on the orb." The elder clarified as he asked the first person on the stage to put his hand on the orb.

Without delaying, that person put his hand on the orb, and after waiting for around thirty seconds later, the color of the orb changed into deep black, but it began losing its intensity as it turned paler and paler, until it once again changed color into a deep red.

But, it didn't end there as the redness began losing its intensity when it finally stopped in pale red.

"Hmm, it's a little superior to a normal talent... but this doesn't qualify as there seem to be around eighty-three percent impurities on your body... so you disqualify for our requirements..." The elder told the male who had put his hand on the orb.

Listening to his words, tears couldn't stop from rolling down that young male's cheek as he came down from the stage filled with despair and went away.

He was full of despair because he knew that from now on, he would only live a normal mortal's life unless he began cultivating and did the impossible and brought his cultivation to a level where he would be able to pa.s.s through the first group of testers by a high level of cultivation.

But, he knew that would be impossible as he didn't have the means to cultivate because he had come from a poor family and was already too old to start cultivating with that talent of his.

So coming with determination to begin a path of cultivation and aiming for the top, he left with hopelessness. Everyone watching this scene couldn't help but get nervous by the question of 'What if this happened to them too...'.

"Number two..." The elder didn't pay any more attention to that previous person and continued the process of evaluating by calling the second person on the stage.

"Normal red... you disqualify." A while later he disqualified the second person too.


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When the color changed to orange, the speed of color changing obviously slowed down as it began changing to pale orange when it finally changed into deep yellow when it finally stopped.

"Hmm... deep yellow sixty-nine percent... good number... you qualify as a genius... wait beside the stage for the second evaluation process." The elder stated, with behavior which was much better compared to the att.i.tude he had toward the previous people.

Listening to the elder's words that she had qualified, the other youngsters' eyes began to change as some lights of admiration appeared in them for this first person who had pa.s.sed.

But that was not all and other than admiration, there was another emotion called envy toward the girl standing on the stage.

"Next one..." Then the elder continued the process and kept disqualifying the volunteers until the sixty-seventh person came on the stage and put his hand on the orb.

The orb kept changing colors until it stopped in a normal color of yellow, which showed that the body held around sixty-six percent of impurities, so he pa.s.sed as his body was recognized to be a genius level body.

Then once again, a round of disqualifying of the volunteers began until it stopped in the number seventy-eight.

This time, a girl came on the stage and put her hand on the orb when immediately, the color changed to red from black and soon, it changed to orange and from orange to yellow.

However, It didn't stop in intense yellow nor in normal yellow as it went paler and paler until it stopped in pale yellow!

Seeing this, the elder's eyes shone as he stated without hiding any of the lights in his eyes, "Amazing, you're a natural born genius! You definitely pa.s.s for the second evaluation and your body seems to hold only around 60 percent of impurities! This is extremely rare! You must be a favorite by the heavens! Good good good!"

"Thank you, elder." Replied the girl respectfully and happily to the elder, but inside she was thinking, 'Good thing I took the Purifying stage seriously and consumed those purifying pills provided by grandpa... I think I understand now why grandpa wouldn't allow me to begin cultivating before taking those expensive pills which he obtained with extreme difficulty through spending almost the whole fortune of the family without letting any of the other elders in the house realize.'

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