The God Virus


Volume 3 - 105 The Mindse

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As another storm was brewing behind the scenes on the Earth of technology, the huge storm near the rift continued for a short while before it went back to normal just like before as silence loomed over the still s.p.a.ce once again.

Then, the voice of an old man was heard breaking the dead silence, "It seems there is nothing attackable around the rift when it opens... and no one's hiding... hmm, what's going on exactly? What is it?... Well, at least, it was of some help..."


After going back to the Cultivation Earth, Virus and the golden beauty waited inside the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p as they relaxed there until it was finally the time for the Inferior Disciple Recruitment to begin.

Landing the invisible s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p on the ground, the two exited it. Afterward, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p flew back to the sky following them from the high above.

Even though Virus was no longer in the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, he was still controlling it remotely, making it follow him wherever he went just in case.

Then, together with the golden beauty, he walked toward the Inferior Disciple Recruitment, as they stopped beside the place which was used for signing up.

This signing up process was only for progressing the evaluation process in a more orderly fas.h.i.+on, so they bestowed each person with a number.

Unlike the times when the two were always under the watch and full attention of others because of their otherworldly features, now, almost no one looked in their direction, other than sometimes someone randomly checking them out, but disinterestedly, they took back their gazes back almost instantly.

Walking beside the signing up table, he saw a young man signing up the people who were in a line.

Virus too imitating the others, went inside the line. The golden beauty too stayed by his side and followed closely.

Quickly, an hour pa.s.sed when it was finally Virus' turn.

The young man in charge of the sign up just gazed at him for a second before taking it back in disdain, because he felt no Cultivation Qi from the young teenager in front of him, which meant he hadn't started cultivation at all.

Then changing his gaze to the paper on the table he voiced with a tone that obviously contained some scorn in it, "Name!"

"Vee." Virus replied not paying any attention to the tone with which the other person was talking to him, while on the other hand, the golden beauty was frowning, but didn't make any moves, because, without her master's consent and order, she would never make a move.

"Since you have no cultivation base, then getting accepted in the sect through the first kind of test would be impossible. Your only hope is to be placed among the second group of testers, in which the cultivation base doesn't matter... what matters is your talent in cultivation... but I don't think you would be lucky enough to be talented in that either, hehe." Even though he was filled with contempt for these kinds of testers who were just looking after being lucky enough to be accepted in the sect, nevertheless, he explained where he could partake the test, because if by any chance, he was reported to not guide the new testers well enough, he would be instantly replaced with someone else. And in case that happened, he would lose the small amount of fortune and salary he received each month for being the person in charge of signing up.

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There were two types of testers. The first type was those cultivators who had high enough of cultivation compared to their age and the second type was only related to the talent of the person as the cultivation base didn't matter at all.

Listening to her words, Virus couldn't keep his laugh from coming out as he explained, "Haha, no need lil Belle, this Cultivation Multiverse is far more different than our own Earth... "

"How come? Aren't they human too just like the human beings on our own Earth? Why would they be different from the people on our Earth?" The golden beauty questioned confused.

Hearing this, Virus began clarifying, "Yes they are like us in essence... but you're forgetting something very important here. This is a world where strong eats the weak... there is an absolute law of jungle dominant... which implies if you are strong enough you can kill or do whatever you feel like to someone weaker than yourself, and no one would even bother to question you... this is the world they've grown up on."

"This is a cultural difference between this world and our own which is completely different from the basis... so think of the influences this rule of strong devouring the weak would have on the inhabitants of this world and what would the result of that be..."

After a short pause, Virus continued further, "The result would be the world you see in front of you... where strong looks arrogantly down upon the weak! They would easily look at you with hostility or scorn for the smallest of grudges or things because they always had this mindset that you are always right as long as you are strong enough."

"These are just some of the influences a jungle-like culture has on the people living in that kind of environment... now, do you understand why that person looked with contempt at me?" Virus concluded.

After a short pause of deliberation, the golden beauty replied, "I think I do master... so they don't care about something being moral, immoral, or most of the other human values... the most they care about is strength because whoever is stronger... he is in the right and can rule over the week... this is a frightening concept..."

"That's right, and those who have the support of the powerful people are probably the most arrogant ones included on the list, because they were the most spoilt ones who think they have the world under them... so they do whatever they want with no consequences whatsoever, because they think the highest power is behind them... anyway, this list continues like this as their psychology keeps being affected more by these special cultures... which makes them very different from our own more civilized Earth... it's like the two Earth's are moving completely in different lines which keeps getting further and further from each other as time because of the circ.u.mstances they were put in." He expounded further.

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