The Gate Of Good Fortune

Goose Is Old Five - 鹅是老五

Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028: It’s all about Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura

Ning Cheng left the Mysterious Yellow Bead and returned to the room; his face looked even more murderous. The room would have already been opened if it weren’t for his restrictions and array formations.

A little more than a month ago, two holy emperors had forced an Eternal cultivator to remove the restrictions on Ning Cheng’s room. And right now, both were right outside Ning Cheng’s room. That Dao Raising Holy Emperor had already broken the outermost layer of Ning Cheng’s room’s defensive restrictions. As for the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, he didn’t make any moves and stood right behind him. Looking at their actions, they seemed to want to use pressure tactics against him.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and opened all the restrictions in his room, didn’t wait for the Dao Raising Holy Emperor to open his mouth, and unleashed his domain infused with the Laws of s.p.a.ce. Ning Cheng immediately followed up with a punch without hesitation, using s.p.a.ce to wrap the Dao Raising Holy Emperor.

It looked like an ordinary punch but contained the Laws of Time.

There weren’t any sunsets or an artistic conception of dusk; it was just a pure application of the Laws of Time.

The Dao Raising Holy Emperor, who broke the restriction on Ning Cheng’s room, never thought that Ning Cheng, a mere Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, would dare launch an attack without saying a word.

Unfortunately, by the time he reacted, Ning Cheng’s spatial domain had completely suppressed him. He didn’t even have a chance to speak when Ning Cheng’s punch connected with his forehead.

Time stood still for perhaps only a breath, but it seemed like a lifetime had pa.s.sed to this Dao Raising Holy Emperor.

“Boom…..” Ning Cheng’s fist connected with this Dao Raising Holy Emperor’s brow, and the Dao Raising Holy Emperor’s body instantly collapsed. His Essence Spirit had just emerged when Ning Cheng’s fist intent wiped it out of existence.

One breath, one lifetime. Ning Cheng didn’t even give him a chance to fight back before killing him.

Ning Cheng’s cultivation level had reached infinitely close to the peak of the Dao Sculpting Realm. As such, facing a middle-stage Dao Raising Holy Emperor, who didn’t take him seriously, Ning Cheng’s sudden punch was enough to instantly kill him.

It wasn’t until Ning Cheng killed this Dao Raising Holy Emperor that the early-stage Dao Transformation Holy Emperor reacted. He shouted in shock and anger, “How dare you kill people here?”

Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t answer this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor’s words. He raised his hand, and a huge axe appeared in it. He then slashed down at this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor with it.

In the instant when the huge axe slashed down at this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, axe traces filled with a murderous aura ripped through the surrounding s.p.a.ce, engulfing the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor.

It was only at this moment that this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor reacted and hurriedly brought out an artefact. Not only did Ning Cheng dare to kill, he even dared to try to kill him.

“Boom…..” Ning Cheng’s Axe Line and this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor’s artefact blasted together, resulting in a ma.s.sive spirit essence explosion accompanied by bursts of shockwaves.

If it wasn’t for Ning Cheng holding back against others lurking in the shadows, this attack would have annihilated everything within the explosion radius. Unfortunately, he also knew that a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor wasn’t someone he could fight against while holding back.

“Stop……” An overwhelmingly strong aura came crashing down, followed by a voice before it reached the ears of Ning Cheng and the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor.

Ning Cheng didn’t continue his attack and immediately retreated. The person coming was a Dao Essence powerhouse, and Ning Cheng understood that the difference between him and a Dao Essence powerhouse wasn’t just a level or two. If he continued, it would definitely be detrimental to him. In any case, after killing that Dao Raising Holy Emperor, the anger in his heart had already subsided a bit.

That previous explosion had not only alarmed the Dao Essence powerhouse, but it had also even startled the rest of the cultivators on the void ship. They immediately left their rooms and flocked over to watch the proceedings with excitement.

“Deacon Xia, this person dared to kill my friend in broad daylight and on your ship. This is simply him not putting the Sea Sky Pavilion in his eyes.” The Dao Transformation holy Emperor saw the Dao Essence powerhouse descending, quickly put away his weapon, bowed and said.

In his heart, however, he felt anxious. He already knew that Ning Cheng would resist. But he never expected that Ning Cheng would be so strong that he would resist and easily kill his companion. Initially, he thought that Ning Cheng, as a mere Dao Sculpting cultivator, wouldn’t dare to voice any complaints when facing two people with far higher cultivation levels. But the truth was just the opposite. Moreover, with the Deacon of the Sea Sky Pavillion’s void ship here in person, he was afraid that he could not hide this matter.

The one who came was a yellow-robed man with an average stature, and even though he carried a faint stench of blood, Ning Cheng was sure that this was a Dao Essence powerhouse.

Some powerful holy emperors could blend in with their surroundings. However, unlike this yellow-robed person, not many Dao Essence Holy Emperors would consciously carry a stench of blood on them.

“You dare to kill someone on my Sea Sky Pavillion’s void ship?” As the yellow-robed man spoke, his powerful Dao Essence aura pressed towards Ning Cheng.

Feeling the powerful aura pressing over, Ning Cheng sucked in a deep breath but didn’t try to forcefully resist. He wasn’t as strong as others; if he forced himself to resist, he would have no choice but to immediately escape from this void ship.

“Deacon Xia, a month ago, I put up the sigh of ‘Do not disturb, in seclusion’ outside my room. Yet, they two still conspired to remove the restrictions and even tried to force me out. I didn’t care back then and replaced the sign outside my room with a new one.”

Ning Cheng pointed to the sign he hung on one side of the door while speaking. The words on the sign were still very clear, ‘In seclusion, kill without mercy if disturbed again!’

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“I didn’t expect these two to still dare to break the restrictions on my room again. I’m afraid they would have already captured me if I didn’t have some small tricks up my sleeve. I paid an exorbitant amount of spirit crystals to be on this ship, so how could I let others break into my room just because they wanted to? I believe the Sea Sky Pavilion will give me a reasonable explanation for this.”

The early-stage Dao Transformation Holy Emperor must have guessed that the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura was on him but wasn’t sure of it. But this Deacon Xia would inevitably believe it. It was precisely that Deacon Xia believed that he didn’t hesitate to kill this early-stage Dao Transformation Holy Emperor.

It also meant that Deacon Xia’s next target would be dealing with Ning Cheng. From the looks of it, there was only one victor in this scenario, Deacon Xia.

Ning Cheng had guessed correctly. The early-stage Dao Transformation Holy Emperor wanted to cling onto any string for survival and thus used the news of the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura for a chance to live. In fact, as soon as he sent the sound transmission, Deacon Xia had already made a few conjectures. Therefore, even if he didn’t say who had the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura, Deacon Xia could easily guess that it was Ning Cheng.

Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to kill the early-stage Dao Transformation ant, put away all the things that belonged to this fellow, and immediately focussed on Ning Cheng. “Someone breaking the restrictions on your room violates my Sea Sky Pavillion’s rules. Therefore, I killed them according to the rules. However, you also killed people on my Sea Sky Pavillion’s void ship, violating my Sea Sky Pavillion’s rules. But taking into account the fact that you were forced into this situation, you will need to come with me to explain everything in detail.“

Sure enough, he wanted to take him away. However, Ning Cheng knew that he absolutely couldn’t follow Deacon Xia. After all, if he went, he wouldn’t have the chance to return.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists and said, “Of course, once I finish reorganising the destroyed restrictions on my room, I will immediately visit Deacon Xia.”

Deacon Xia showed a slight smile, “Okay.”

Ning Cheng was only at the Dao Sculpting Realm; even if he killed a Dao Raising Holy Emperor with a sneak attack, it was still not enough in his eyes. Whether Ning Cheng wanted to stall for time or not, it didn’t matter to him. He also believed the early-stage Dao Transformation Holy Emperor hadn’t lied to him. After all, if it was a small matter, a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor would never dare to defy the rules of his Sea Sky Pavilion and destroy the restrictions on someone’s room. Although many such things happened covertly, once they came to light, they would immediately result in many deaths.

Facing a Dao Essence Holy Emperor, Ning Cheng knew he had to escape. Choosing to enter the room was just to prepare for leaving. He still had the bead from earlier, containing the full power of those spiritual consciousness torrents. Even if it couldn’t kill Deacon Xia, it should be enough for him to escape.

It had only been a dozen breaths since Ning Cheng entered the room when a ma.s.sive roar erupted from the bow of the void ship. Hearing that roar, the face of Deacon Xia, who was waiting for Ning Cheng, changed. With a flash, he suddenly disappeared from in front of Ning Cheng’s room and reappeared on the bow of the void ship.

“The void ship is under attack from the demonic beasts from Grand Essence Demon Vein…..” News quickly spread throughout the airship. Facing the attack of demonic beasts from the Grand Essence Demon Vein, no one dared to stay inside their rooms anymore.

Numerous cultivators swarmed onto the deck, and Ning Cheng naturally followed the crowd and reached the deck. He already wanted to escape from this void ship, so now that an opportunity presented itself, how could he remain polite about it?

The void ship had already stopped and was floating over what seemed to be endless mountains and forests but was surrounded by a dense pack of demonic beasts. However, these demonic beasts didn’t continue their attacks and simply floated in the air.

They came for the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura. Seeing the demonic beasts not immediately attacking, how could Ning Cheng not understand why?

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