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Chapter 1451 - 1451 Killing Donovan Cross!

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Chapter 1451 - 1451 Killing Donovan Cross!

1451 Killing Donovan Cross!

Currently, Donovan Cross was battling in Jordan’s dream without him noticing.

Donovan Cross snorted coldly. “You’re playing tricks!”

Then, he immediately attacked Jordan.

However, the attack did not affect Jordan at all. Jordan stopped it as easily as he caught a ball of cotton.


Donovan Cross was dumbfounded. “How could this be!”

When they were fighting outside the s.p.a.ce just now, Donovan Cross thought that Jordan was on the same level as him and his strength was below his. However, he dodged his attack so easily. They were on completely different levels!

Jordan spoke like an expert, “Donovan, don’t you understand?”

Donovan Cross was a little afraid. “I… What do I understand?”

Jordan said slowly, “You don’t understand who I am!”

Donovan Cross swallowed his saliva. “Who are you?! Why are my attacks useless against you?! What are you doing?!”

Jordan scoffed coldly, “You’re a smart person. Think about it carefully. Why would a peerless fairy like Levana fall for me and not you? She’s even willing to give birth to a girl for me. Do you really think I’m just an ordinary low-level Earthling?”

Donovan Cross also began to think about this problem. Gradually, he also felt that something was wrong.

Donovan Cross said, “That’s right. Levana has always thought highly of herself. In this world, she only fell in love with Xavier! She won’t even look at the people from other low-level planets! You… you’re not an ordinary low-level Earthling? Who are you? Who exactly are you?”

Jordan continued to fool him, “Hmph, you’re about to die anyway. I’m not afraid to tell you my secret! Think about it carefully. Why am I a tier ten talent?! Do the Immortals from the Celestial King Planet now even have a tier ten talent?”

Donovan Cross felt that something was wrong again. “Why? What method did you use?!”

“Because I’m a demon king myself! Jordan is my clone!”

Donovan Cross took a step back with fear on his face. “What? You’re a Demon King?! You… Which one are you?”

At this moment, the mysterious man also complained, “You brat, what do you mean by saying that you’re the clone of a Demon King? Are you guessing that I’m a Demon King again? If I’m a Demon King, you would have died countless times!”

Jordan said repeatedly, “Senior, you’ve misunderstood. You’re so good to me. How can you be a Demon King? I just think that a Demon King can scare Donovan Cross more than an Immortal. As long as I can scare Donovan Cross in the dream, it’ll be easy to kill him next. Senior, I don’t know any Immortals or Demon Kings from the Celestial King Planet. Can you tell me the name of a Demon King? I’ll scare him.”

When the mysterious man saw Donovan Cross’s frightened expression, he also found it funny. “After cultivating for hundreds of years, he’s already a peerless cultivator that’s one in a million. Hearing the name of the Demon King, he’s still so frightened. Hehe, what a joke. Alright, I’ll tell you one thing. This kid has been giving me a headache for a while. His name is Isiah.”

Jordan immediately transformed into his body and looked terrifying. He shouted, “I’m Demon King Isiah!”

Clearly, Donovan Cross had heard of Isiah’s name before. The moment he heard it, his legs immediately trembled in fear. “What? The Demon King Isiah who once cut off Xavier’s arm?! You… you’re Isiah’s body!”

Jordan became even more smug when he saw that the other party was afraid. “That’s right! You won’t die in vain to be killed by a Demon King’s clone!”

As soon as he heard that Jordan was the Demon King’s clone, Donovan Cross did not dare to fight anymore. He immediately wanted to run!

However, Donovan Cross used all his energy to rush out of the s.p.a.ce and escape, only to find that the surroundings of the s.p.a.ce were completely airtight and could not be destroyed at all.

Donovan Cross panicked even more. “How could this be… Is this the strength of a Demon King’s s.p.a.ce?”

At that moment, Donovan Cross was even more convinced that Jordan was the Demon King’s clone. This was because if Jordan was not, with Donovan Cross’s strength, he could enter and leave Jordan’s s.p.a.ce as he pleased.

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There was definitely no such thing as a situation where his full-power attack had no effect at all.

Like that, the real Donovan Cross was also completely dead.

Then, the s.p.a.ce appeared again. Everyone saw Jordan and Donovan Cross again.

“There’s blood! Someone’s dead! Who is it!”

“Jordan is still alive! Donovan Cross is the one who died!”

“Oh my G.o.d, Jordan killed Donovan Cross in such a short time! How did he do it?!”

Levana, who had been worried about Jordan, covered her mouth as well. She could not believe what she saw. “Jordan killed… Donovan Cross?”

Even if Jordan learnt how to create something out of nothing, he would not be able to kill Donovan Cross. However, Levana did not think about anything else. She ran toward Jordan and threw herself into his arms.


Levana did not care about anything else. She loved Jordan to begin with. She wanted to continue loving this man now!

Jordan hugged Levana tightly and said, “Honey, I’m here to find you. I’m here to bring you and our daughter home.”

Levana looked at Jordan while crying, “Yes, yes. I’ll go home with you. We’ll all go home with you! We’ll go wherever you go!”

At the side, Salvatore and the others also jumped excitedly.

Just as the two of them hugged, everyone from the Howard family slowly walked towards them.

Jordan was a little fl.u.s.tered when he saw Levana’s father, Hathor, coming. He did not know if his father-in-law would accept him. But no matter what he thought, as long as Levana accepted him, it was enough!

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