Super Soldier King


Chapter 178

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When Wei Dong Qing saw Wei Cheng Long arrive in the hospital she was immediately full of smiles. The overflowing folds of fat on followed the movements of her smile, making her whole face distort. Her small eyes almost became completely hidden, only leaving behind narrow slits.

Wei Cheng Long did not have a favorable impression of his aunt. Perhaps it was the fault of his spoiled upbringing, Wei Cheng Long could not tolerate other people. He acted like he himself was the Jade Emperor. But for good or ill, this woman was his aunt. He still greeted her respectfully by calling out, “Auntie!”. But there was no tone of respect in his words, but rather it was a tone of impatience. For him to treat his own aunt this way made Shen Yuan not want himself to be seen by Wei Cheng Long. He only glanced at him quickly then did not pay attention to him further.

Familial love played out this way among the three of them.

Shen Yuan was tactful enough not to fawn over this nephew. He had been married to this laoniang for several years now so he knew enough about him to make him not feel like kissing up to him and receiving a cold reception.

Wei Dong Qing ugly face went forward, she said, “Cheng Long, you’ve come. Later you must avenge auntie. You don’t know how abominable that xiaozi is. Look, auntie’s face is swollen.”

Cheng Long glanced at her and saw that Wei Dong Qing’s usual fat cheeks were even larger than usual. Her eyes small, her nose was big. A quick look at her would make you think she resembled the pig heads arranged in the markets. Wei Cheng Long suddenly felt his stomach churn and almost vomited something out. Luckily, this was not the first time he saw his aunt so even though Wei Cheng Long had not cultivated a “deathproof” body, his immunity was more or less higher. He forced down his urge to vomit and, in a non-obvious manner, pushed Wei Dong Qing away. He wanted to push her away farther from him or else Wei Cheng Long didn’t know if he could still eat dinner when he got home tonight or if he’d be woken up by nightmares late at night.

Shen Yuan naturally saw all of this and immediately felt sympathetic. Wei Cheng Long was not in a nightmare. But everyday Shen Yuan would wake up from nightmares. In the nightmare, Wei Dong Qing would be dressed up like a queen with leather top, leather pants and leather boots, weilding a leather whip in her hands. As for him he was like a pitiful mouse being played with by a cat, kidnapped in despair on the bed. And then a huge monster would come bearing down on him with great pressure like Mt. Tai. A nauseating smell, a b.u.t.t like streak pork would sit on his face.

“Where is he?” Wei Cheng Long asked.

“He went to eat, but he will be back in a while.” Wei Dong Qing replied quickly.

Wei Cheng Long could not help but sigh, thinking to himself, he already left, will he really come back? Idiot. He thought about how he was in his woman’s home and had been called over by his father to handle this boring matter. He felt a little upset. Now that he heard the person had left, what was he supposed to do? He really wanted to slap this idiot aunt of his.

Wei Cheng Long had been feeling pretty down these past few days. Ever since Ye Qian showed up, Qin Yue had not been receiving him well. Of course he also knew Qin Yue’s ident.i.ty as the Hongmen heiress. A big reason why he was courting her discreetly was because of that. Even though the Dong Xiang Corporation’s power was very great, the Hongmen were destined to be the number one gang in China. If he could get Qin Yue, then he would become the Hongmen emperor’s son-in-law. When that time came he would be so powerful he could do whatever he wanted. Qin Yue also had great looks, so that was also one of the reasons. Wealth and looks at the same time was a great thing. But these days it seemed that Ye Qian ruined everything. Wei Cheng Long hated this xiaozi bitterly. He really wanted to eat his flesh and blood. Back then when he found out that Ouyang Cheng wanted to fight Ye Qian he was extremely happy and lended him some people without thinking about it too much. But in the end those people did not return and then news of Ouyang Tianming’s death came. Last night he sent the Black Falcon’s mercenaries to Ye Qian but it failed. Wei Cheng Long was starting to wonder whether Ye Qian was just extremely good or the Black Falcon were just incompetent.

“The person is gone, what did you call me for?” Wei Cheng Long said gloomily.

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“No, he only went to eat, he’ll be back.” Wei Dong Qing said.

“I know! Don’t worry while you work, I’ll be alright.” Ye Qian smiled and said.

Ye Qian swaggered over to Wei Cheng Long and smiled faintly and said, “Young Master Wei, it’s been a while.”

Wei Dong Qing looked at Ye Qian and then at Wei Cheng Long in surprise, “Cheng Long, you know him?”

Wei Cheng Long ignored her and looked at Ye Qian, “It’s been a long time. I see you have been doing well. Surprisingly you have Qin Yue and sneaking around with an extra woman on the side.”

Ye Qian smiled lightly and said, “Young Master Wei is exaggerating. I am an honorable person, I’m not sneaking around. It seems Young Master Wei has some groundless fears.”

Wei Dong Qing stared blankly as the two of them chatted like old friends, surprised to the extreme. She could not help interrupting and saying, “Cheng Long, what are you still talking to him about, quickly avenge me and teach him a lesson. If you don’t break his arms and legs it will not make the hate I feel go away.”

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