Super Soldier King


Chapter 174 Meeting a rival in love again makes eyes even redder

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“Liar, you liar. Think about it. When was the last time you made love to me?” The middle-aged woman shouted out loud.

A dark line appeared on Shen Yuan’s face, as if a crow was flying around his forehead continuously squawking. This laoniang really kept shooting her mouth and was not embarra.s.sed at all.

Ye Qian could not help laughing. Seeing Shen Yuan all shrivelled up made Ye Qian feel better, this laoniang was doing good work.

“Tell me. Why don’t you tell me? If it’s not because you are having an affair and fooling around with this vixen, how come every night you can’t deliver? All day you’re like an earthworm, soft and limp.” The middle-aged woman pointed at Lin Rou Rou then spoke to Shen Yuan in a loud voice.

Shen Yuan was feeling really depressed, he thought to himself, “Even if laozi didn’t have an affair, seeing you makes me lose my appet.i.te. Delivering goods? Just delivering a little would be plenty good enough.” But he only kept this thought to himself, he did not dare to say it aloud, or else only heaven would know what this laoniang would do to him when they got back home. She would probably bear down on him with the weight of Mt. Taishan, even if he weren’t soft he would certainly be.

The laoniang was insulting Lin Rou Rou again and Ye Qian could bear it no longer. In a stern voice he said approvingly, “Who are you calling the vixen? Dare to say it again?”

When the middle-aged woman heard Ye Qian’s words, she turned to look at thim and then said disdainfully, “What does this have to do with you? Oh, I know. You are this vixen’s boyfriend? I don’t know how you are as a boyfriend, you can’t even keep your woman from having an affair with another man. Don’t you know, I feel embarra.s.sed for you.”

“f.u.c.k!” Ye Qian cursed angrily, a hand slapping forward. A “pah” sound was heard as he slapped the middle-aged woman fiercely on the face. Instantly the middle-aged woman’s fat cheeks swelled and looked like a pig’s head. “It’s not your fault you’re ugly, but coming out to scare people is your fault. If I were you I’d buy tofu and hit myself till I die. It’s disgraceful to see you, you don’t even feel ashamed.” Ye Qian said.

When the two people behind the middle-aged woman saw Ye Qian making his move they tried to stop him, but it was too late. At this moment they rushed to get in between Ye Qian and the middle-aged woman, glaring at Ye Qian fixedly.

“You… you dare hit me?” The middle-aged woman covered her cheek while she screamed at Ye Qian.

“Why wouldn’t I dare to hit you? Who do you think you are? You’re just a freak that somebody dug up from who knows where. From your conduct it’s no wonder why your husband is seeking pleasure outside. Seeing you in the middle of the night, he must think you’re a ghost and have a heart attack.” Ye Qian said.

Shen Yuan suddenly felt that Ye Qian was not so loathsome. At least he said what was really in his mind. This laoniang was really scary when sleeping. She ground her teeth and had her eyes open. Who knew how many nights he had woken up from a nightmare. But Shen Yuan knew clearly that this was a good opportunity for him and he could not make a mistake. He quickly went forward and said gently, “Wife, are you okay?” He glared fiercely at Ye Qian and said, “Why did you hit a person for no reason? Don’t you know who she is? Her older brother is Dong Xiang Corporation’s Chairman Wei Dong Xiang.”

“Giving her a slap was letting her off easy. If she doesn’t clean up her mouth, laozi will pull her teeth out.” Ye Qian said. “You really make us men look bad. To be a man and act like you, you might as well be happy to die.”

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“You two are really just going to stand there? Beat him up! Beat him till he can’t provide for himself anymore.” The middle-aged woman roared.

Killing intent, for swordsman in a duel is very important. Ye Gucheng lost to Ximen Chui Xue because he lacked this killing intent. Now it was also the same. Because they lacked killing intent, and Ye Qian was a person baptised by the experience of the life or death situations, his every movement contained a faint killing intent.

Ye Qian’s fighting style was simple but more effective. It was an excellent technique honed from countless life or death battles. It was not easy to copy. But Ye Qian did not knock them down quickly, after all from what they showed earlier they still had qualities Ye Qian admired. They were just doing their job to earn a living. So Ye Qian restrained himself.

Ye Qian felt that the time was right now. With a loud shout his fist smashed onto the chest of one of them, and then his right foot lifted up and fiercely smashed into the other’s neck. The whole movement flowed smoothly, it was of the highest quality. Ye Qian stopped and did not continue attacking. The two of them bore the pain and stopped and looked at Ye Qian, nodding faintly, then retreated to the side.

When the middle-aged woman saw them do this she stared at them in astonishment and said, “What are you doing? Why did you stop? Fight for me, fight fiercely. If anything happens I will be responsible for it.”

“I’m sorry, but we are no match for him.” One of the two said.

“What did you say? What do you mean? Are you afraid? Laoniang gave you money, so you will fight, even if you die.” The middle-aged woman shouted.

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