Super Detective in the Fictional World

冰原三雅 - Icy Plain's Three Elegance

Chapter 1122 - Judging Good and Evil, and the Girls' New Life

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Chapter 1122: Judging Good and Evil, and the Girls’ New Life

Luke looked at the Neutral panel again, and saw that there were all kinds of people.

Most of the people he knew were on it, including Tony Stark and Frank.

The dark red names on the Evil panel were also familiar.

Like Bullseye, gang leaders whom he had run into but had been detained by other people, murderers, and so on. The one thing they had in common was that they had all done a lot of bad things.

After testing and mulling it over, Luke roughly understood the purpose of this panel.

For people he came into close contact with, he could now use the system to check how good or evil they were.

At first glance, it seemed that the system modification this time hadn’t directly improved his combat ability.

However, Luke was laughing wildly in his heart. D*mn, Daddy System had relaxed restrictions further. It was obvious that it was very satisfied with how diligently Luke had been harvesting points!

In the past, he had to go through a lot of trouble in each operation to check the files and find evidence to confirm if a target was guilty and deserved to be punished, so as to avoid wrongly killing innocent people or undercover agents.

Now, he would no longer have this problem.

As long as he checked the system before every operation, and as long as the target was deemed evil, he could act first and didn’t have to worry about accidental harm.

This new modification wouldn’t make a difference when it came to repeat offenders, since it would be easy to find conclusive evidence of their crimes.

However, it was impossible for Luke to be certain of all his colleagues in the police department, the FBI agents, and even strangers in an emergency. This judgment system would come in handy in moments like that.

Take District Attorney Reyes, for example. He wouldn’t need to gather intelligence on her; he would just have to come into contact with her once to determine how to deal with her.

Secondly, this function was useful in solving cases, but it didn’t really have an effect on him.

After all, even if the other party was evil, it might not necessarily be because of the case Luke was investigating; in the end, evidence was still required by law.

There were many instances where detectives knew that there was something wrong with suspects, but without proof, they couldn’t bring them to justice.

Thus, the ability to differentiate between good and evil was more in line with his ident.i.ty as a vigilante.

Lastly, the system’s ability to differentiate between good and evil could be used as a reference point.

That way, Luke would be able to figure out the system’s reward and punishment mechanism, and wouldn’t need to rely on speculation like before.

After indulging in his happiness, he collected his thoughts and studied the rules of this judgment system.

An hour later, the modification of the inventory was completed.

After testing it for a moment, the efficiency of a.s.sembling and dismantling items in his inventory hadn’t changed much. It was probably because Sloan’s bundle of evil thoughts wasn’t worth much, but it was better than nothing.

Cursing this guy for being a piece of trash, Luke took out his V outfit and left through the underground pa.s.sage.

The system had been dormant for eight days, and all his important items were basically stored in his inventory, so he couldn’t use his aliases. Now, he was finally able to go out again.

In the New Jersey training base, Stacy and the other two had just finished their combat training and showered. They were watching TV on the couch.

An MV was playing on TV, with a female singer called P!nk who wore a red and blue wig which covered her face so that only her mouth could be seen.

Stacy snorted disdainfully. “What a pretender.”

Although she didn’t deny that this new singer’s song was nice, she didn’t like how the singer acted all mysterious with the wig covering her face.

Stephanie, who was sitting not far away, smiled lightly. “It’s a pretty good gimmick though. You now remember her, right?”

Artemis interjected, “Have you chosen the style for your debut?”

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Stephanie shook her head. “My ‘face’ hasn’t arrived yet, how can I come up with anything? I can’t cover my face like that, right?”

The three women: “…”

They didn’t feel like he was bragging. After all, this guy really made people hate him.

After saying that, the three girls relaxed, and they very consciously sat down opposite him.

Luke looked at them. “Are you ready? Your brand new life is about to start.”

The three girls nodded.

Luke said, “Then take a nap. When you wake up, you’ll be different people.”

As soon as he said the words, the expressions of the three girls turned sluggish, and they slowly closed their eyes.

Luke took out three Thousand Faces masks and matching nanogloves, which he put on them.

Then, he walked over to Stacy and spoke in a low voice.

Stacy’s split personality disorder was a hidden danger.

Luke hadn’t had many solutions before, but Elementary Pheromone Control had given him a lot of s.p.a.ce to operate in.

This ability could compel a person to carry out an order, but would gradually become useless over time.

However, he could use it on Stacy every once in a while to control the emergence of the other personalities.

Thankfully, Stacy never turned into someone else for long, and it hadn’t happened in recent months. It seemed that Elementary Pheromone Control was very effective.

After he was done treating Stacy, only twenty minutes had pa.s.sed. Luke snapped his fingers. “Wake up.”

The three girls opened their eyes at the same time. They were blank for a moment, before they realized that they were lying on the couch.

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